Why Hello Friday.

All Over The Place

My mind is a little scattered on this beautimus Friday so puh-lease bear with me this morning…or bare with me this morning if that’s how you roll.

—–> Today is the LAST day to vote to name our Ragnar Team(s)!

SkinnyRunner, Chacha, Margot, OUAL, Pam and MOI

Heather, Becka, Rose, Kat, Prettie Fittie, Kate & Ang, Monica, Broke Runner, Madison, Elisabeth and Danica!

Soooo if you haven’t already done so head on over to OUAL’s page and get after it.

The voting so far is as follows:

Name Our Ragnar Team(s)!
No Dudes, 12 (/24) Boobs  7.67%  (128 votes)  
Foxes with Sockses  4.25%  (71 votes)  
“Hello Haters” on front, “Goodbye, Haters” on back  5.33%  (89 votes)   
The Un-Sausage Fest  2.04%  (34 votes)   
We thought they said ruM  18.75%  (313 votes) 
’6 runners short of a Ragnar Team’ (ultra only)  0.9%  (15 votes)  
Team #Winning  2.64%  (44 votes)  
We were promised more cowbell  2.52%  (42 votes)  
I’m Only Running This Fast Because I Have to Pee  2.88%  (48 votes)   
So Much Cooler Online  53.03%  (885 votes)   
Total Votes: 1,669
It looks like “So Much Cooler Online” is running away with it. Totally appropriate since we all know I am a huge goober in real life. I’m not even cool online but I’ll take it! 🙂

Speaking of Ragnar we are having a little kick-off soiree tomorrow for out teams so be prepared for a butt-ton of photos all over blogland of us runners shoving our faces with pizza. And maybe OUAL doing a reverse keg stand or two…just sayin. 

Today’s Workout

——-> 27 min of the crazy moving stair monster, 1.1 mile cool down run (about 9 1/2 min), 35 min of core/push ups/stretching

The moving stairs and I went to battle this morning. Started at a level 12 and finished on level 17. Made it 3.4 miles in 27 minutes and looked like I got sprayed with a hose by the time I was done. Gross. That’s what I get for wearing yoga pants and a cotton nutrition zone shirt this morning. Although comfy it was a bad decision. I was roasting. And likely extremely unattractive. Sorry people, that’s what you get at 5 am!

I have found that incorporating those crazy stairs in my workout helps keep my cardio up much more than, say, the elliptical.  Maybe it’s because I spent most of college on the elliptical so it just doesn’t require as much effort. Plus, for whatever reason, that darn machine makes my feet go numb. Anyone else?


I have 17-18 miles planned for tomorrow. With a marathon coming up it’s time to go get it! I have been waiting and waiting to be able to do a good, solid, long run. It will be divided up slightly as my first leg will be to my running group and the second leg with them. Originally I was going to run with them first then run home but decided that with my achilles still in limbo it’s not worth the really hard uphill climbs going home. The way out will be rolling and then flat which is manageable.

I will be taking it easy, breaking when I need to, and loving it…or at least I think I will.

Vegas is 9 weeks from Sunday! I have a lot of friends going and many from the Rock Runners that just signed up for the half so Vegas is going to be full of San Diego peeps! I thought more would go for the full but with the 4:30 time limit and most everyone not being used to night running the half is the better option. The strip is going to be one freaking huge running party! Yeeeaaahhhhhh!

Anyone else running Vegas? Full? Half? Anyone going for a PR or a BQ?!?

Big Ol’ Baby

OK, I’ll Admit It

There are some days where I just can’t seem to get in 5 fruits AND 5 vegetables. Yes 5 of each. Not combined.Veggies are usually easy since I like to make a big salad once a day. Butttt some days I just can’t pull it off. I get up before the sun rises to run. I try to get my lunch packed the night before but it doesn’t always work out. So how do I make up for my days when my lunch box fails or I just let the house run out of food? I hit up these little snacks that I keep in my office…

I’m not kidding. Yes that says “baby.” No I am not embarrassed about it. No it is not gross.

I would have never even known about these magical little gizmos if I didn’t have kids. When my son was a baby (2007) there was one line of organic fruits/veggies that came out with these. I bought a few for lazy days when I didn’t get around to making my own baby food at home. I am one of those moms that taste everything before I give it to my kids and that’s when my love for them started. Not all of them are good. And no they shouldn’t replace fresh fruits and veggies. HOWEVER, they make for a good, low cal snack when you run out of time and you don’t have to feel guilty about it!

For instance…

HappyTot’s Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrot and Cinnamon w/Salba (chia seed)

70 Calories

1g fat

 0 trans fat

140 mg potassium(runners love)

13 carbs (runners love)

3 fibers (keeping you full…and regular)

1g protein (muscle repair)

9g sugar (that’ll cure that sweet tooth)

100% Vitamin C, 5% Folate, 10% Vit A

Are you super creeped out yet? This is nothing…just wait…ahahahahahahaha!

Who Drank Extra (or free) Coffee Today?!

National Coffee Day right? It’s an excuse to indulge in the java. Who me? No. Never. Maybe. Ok I had an extra cup. But it wasn’t free. And I made up for it 10 extra glasses of water…and some baby food.

Ruunnnnerrrsssss High!

Today’s Run

10.3 pain free miles (although my watch said 10.53- slightly off there) 1:15, around 7:17  average pace? Hashtag Awesome. Hashtag I freaking Rocked!


Runners high, runners high, runners high!! Yeah, it wasn’t a super long run. But friends, it was double digits and more importantly: pain free.


Decided to give my old Asics a whirl. The first .25 I felt like I was clunking along. I was a little stiff and had to get used to a bulkier shoe. About a mile in I started to feel good and progressively got faster. When I hit 60 minutes and still felt good I just kept going.

Post run I headed to stretch and the achilles was a little stiff and achy. Buttttttt here I am 5 hours later with NO PAIN. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.Yeeeaaaahhhhhh baby! If this run isn’t confirmation that my Kinvara’s need to be retired I don’t know what is. Time to order some new kicks.


Have You Voted Yet?

Just in case you missed it, please head over to OUAL’s blog to vote on a name for our Ragnar team. It would be totally embarrassing if we had to go nameless so your help is super appreciated!

Help A Runner Out

Fellow blogger, runner and Ragnarer (is that a word?) Elisabeth is taking on the Goofy Challenge in Florida this January. She will be running a half marathon on Saturday the 7th and a full marathon on Sunday the 8th! That’s 39.3 miles in 48 hours people!!! I am envious!

She is training for this madness through TNT and while doing so is raising money to kick blood cancer’s hiney! This cause is super important to me since I lost a friend to AML this year. If you have an extra dollar or two it would be awesome if you could donate to her team. I just did!

To check out her awesomeness and get the deets go visit ELISABETH’S BLOG!

Happy Hump Day

What is on your workout agenda today? Anyone want to run, say, 20 miles with me on Saturday? Ok…maybe not 20, that wouldn’t be too smart while on the mend…maybe 18.





Name Our Ragnar Team- Voting Time

It’s Your Right

The freedom to vote. Now is the time people. Our Ragnar teams are nameless but that soon will change. After hundreds of suggestions all over blogland we have come up with a top 10 list. We now need you to voice your opinion and give us a name!

Just in case you forgot we have 2 Ragnar teams that will rock SoCal in April of 2012. We have an ultra team of 6, and a regular team of 12.  Here are some stolen photos from OUAL’s page:

SkinnyRunner, Chacha, Margot, OUAL, Pam and MOI

Heather, Becka, Rose, Kat, Prettie Fittie, Kate & Ang, Monica, Broke Runner, Madison, Elisabeth and Danica!

How do you vote?! GREAT question! Click HERE to be routed to OUAL’s page where the poll is. All you have to do is pick your fave. The poll is open through Friday September 30th so get to voting! Ttthhhhaaannnkkk yyyoooouuuuuuu!!!!

P/S After yesterday’s complain fest I woke up this morning with very little achilles pain. My fingers and toes are crossed that I am on the road to recovery…and a new pair of kicks!

Back At It

I Was Running

Today’s Run: 7.5 miles, TM, felt eh

This was my first run post the Warrior Challenge and it went. It took close to a 1/2 mile for my achilles to warm up and not feel sore. I decided to run for an hour and get it what I could. It wasn’t a horrific run but it wasn’t glorious either. At least it was pain free…until I was done.

I stretched and iced and that made it maaaad. Seriously, it felt worse with the ice pack on. Thank the lord for ibuprofen. I am at a loss at this point. I know I just took a full week off so some soreness in my achilles is expected. However, I am 8 weeks out from Las Vegas and need to start getting 15,18,20 milers in. Feeling.worried. If it was sore after today’s run what will it feel like after a long run this weekend? YIKES!

Maybe I need to put on my regular old neutral shoes and take them for a spin. My Kinvaras have more than 200 miles on them so they need to be retired. My shoes could be contributing to the problem, no?

Simple fact:


I apologize to those of you who have been keeping up with me and are sick of hearing about my petty injuries and are wondering if I will ever be back to 100%. Truth be told I am wondering the same thing. Power of positivity right? I figure once I get past this I am golden.

Hope my Ragnar team doesn’t give me the boot! GALS, I promise I will be 100% ready to go by April! NO DOUBT!

K…back to work!


Shoe thoughts? Could my beat down sneaks be the issue?


I’m baaacccckkkkkkkk

Home Sweet Home

After a solid 8 days in paradise

I am back at home trying to get reacquainted with the real world. You know, the one where I have responsibility and do not get to lay out all day. I don’t quite remember where I work or what my job is but I am pretty sure I have to show up tomorrow. Although vacay is officially over there are some perks to being back home.

My two favorite little ones loving their Hawaiian hurricane popcorn. 

Cooking a pot of sauce. I am not a meat eater but this is the exception to the rule! There is nothing like it. Nothing. So blessed to have grown up in an Italian family.

Baking cookies. I came back from vacation down 2 pounds so that alone justifies these babies.


Because that is what this blog is about right? Sadly it hasn’t happened in a week now. After the Warrior Challenge I figured I would take a few days off and just crosstrain. A few days turned into I didn’t run the rest of the time in Hawaii. Oooopppsssss. I planned on getting back on track YESTERDAY and then the whole time change thing happened. It is crazy how wacky 3 hours can be! Buuttttttt this is rest is good for my achilles right? It is mostly sore when I wake up in the morning and then fades away. I feel like I am ready for a good long run but will start off slow with low mileage tomorrow.  

In AWESOME news I was selected to be a Nike Product Tester! Yeehhhaaawwwww! I am super excited about this 🙂 Maybe it’s a sign that I should be going up to San Fran in a few weeks to run the Nike Women’s Marathon?? Hmmmmmmmm. Something to think about 🙂

Fall Is Here

And I see a giveaway in our future…





Aloha Hawaii

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Well, it’s time to hit the road. We  are going to stop by my best friend’s hotel to say goodbye (they are staying til Tuesday) and we then have a 45 minute drive back to the airport. 

We do not get home until close to 11 pm PDT so I will not be posting again til tomorrow. Because I don’t want to leave anyone hanging here are some pictures from Cam and Ricky’s 10-year anniversary photos. They renewed their vows on the beach and then we had a killer meal at The Lahaina Grill. Enjoy!

The Vows


The Bride






The Four Of Us

Me and My Best Friend of 17 years

Me an LD- my main squeeze

The Entire Crew

Mahalo Maui! See you soon…very soon!


Running Lessons Learned On The Island

Why Running In Maui Is Awesome

Running in Hawaii has been a great experience. There were so many little things that I learned during my time here that helped me to improve as a runner. Here are just a few…

1. The Weather: It will make me or break me

The heat, wind and humidity can be intense on the islands. One minute the sun is beaming, the next it’s raining and windy. This week the weather stayed in the 80’s and was pretty darn humid. I am not used to running in this weather and it was much harder than I thought it would be. I had to find different ways to bring my body temp down and conserve energy. It forced me to be a more efficient runner; I had to pay attention to my body at all times. Not only did this help me run smarter but it will make me a much better runner back at home!

2. Hydration: Do or Do Not, There Is No Try

Hydrating for at least a week leading up to an event (especially in heat/humidity) is extremely important. Gulping down water the night before a race just isn’t going to cut it. Once the feeling of thirst hits it is too late. I learned that the hard way during the 5k last week. It was NOT fun! Drinking water/electrolyte drinks leading up to an event will get you ready. 

3. Relax: Eat, Sleep and Run

Getting enough sleep, proper nutrition and just straight chillin helps your body to recover and prepare to run hard. Missing meals, stressing out and not relaxing causes our bodies to feel run down and sluggish. When that happens we just can’t expect to perform our best. One of the most important things I learned is to just relax. Running is fun, our world is beautiful and taking the time to take care of myself is the only way I will be able to keep on keepin’ on.

Ok, enough serious talk…

I’m going, going, back, back, to Cali Cali

Flight leaves tomorrow! Home Sweet Home!

Swimming + Sushi = A Fabulous Wednesday in Hawaii!

2 Days

This is the time we have left in Maui. Most people feel like their vacations fly by. This one felt long and that is pretty AWESOME! We packed in a lot in one week and I still feel like I got to relax. But…we (or maybe just I) am ready to go home and hug the kids, sleep in my bed and cook in my own kitchen. I love Hawaii and will definitely come back but it’s time to head back to the casa. Plus I am ready to run in 60 degree weather. YES!


We started off our day at Betty’s Beach Cafe on Front Street. This restaurant is a sister to the Boat House in San Diego so we figured we couldn’t go wrong. 

This place is right on the water and the menu offers a good variety. I went with a chicken and pineapple salad

The top of it was really good. Unfortunately I didn’t ask for dressing on the side so the lettuce was soggy and drenched in a sesame vinaigrette. Such a bummer! Everyone else said their food was good.

This place is worth the killer view so maybe a good breakfast joint.

From there we headed back to Dru and Julie’s to hang poolside 

The hotel they are staying at is gorgeous. There is a zillion pools and hot tubs. My favorite? The slide!

Unfortunately the tree is blocking my fabulous expression. Butttttt we didn’t miss Cam’s awesomeness

Going down a water slide is so dang fun. It brings out the big kid in all of us. 

Since we didn’t eat enough prior to pool time we decided to get cleaned up and head to dinner at Sansei.

This place has the BEST sushi I have ever had. Hands down. So.freaking.good.


The first hour offers 25% of all food so the line to get in can get long. We didn’t mess around. We got in line 45 minutes before it opened. As soon as the doors opened we got our sashimi grub on and moved along.

Tomorrow is Cam and Ricky’s 10-year anniversary on the beach!!