Yoga…but not in a Toga…How fun would that be?

Everything you do can be done better from a place of relaxation.
                                                                           – Stephen C. Paul

My friend, fellow blogger and Ragnar teammate Ashley has been talking to me about yoga (and it’s benefits) for several weeks now. Her and her awesome boyfriend P take a class on Saturday which is usually my long run day. In light of trying to get back to 100% I skipped out on running yesterday, picked up my sis and we headed to La Jolla to get our yoga on.

We made a pact before we got to class that if one of us is going down we’ll take the other down too.  This was the best way  for us to cover up who the real clutz is. Genius right?

We made it to the beach just after 8 am, parked the car and headed in.

After signing a waiver and picking out a mat we took our places and waited. The place filled up fast!  Ash and P arrived about 5 minutes later so we got to sit and talk and catch up. How did we not get a photo? Sorry ASH!

Class started and my sis and I were both nervous. We often had to look at people around us to make sure we were doing it right but once we got the hang  of it we did great. In fact, we did so great that we decided we need to go more often. It was calming yet challenging at the same time.

After class I introduced her to Lulu. She had never been in the store but she has stalked my collection. She told me she knew she would love stuff so she left her wallet in the car. SMART GIRL. If you know Lulu, once you try something on you may not want to take it off. She did find a few things that are on her wish list so maybe for her 25th birthday this summer?!

We did what all sisters should so post workout and went to coffee.

We could have lounged at the beach all day but my sis had to work (she is a hair stylist) and I had to get home to the fam.

Thank you Ashley for inviting us to yoga with you! We had so much fun!


Video editing is almost done! Be prepared; when a video camera comes out in this house the kids just can’t stay away. Future movie stars? Nah, just kids being kids. Love it!


6 thoughts on “Yoga…but not in a Toga…How fun would that be?

  1. Glad you enjoyed yoga! And yes, I would love Lulu clothes if I had the monies for it (but my friends kindly bought me a top from there for my birthday. It’s my favorite top. Period.)
    And it takes pretty good discipline to skip your saturday run!
    I should do yoga more regularly, too. 🙂

  2. Not taking my wallet into Lulu is a phenomenal, but very sad, idea. They steal all of my money (that I willingly give them in exchange for pretty soft things :)).

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