Has it been 5 days?

This week has totally passed me by. You know things are super cray when I haven’t blabbed on to you all about nothing for 5 days. Unheard of. At least you still had a VLOG of one my crazies to laugh at, right? Riiighhhhttttttt.

So let’s catch up. Without any pictures. Those will come this weekend. I promise.

This week my running/workouts were all over the place. I am still being cautious given I need my heel to be 100% by June 1st. That’s the drop date. If it’s not 100% by June 1st I am going to have to back out of a race that I really don’t want to back out of.  I made a promise to myself that I am going to lay the hammer down at that race so if I can’t do that I am not going to run. Lame? Maybe. But I am not going to break a promise to myself.

OK, back to how things went this week

Monday: 5.35 miles 7:45 avg pace

Tues: 6.3 miles of running on the stairmill. Literally was running up stairs (levels 15-19)  for 6.3 miles. Done in 45 min. It was equal to a 7:08 pace. Woah Nelly! Core/strength workout

Weds: 6.35 miles, TM 1% incline, avg 8:11 pace

Thurs: 4.35 miles, average 7:48 pace; core/quad workout.

Today: Rest. It’s my first full rest day since last Friday. I’m not messing around am I?

The plan for this weekend is to do Yoga and run long. You guys know I have been loving Yoga since I started going to class a few months ago. It is challenging both mentally and physically for me. Physical + mental strength = awesomeness on race day.  For my run this weekend I am going to focus on keeping my pace nice and easy. Running because I can. Running because it’s fun. One thing I know is that I do NOT want to run long fast. That’s going to be for race day 🙂

I bet you are all trying to figure out where I am running huh! This could be a fun game. My Ragnar girls know. And my fam. That’s it!


Maybe I’ll host a guess the race with a giveaway. Or maybe I’ll just do a giveaway soon. Yeah. That sounds fun. It’s been a while!

Now in my REAL life work is busy as usual. On a fun note I am in the middle of planning my big boy’s birthday party. He handed out his invites to his school friends today and tried to convince me that it was a good idea to invite the whole school. Yeah. I am sure Chuck E. Cheese would love that bill. Me? Not so much. Oh and the whole having to supervise a zillion kiddos. He is so sweet to not want anyone to feel left out, no? Proud that he is that kid.

Totally off subject:

What are you all having for dinner tonight? I need to decide on where to take the fam bam…


15 thoughts on “Has it been 5 days?

    1. Linz, it was HARD! I was sweating so much it was gross. My arms were even sore afterwards. I think it was having some scary moments and having to use extra grip, lol. Try it 🙂

  1. I am so much more appreciative of my mom for all my birthday parties now that I’m a mom and have to plan my son’s. Not fun. I didn’t realize it would be so stressful. And I don’t know about where you are, but out here, no one rsvps!! It drives me nuts! LOL Good luck with the party! I stopped by Whole Foods and got all the stuff to make pizzas. So my son and his friend are having a pizza-making shindig tonight 🙂

    1. Yes!! It makes me batty that no one RSVPs. I changed his to regrets only so if you dont call I assume you’ll be there. Sigh. What happened to manners?!? Pizza night sounds like so much fun!!

  2. Manners??? what are those? Do people use them anymore? that is how it goes when it comes to party invites and actually in many areas these days. It is amazing.
    We had pasta tonight, hopefully you and the fam went some where yummy for dinner.
    And I am going to have to try the stairmill. Someone is usually on it at the gym when I go. Maybe I will actually wait in line next time. Have a great night!

    1. I know, the lack of manners makes me insane! I love pasta! We ended up at a place called Stacked. Really good!

      Only one Stairmill at the gym? Your gym needs more! We used to have 2 and now we have 6. Love that we see our annual dues (a whopping $29) go towards new equiptment

  3. Great paces Nicole! I had to sit out my marathon today because of shin pain. I’m going to take 4-6 weeks off and spin my little heart heart, swim and get my core as hard as a rock. Whatdo you do for tour abs??? Cause they are fabulous!!!! My next marathon is October 21 and I want to run it in under 4. Speed work here i come. What kind of speed work do you do?

  4. I can’t wait to join you for yoga someday. BOOO to the heel pain and it better be 100% ASAP!! Running on the stair mill made me out of breathe just reading about it.

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