Change Happens So That We Change & A Giveaway!!

Funny thing about my “running” blog is that it often strays from the subject. I try to stay on task for you all but then life happens. DANG REALITY. I suppose the balance is good, no? I mean I’m SURE you would rather hear about stuff other than running, right?

Before I go off subject let’s have a quick run chat. Don’t say I didn’t try…



Due to the Chicago registration issues I wasn’t able to sign up for the race. So instead of whining about it, I saved $135 and signed up for the Hooley’s to Hooley’s Half Marathon on St. Patty’s Day. You better believe I will be head to toe GREEN.

Training this week has looked like this:

Monday: 4.o5

Tues: 6.10

Weds: Rest

Thurs: 7.25 (2 w/u, 5 @ MGP, C/D)

Fri: 4.10 easy

Sat: 13

Sun: Recovery Miles..

Total mileage will be right around 40 for the week.

I am still not sure where my next 26.2 will be but I can tell you that it will likely be sooner than later. We are getting into crazy-summer-kids-have-too-much-going-on time of year so fitting in long runs will be a challenge.

Whew, now that I got that out of the way let’s talk about more important stuff.


A week or so ago my company made an announcement that they will be centralizing our operation in another one of our offices. Far far away from the beach. Sigh. I am now faced with a major decision.


Do I (and the fam of course!) follow my career to the windy city or do I retire my high heels and dedicate myself to being a stay-at-home mama.


This is tough. I have ALWAYS wanted to be home with the kids. They would love it. No more after school care. Way more time together. Awesome, right? On the other hand I have worked my butt off to get to where I am. I am blessed with a rockin job that allows me to majorly contribute to the livelihood of my family. A move across the country is major. Staying home is major.

I am hoping to find a compromise. A middle ground.

I truly believe that HE creates change so that we change.

Going to just keep praying about it. It will all work out.

If you have any words of wisdom please share. There is always comfort in knowing that others have been in this same boat!


You all know that yoga holds a special place in my heart. It has saved me from injury. It has brought strength and balance into my life. It gives me much-needed downtime.

I have mentioned on the blog and Twitter that Manduka has captured my heart with their latest movement. Now Is Wow. It’s kind of a big deal.

Picture 13

Life moves pretty fast.
If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Those are the words of accidental yogi Ferris Bueller. And he’s right. It’s important to look up, to allow ourselves to be awed. Possibility comes from presence, so this Spring, we have a challenge for you.

We’re celebrating NOW. Yes, now. This moment. This is actually quite a remarkable moment, if we’re open to seeing it. Yoga helps us be present to the WOW, like seeing the world through a new lens. So let’s use this lens, and the lens on our cameras, to capture how Now=Wow.

Every week we’ll showcase a new Manduka Spring Collection color: Pop, Pulse, Glow, Breeze and Shade. We’ll share what inspired these colors, then you share what they inspire you to notice in your own life. Instagram or Tweet a photo tagged #NowIsWow, or upload to the Facebook Now=Wow contest page. After each week, we’ll collect your photos into galleries and select one yogi to win the entire family of Manduka products in that color.

For each photo tagged #NowIsWow or uploaded to the Facebook entry page, Manduka will make a donation to Off the Mat, Into the World, a non-profit organization inspiring leaders who are fully present.

So let’s stop overlooking and start seeing how bright this world can be. This week let’s POP. A color that says “here I am,” so here we shall be. This is how we see the world in POP.

I absolutely love that Manduka is doing something for the greater good. All we have to do is take a photo of our now moment and they will contribute to OTM. Easy.peasy.


Picture 15

The kind folks a Saeger Media Group teamed up with Manduka and sent me an eQua towel in Breeze so that I could take a zillion photos of myself. Ohhhhh…and use it during practice. It’s been doing work for more than a week now and so far it’s love.




Not only is the Breeze color gorgeous and fun, it does not slide around on my mat. More importantly it soaks up sweat like a champ. If you are a sweaty betty like me, this is huge.

For those of you that do not practice yoga, fear not, it can be used in so many other ways 🙂 Gym, running, swimming, beach…shoot, it can be your new shower towel if you would like…

And here is your chance!

Maduka wants to give you a chance to be present and has offered to give one of you the same towel that they gave me. Funnnnnnnnn!

Picture 28

All you have to do is comment and tell me what inspires you.  How you celebrate your NOW?

Yup, keeping it simple.

If you want an extra entry or two you can…

FB/Tweet about the giveaway (and tell me you did it)

Follow Manduka on FB or Twitter

Don’t forget to snap photos and tweet/instagram/FB them to enter their giveaway. You can win an entire spring collection! Freaking awesome.

**Giveaway is open to US residents 18 and older and will close at 10 pm PST on Thursday February 28th. Winner will be chosen by on Friday March 1st. Good Luck!**

Has it been 5 days?

This week has totally passed me by. You know things are super cray when I haven’t blabbed on to you all about nothing for 5 days. Unheard of. At least you still had a VLOG of one my crazies to laugh at, right? Riiighhhhttttttt.

So let’s catch up. Without any pictures. Those will come this weekend. I promise.

This week my running/workouts were all over the place. I am still being cautious given I need my heel to be 100% by June 1st. That’s the drop date. If it’s not 100% by June 1st I am going to have to back out of a race that I really don’t want to back out of.  I made a promise to myself that I am going to lay the hammer down at that race so if I can’t do that I am not going to run. Lame? Maybe. But I am not going to break a promise to myself.

OK, back to how things went this week

Monday: 5.35 miles 7:45 avg pace

Tues: 6.3 miles of running on the stairmill. Literally was running up stairs (levels 15-19)  for 6.3 miles. Done in 45 min. It was equal to a 7:08 pace. Woah Nelly! Core/strength workout

Weds: 6.35 miles, TM 1% incline, avg 8:11 pace

Thurs: 4.35 miles, average 7:48 pace; core/quad workout.

Today: Rest. It’s my first full rest day since last Friday. I’m not messing around am I?

The plan for this weekend is to do Yoga and run long. You guys know I have been loving Yoga since I started going to class a few months ago. It is challenging both mentally and physically for me. Physical + mental strength = awesomeness on race day.  For my run this weekend I am going to focus on keeping my pace nice and easy. Running because I can. Running because it’s fun. One thing I know is that I do NOT want to run long fast. That’s going to be for race day 🙂

I bet you are all trying to figure out where I am running huh! This could be a fun game. My Ragnar girls know. And my fam. That’s it!


Maybe I’ll host a guess the race with a giveaway. Or maybe I’ll just do a giveaway soon. Yeah. That sounds fun. It’s been a while!

Now in my REAL life work is busy as usual. On a fun note I am in the middle of planning my big boy’s birthday party. He handed out his invites to his school friends today and tried to convince me that it was a good idea to invite the whole school. Yeah. I am sure Chuck E. Cheese would love that bill. Me? Not so much. Oh and the whole having to supervise a zillion kiddos. He is so sweet to not want anyone to feel left out, no? Proud that he is that kid.

Totally off subject:

What are you all having for dinner tonight? I need to decide on where to take the fam bam…

Yoga With Friends and a VLOG

Dealing with an injury (no matter how small) can be very frustrating. Whether you are regular at the gym, a crossfit junkie, or you swim, bike or run; finding a way to stay injury free is key. I have had some BIG injury free PR’s this year and am pretty sure I have a big marathon PR coming. Now I just have to focus on being smart and staying healthy so that I can properly train. Do you hear that body of mine? NO INJURIES ALLOWED.


In the past few months I have found a new love in YOGA! Did you know I was originally so scared to take a class? Scared. I had the biggest fear of making a fool of myself and failing. Such a normal fear right? Failure! LAME EXCUSE. I got over that speed bump by going to my first class with my sister and Ashley and now I am loving practicing! It makes me feel strong and I am hoping it helps me resolve some of these little injuries that like to creep up when I am marathon training.

On Saturday I met up with this girl and this girl (and her awesome man) to find my inner OM.

Yikes. Wavy hair that didn’t want to go back and a face still lathered with nighttime beauty cream. Attractive, I know.

We took a one hour Vinyasa class at Lululemon (it was FREE!) that had us sweating our hineys off. It was fab-u-lous. The hardest part is avoiding purchase post class. We all know I have a serious love for Lulu.

Ash and P-Diddy. How cute are they? Awwwwwww

Us in our total natural state of sweatiness. Um, I need to know both of these  girl look gorgeous after an hour workout?!?! 

Kaitlyn is currently training to be a yoga teacher! Maybe she and Chacha can open their own studio and I can be their receptionist. Hear me ladies? I’ll work for free classes 🙂


On Sunday morning I ended up getting 10.25 miles in and then did this with my boy. He freaking cracks me up! If I would have let him he would have given you our address and phone number. Good grief. Enjoy 🙂

Do you practice Yoga?

Have you ever done a VLOG? If so I wanna see!

Yoga…but not in a Toga…How fun would that be?

Everything you do can be done better from a place of relaxation.
                                                                           – Stephen C. Paul

My friend, fellow blogger and Ragnar teammate Ashley has been talking to me about yoga (and it’s benefits) for several weeks now. Her and her awesome boyfriend P take a class on Saturday which is usually my long run day. In light of trying to get back to 100% I skipped out on running yesterday, picked up my sis and we headed to La Jolla to get our yoga on.

We made a pact before we got to class that if one of us is going down we’ll take the other down too.  This was the best way  for us to cover up who the real clutz is. Genius right?

We made it to the beach just after 8 am, parked the car and headed in.

After signing a waiver and picking out a mat we took our places and waited. The place filled up fast!  Ash and P arrived about 5 minutes later so we got to sit and talk and catch up. How did we not get a photo? Sorry ASH!

Class started and my sis and I were both nervous. We often had to look at people around us to make sure we were doing it right but once we got the hang  of it we did great. In fact, we did so great that we decided we need to go more often. It was calming yet challenging at the same time.

After class I introduced her to Lulu. She had never been in the store but she has stalked my collection. She told me she knew she would love stuff so she left her wallet in the car. SMART GIRL. If you know Lulu, once you try something on you may not want to take it off. She did find a few things that are on her wish list so maybe for her 25th birthday this summer?!

We did what all sisters should so post workout and went to coffee.

We could have lounged at the beach all day but my sis had to work (she is a hair stylist) and I had to get home to the fam.

Thank you Ashley for inviting us to yoga with you! We had so much fun!


Video editing is almost done! Be prepared; when a video camera comes out in this house the kids just can’t stay away. Future movie stars? Nah, just kids being kids. Love it!