Change Happens So That We Change & A Giveaway!!

Funny thing about my “running” blog is that it often strays from the subject. I try to stay on task for you all but then life happens. DANG REALITY. I suppose the balance is good, no? I mean I’m SURE you would rather hear about stuff other than running, right?

Before I go off subject let’s have a quick run chat. Don’t say I didn’t try…



Due to the Chicago registration issues I wasn’t able to sign up for the race. So instead of whining about it, I saved $135 and signed up for the Hooley’s to Hooley’s Half Marathon on St. Patty’s Day. You better believe I will be head to toe GREEN.

Training this week has looked like this:

Monday: 4.o5

Tues: 6.10

Weds: Rest

Thurs: 7.25 (2 w/u, 5 @ MGP, C/D)

Fri: 4.10 easy

Sat: 13

Sun: Recovery Miles..

Total mileage will be right around 40 for the week.

I am still not sure where my next 26.2 will be but I can tell you that it will likely be sooner than later. We are getting into crazy-summer-kids-have-too-much-going-on time of year so fitting in long runs will be a challenge.

Whew, now that I got that out of the way let’s talk about more important stuff.


A week or so ago my company made an announcement that they will be centralizing our operation in another one of our offices. Far far away from the beach. Sigh. I am now faced with a major decision.


Do I (and the fam of course!) follow my career to the windy city or do I retire my high heels and dedicate myself to being a stay-at-home mama.


This is tough. I have ALWAYS wanted to be home with the kids. They would love it. No more after school care. Way more time together. Awesome, right? On the other hand I have worked my butt off to get to where I am. I am blessed with a rockin job that allows me to majorly contribute to the livelihood of my family. A move across the country is major. Staying home is major.

I am hoping to find a compromise. A middle ground.

I truly believe that HE creates change so that we change.

Going to just keep praying about it. It will all work out.

If you have any words of wisdom please share. There is always comfort in knowing that others have been in this same boat!


You all know that yoga holds a special place in my heart. It has saved me from injury. It has brought strength and balance into my life. It gives me much-needed downtime.

I have mentioned on the blog and Twitter that Manduka has captured my heart with their latest movement. Now Is Wow. It’s kind of a big deal.

Picture 13

Life moves pretty fast.
If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Those are the words of accidental yogi Ferris Bueller. And he’s right. It’s important to look up, to allow ourselves to be awed. Possibility comes from presence, so this Spring, we have a challenge for you.

We’re celebrating NOW. Yes, now. This moment. This is actually quite a remarkable moment, if we’re open to seeing it. Yoga helps us be present to the WOW, like seeing the world through a new lens. So let’s use this lens, and the lens on our cameras, to capture how Now=Wow.

Every week we’ll showcase a new Manduka Spring Collection color: Pop, Pulse, Glow, Breeze and Shade. We’ll share what inspired these colors, then you share what they inspire you to notice in your own life. Instagram or Tweet a photo tagged #NowIsWow, or upload to the Facebook Now=Wow contest page. After each week, we’ll collect your photos into galleries and select one yogi to win the entire family of Manduka products in that color.

For each photo tagged #NowIsWow or uploaded to the Facebook entry page, Manduka will make a donation to Off the Mat, Into the World, a non-profit organization inspiring leaders who are fully present.

So let’s stop overlooking and start seeing how bright this world can be. This week let’s POP. A color that says “here I am,” so here we shall be. This is how we see the world in POP.

I absolutely love that Manduka is doing something for the greater good. All we have to do is take a photo of our now moment and they will contribute to OTM. Easy.peasy.


Picture 15

The kind folks a Saeger Media Group teamed up with Manduka and sent me an eQua towel in Breeze so that I could take a zillion photos of myself. Ohhhhh…and use it during practice. It’s been doing work for more than a week now and so far it’s love.




Not only is the Breeze color gorgeous and fun, it does not slide around on my mat. More importantly it soaks up sweat like a champ. If you are a sweaty betty like me, this is huge.

For those of you that do not practice yoga, fear not, it can be used in so many other ways 🙂 Gym, running, swimming, beach…shoot, it can be your new shower towel if you would like…

And here is your chance!

Maduka wants to give you a chance to be present and has offered to give one of you the same towel that they gave me. Funnnnnnnnn!

Picture 28

All you have to do is comment and tell me what inspires you.  How you celebrate your NOW?

Yup, keeping it simple.

If you want an extra entry or two you can…

FB/Tweet about the giveaway (and tell me you did it)

Follow Manduka on FB or Twitter

Don’t forget to snap photos and tweet/instagram/FB them to enter their giveaway. You can win an entire spring collection! Freaking awesome.

**Giveaway is open to US residents 18 and older and will close at 10 pm PST on Thursday February 28th. Winner will be chosen by on Friday March 1st. Good Luck!**

StrideBox Giveaway Winner, Now=Wow

The winner of the StrideBox giveaway is

Picture 27

Andrea Stanley!

Please email me at: so that I can get your March StrideBox to you. Congratulations!



Today was my first easy run since San Dieguito and it felt good to just take it slow on the trails.

I am not sure how many of you take time to recover after a race (or hard workout) but it is more important than you may think. Taking time to allow our muscles and mind to rest allows us to be ready to push ourselves again. It can help keep injuries away as well as prevent us from burnout.  

What recovery means to each of us may be different. For some people it means total and complete rest (Active.Com has an article on the 3 C’s).  For others it means days of easy workouts that use different muscle groups (i.e. non pounding for runners). Whatever it may be just do what works for you. Take care of the body that works hard for you!

Do you take time to recover? What does recovery mean to you?

Tonight I will head to yoga to give my body (and mind) the love that it needs. 

Speaking of, Manduka has a gorgeous new Spring Line out and is leading a very cool movement called Now=Wow. Not only is the company hosting a sweet giveaway, for each of your entries they will donate to Off The Mat, Into The World. You can get more info by clicking HERE.

#NowisWow. Don’t miss a moment. Come join me for class tonight! Namaste.

San Dieguito Half Marathon Recap

“Getting what you want is not near as important as giving what you have” – Tom Krause


I arrived at San Dieguito Park around 6:40 on Sunday morning. I  lucked out and was able to park in the lot close to the start line.


It was cool and cloudy- perfect running weather. I picked up my bib, used the portapotties (no line!) and then started the 10 minute walk to the start line.


After catching up with a friend from college (he is crazy fast) I took my place at the start and was ready to go. It started to sprinkle and I crossed my fingers that we would not end up in the midst of a downpour.

The national anthem was sung and then the gun went off. Time to do work.

The first mile or so was a slight downhill. It’s easy to go out fast so I tried to find that comfortable yet slightly hard pace that I thought I might be able to hang on to.

Mile 1: 7:25

Ok, probably too fast. My original goal for this race was to run a 7:30-7:35 average. I knew it was hilly but had forgotten how hard this course actually is. I was quickly reminded as we started the first big climb at mile 1.5. We went from 14 feet to 300 feet in elevation. At that point I figured if I could stay in the high 7’s I would be lucky!

Mile 2: 7:37

Mile 3: 8:00

After mile 3 the course started to roll. I started to feel warm and knew I could run sub 8’s, even in the hills. I would have to run my uphills smart and take advantage of the downhill. I was determined not to let my pace increase to 8’s unless it was during a climb.

Mile 4: 7:18

Mile 5: 7:40

Mile 6: 7:47

Mile 7:  7:51

Once we hit mile 7 I knew we had some flat and that the turn around was approaching. I knew I could make up time on the flat

Mile 8: 7:21

Mile 9: 7:28 (at this mile a young volunteer yelled out you’re in the top 25 of all females. I figured she had to be nuts!)

At mile 10 we hit another solid climb and then had a sweet decline before heading up once again at mile 12-13. Yeesh!

Mile 10:  7:59

Mile 11: 7:15

Mile 12: 7:28

Mile 13: 7:45 (the last climb just felt cruel)

When we made the right turn to head toward the finish I could hear the announcer and kicked it into gear. I knew I was going to be able to break 1:40. I GAVE IT MY ALL…

Last .10 6:45 pace

Finish 1:39:46, 7:36 avg.

143/1094 (small race)

24th Female

3rd in AG Awards! (Technically 4th in my AG but the 2nd female was in my AG so she received a top 3 finisher award)

I crossed that finish line and teared up a little. My purple tank was drenched in sweat. The bible verses on my hands were smeared. My legs were quivering. I freaking did it. 2 weeks post marathon I pulled a PR out of my hiney. With each uphill that felt so ridiculously hard I reminded myself that I was lucky to be able to do it.

Take that hills.


As I gained my composure I quickly looked for my family. I couldn’t wait to see them light up. My inlaws have never seen me race and my husband never misses one. He loves celebrating PRs with me!

After a few minutes of not being able to find anyone I pulled out my phone to call. It was then that I saw the text that my MIL was not having a good morning and they stayed home. I said a little prayer for her and texted back letting them know I did it. I broke 1:40 on a tough course and just like Mimi I refused to give up. We had a little celebration when I got home 🙂


I am so proud of myself. I feel like I am finally coming into my own as a runner. I have found what works for me and I have stopped being afraid to just go for it. Man it is so awesome! Not every race will be a PR, but one thing that is certain I will give it my all each time. Heart and soul my friends. All heart and lots of soul.

My friend PrettyFittie had a big fat PR on Sunday too. So glad I got to see her do it! Congrats Ash!


Winner of the StrideBox giveaway will be anounced tomorrow! GOOOOOOD LUCK!

Family Time, The C Word and Running RSF

On Wednesday my MIL and FIL made the trip from Texas to CA to stay with us for a week.

Dinner At The Beach

Poor LD got cut out. He said it’s because the server couldn’t get over his stunning good looks. You think I’m kidding?

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have them here. Getting to spend time with family is priceless.

Girl Time
Busy In The Kitchen

As most of you know my MIL is currently battling pancreatic cancer. Her faith (and ours) is unwavering but that doesn’t mean that we just ignore what is very very real. We had a very tough talk on Wednesday night. A talk that we have not wanted to had. I HATE the “C” word. We laughed and cried…a lot. That talk brought us all a lot closer together. We were reminded that the next minute, hour, day, week is not guaranteed. We have to live in the moment and enjoy it. If we don’t we are missing out on life. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to miss a single moment.

My Loves


Today is packet pick up for the half marathon that I am running tomorrow in RSF. I decided to wait until morning to get my bib so that means I will be heading to the start at the BCOD. Nothing new huh?

I will be wearing purple to support my MIL. This will be the first time that she (and my FIL) get to see me run. This course is hilly and will probably feel tough coming off of a marathon 2 weeks ago. Regardless of how hard it feels it pales in comparison to what a cancer patient goes through each day. If I have to crawl to that finish line by all means I will do it. Take that “C” word.


Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a StrideBox. I don’t do giveaways often so get on it 🙂 I mean that in the nicest way possible of course…

A Giveaway That Is All Kinds Of Awesome

When my mailman delivered this little box of magic to my doorstep today I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.


A StrideBox.




For those of you not in the know, StrideBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers a package filled with stuff that us runners love. Their motto “Just Keep Running” is a mantra for  recreational runners and professional athletes alike. I love that. From nutrition products to cool new gear you never know what you’re going to get. One thing is for certain it will motivate you to “Just Keep Running.”


I received February’s box. It was filled with products from Hammer, Skratch, Honey Stinger, OnTheGo, Gu, Lock Laces, Mazamabar and Dr. Hoy’s. I am stoked that I get to try out products that I know and love as well as those that I am not familiar with. Guess who will be using Skratch at a race this weekend? THIS GIRL!

I love that my StrideBox was filled with a good variety of products that actually appeal to me. It’s like a race expo goodie bag on steroids.  Can’t wait to see what March has to offer!


Want to get a StrideBox delivered to you?

Join StrideBox by clicking here. For $15 a month they will fill a box with gear/nutrition for training and recovery and deliver it to your door. Boom it’s that simple.

Want to know what’s even cooler? StrideBox has agreed to GIVEAWAY a March box to one of you lucky peeps! Awwwwwwww yeah!

To Enter:

1. Like StrideBox on Twitter

2. Give StrideBox Facebook Love

3. Tell me what motivates you to “Just Keep Running” and let me know what YOU would like to see in a StrideBox each month!

Comment that you did the above and you will get an entry for each one. That’s 3 chances instead of 1. So rad.

Giveaway is open to US residents 18 and older. All entry’s must be received by Monday February 11th at 10 pm PST (time stamp on comment). Winner will be chosen at random by and will be announced on Tuesday February 12th. Goooooooood luck!

Nowhere to go but up…and then down…and then back up again

When we moved to our current neighborhood I was so excited to run in a new place. It is beautiful, close to the ocean, has a lot of trails and is amazingly quiet. The only thing I didn’t notice is that the place has a LOT of hills. Big ones. Yes, I drove up and down them to get to our house. I guess I never put it together that it meant I would have to run them. Denial maybe?

A few days after our move I went on my first run. And it was hard. And I felt…defeated.

I had to stop more than once. I was pounding water. I was sucking wind. Even felt a little pukey. Ok, a lot. It was if I had never run a mile in my entire life.

I went from runs that looked like this:


To runs that looked like this:


It felt like I was starting all over again. I guess in a way I was. I had to learn to run in a whole new way. I had to do work.

I read articles about shortening my stride, slowing my pace, easing into the hill and then owning it. Most days it felt really sucky. Some days I talked myself out of it all together and headed to flat land. Then there were days that I wo-maned up and felt like a champ. I am pretty sure I looked like I was dying  most of the time but I kept at it.

Weeks went by and those hills that used to own me slowly became my friends. While the runs didn’t get easier,  I no longer had to take midhill breaks (VICTORY!). I could feel myself getting stronger. My pace slowly started to get better and instead of dreading my long runs I embraced the beauty surrounding me.  The sun coming up in the morning is breathtaking when I am able open my eyes and look at it 🙂


Months went by and I saw my race times improve. I had a short distance race on a flat course and felt like I was soaring. It was the hills. They made me a faster, stronger runner.

Love them or hate them they are good for us. Unless you have an injury where in hill training is a “no no” get out there and take on your nemesis. And at that moment when you crest your first mountain put both hands in the air, sing “We are the champions” and feel your strong. You can thank me (or punch me in the face) later.


I have a SUPER SWEET giveaway coming tomorrow. Wheeee! I’m so excited I can barely stand it.