Scattered yet organized at the same time. Go figure.

I have so much to share with you all and it’s so scattered that I don’t know where to start. I think I’ll do bullet points and then do another post later on Nutrition. Welcome to my Monday! HA!

* Doc appointment on Friday went really well. Went through the usual treatment and then had an xray done to rule out arthritis, stress fracture and DJD. The good news is that I ran pain-free on Saturday and again today! I think that means I am heading in the right direction. If I had a hip stress fracture I would think that the pain would be getting worse, not better. To top it off I have had no pain post run this morning which is huge!

*I finally got to get back to my group run! I ran with Stacey and Sharon on Saturday for 5.10 miles and then did another 2 on my own. It is so much fun running with friends. We kept the pace easy and chatted the entire time. You know it’s an easy pace when you are having full on conversation that includes belly laughing. There is nothing like good girl time and catching up while running.

*Post run on Saturday, Glenn Matanza, a 4-time Iron Man, sports nutritionist and fitness/performance coach did an informal nutrition clinic! I tweeted about this and wish that more of you could have been there. I am organizing my notes (that I took in my head) to share with you all. He had such a different outlook on nutrition and racing and I loved it. I am hoping to feel and see the results from making minor changes at my half in less than 2 weeks!

* My hubby started a new job today! He has been home with the kids since his last company closed their doors so today is his first day back in the office. Let’s all wish him good luck as he starts down a new path!

*With my hubby going back to work meant the kids went back to school full-time. The princess turns 3 this weekend so she is in the Dolphin class. H-man is in pre-k! I think they are the “Sharks” so he is feeling pretty darn cool. I can’t wait to pick them up today and hear all about what they learned. They said they were both looking forward to arts and crafts. I am sure I will have plenty of new pics to hang in my office!

Today has been a little crazy with getting an 8 mile run in, taking the kids to school and making it into the office by 7:55 a.m. We shall see how long this lasts. I foresee 2-a-days in the schedule so that I am not pushing my pace and end up injuring myself.

Happy Monday my friends!


How was your weekend?

Any races?

Me, Myself and Irene

You have seen runner me:

And Mommy me:

And now may I present to you work me. The skirt in the charge. AKA: Crazy Lady. At least I have pants on

Yep. Straight up potty shot. I had to attend a symposium today at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. At least it’s a classy bathroom.

The view:

I know. So ugly.

There were so many people out running/walking/playing tennis as I sat and listened to the suits speak. At least they were funny. Something about a huge jury verdict for man who ended up with a shortened penis. Oh, and there was food and an open bar. Brutal day in the office. Too bad they aren’t all like this.


So my doc appointment at 11:30 today? Yeah, it’s actually tomorrow. I checked in 24 hours early. At least I wasn’t late! Welcome to my world.

I swear we will talk running tomorrow. Pinky swear. That means I am fo real.

Why Pasadena Didn’t Happen, 11 Things and Remembering To Put On Pants

Last weekend I had planned to run the Inaugural Pasadena Half Marathon. Hotel was booked, dinner planned, outfit picked out and the kids were all excited for a mini “runcation.”

Then this little man ended up sick

A boy's best friend. They camp out in his room.

We went to dinner at Stacked on Friday night (more on that place later) when he started to complain that  his neck hurt. LD noticed a small lump on the right side of his throat/neck and sent him to me for an official mommy check up. I initially thought it was just a swollen gland. We iced, ibuprofened, gave him a throat drop and got him in bed. Around 1 am he came into our room, crying saying it still hurt. I checked his neck and the small bump was now a huge lump. He had a low grade fever and had no range of motion. When your kid can’t turn his head it’s a little scary.

I called advice and they said he needed to come in. By the time he saw the doc it was 2:30 p.m. Turns out he had an infection in his lymph node. How on earth that happened we still aren’t sure. No ear infection, no strep throat, solely in the neck. He was prescribed a strong medication and we were told to monitor him for at least 48 hours. If no change in swelling back to the doc.

My boy needed his mama. There is no race more important than family. Ever.

So now you know why I bailed out on Pasadena. I wouldn’t have made it to packet pick up on time and we were up most of the night on Saturday. Getting up and driving  at 4 am on Sunday was out of the question. I for sure would have fallen asleep driving. No bueno.

We are now on day #6 of antibiotics and he is on the mend. He is still super grumpy so I am hoping once he finishes the meds I’ll have my boy back. I would be ticked if I had to take super gross medicine 3x a day. Yuck.


Running has been going good this week! I have logged 23 miles nearly pain free and have a follow-up with the doc today. If all goes well I will do an easy run tomorrow and then test the waters with a longer run on Saturday morning.  I should end up somewhere around 40-45 miles this week which is great given I had to cut back so much! WOOT! My 2012 goal of 2000 miles is still doable. So stoked on that!


Ok, as I mentioned yesterday (or the day before? I lose track of time!) Teresa tagged me in the 11 Random Things post. Let’s do this!

1. Do you prefer cooking or baking? Ohhh I love both! I guess if I had to choose just one I would go with cooking. I only have one oven but several stove top burners so I can cook more than I can bake!

2. What make-up item can you not live without? Does chapstick count? Love love love it! Also love bronzer.

3. Do you use your own grocery store bags? Yes, when I can remember to pull them out of the trunk! It is so much easier than collecting a thousand plastic bags to recycle.

4. How often do you eat out? Once a week. We usually do new restaurant Friday in our house! Although lately we have been going back to the same place because it’s so dang good!

5. Do you use a flatiron? Yes! I have half straight, half wavy hair. It’s really sexy, lol! I usually let it dry and then use the flat iron. It’s great for days when I do not wash my hair. A little dry shampoo and a flat iron work magic!

6. Workout in the AM or PM? Early bird here! 4:00 am alarm comes way too fast. It’s so weird that I can’t find anyone that wants to join me. If my family wasn’t 45 min away my Dad and brother would be right there with me!

7. Do you prefer working out with friends or alone? Some days I need alone time but friends help push me! I usually work out solo during the week and with friends on the weekend.

8. What’s your profession? High Net Worth Insurance. Good times people, good times. If I wasn’t under a confidentiality agreement I would have a camera follow me around so that you could see and hear what goes on in my world. Yes I check TMZ often. Entertainment for hours.

9. Favorite beverage? Coffee! Love it.

10. Do you use public transportation? When I travel to the city, yes! Here in my town public transportation isn’t the best. The trolley works to downtown and the coaster to L.A. Other than that we are sunk. I ride my bike to most places on the weekend, so driving is only to and from the office for the most part.

11. Did you have a pet growing up? Yes! Grew up with golden retrievers. Now I have a boxer who will be 9 in May. She is so sweet!


Thank you Teresa for tagging me! You have a beautiful family!

OK, off to drop my drawers at the docs office and then headed to a symposium in La Jolla. With my pants on. I promise.

This only happens to me. I think.

Funny things happen to me. A lot. It’s weird to me because I always say that funny things happen to funny people. Me? Not funny. Yet these things keep happening. 

Take today for instance.

I scheduled my doc appointment on my lunch break. Figured I’d be in and out and back to my office within, I don’t know, say 45 minutes.

Doc walks in and we get to chattin’. You know, normal small talk about work, kids, etc. You get the picture. I show him where my hip is still bugging and he does a few tests.  He figures out the issue within seconds (the man is a genius) so I’m stoked because I figure this will be easy peasy. He tells me I need to put a pair of shorts on and he’ll be right back. Guess my leggings weren’t cutting it.

He walks with shorts that look like scrubs that were approximately 25 times too big. Tells me to change and to open the door when I am done. These things were smokin’ hot I tell ya. I change then open the door and make a funny joke  “These hot pants should have been on the runway during fashion week.” while doing a spin. Crickets. I told you I am not funny.

He tells me to lay down and that he is going to do muscle stimulation and ultrasound first. I lay on my stomach and he starts to hook up the electrodes to my hip/glute. One goes on, we’re good, next one on and then silence. Weird. I decide I better keep convo going to break up the awkwardness. I get through 20-30 minutes of treatment by talking about running, mileage, marathons, whatevs. It was finally time to give my sexy shorts back, reschedule and say good-bye. Whew. Survived.

As I am walking to my car I am still trying to figure out where things went weird. Did I say something? No. Did I do something? No. And then it hits me…

He saw the butterfly tattoo. The one on my right butt cheek. The one I got when I turned 18. And it probably looked like it was going to fly away every time my glute contracted during muscle stim.

I can’t stop laughing.Crying laughing.

I immediately call LD and can barely get the story out because I am laughing so hard.

Ahhhhh my poor doc. I am sure he didn’t know what to think. That or he was snapping a pic and tweeting something like “Check out this piece of arse in my office.” Ok, that didn’t happen.

So to make things less I think I should write “Hi Doc” with a sharpie around it for my follow-up on Thursday. Wonder how that would work out…


Do these things happen to you? 

I was tagged again in 11 things so I will answer a few more ?’s in my next post and talk about the Pasadena Half that didn’t happen. Mommyhood. It rules.

Moves Like Jagger. And being humbled.

Good Morning peeps! Happy Thursday! The weekend is whispering my name and I can hardly wait to pack up this afternoon. I took tomorrow off and Monday is a holiday so I will be enjoying a nice long weekend. Time to recharge!

Today’s Workout: 8.05 miles in 64 min. TM run. Felt ok. Ended with lots of stretching, core and push-ups. The old lady hip is still on the road to recovery. No sharp pain just a dull nag that doesn’t want to go away. I have a call into the PT. It’s time for a re-eval!

So as you know I have been working on a “VLOG” to share with you all. I am horribly bad at explaining exercises so I figured if I could just show you it would be easier. Well, here we are almost a week later and I still have produced nothing for you all. My voice sounds 12 and I look like a crazy woman. Does this mean you will not be getting a VLOG? Of course you will! I am still going to do it. I am just overly picky (the old journalist in me is coming out) so it’s just taking longer than I thought it would. In the mean time I figured I would at least attempt to explain some of the main moves like jagger that I am doing daily to help get my hips/glutes nice and strong.


Every time I say “clams” I either think of food or an old NOFX song. Talk about two totally different things. Anywho. Clams have helped me A LOT. They help to strengthen the hips and thighs. I was also told by a PT that doing clams help to stabilize the pelvis.

How to do clams:

Lie on your side with your hips and shoulders in a straight line. You can rest your head on your hand or arm or on the floor. Whatever is most comfortable. You will then bend your knees at a 90 degree angle. Slowly rotate from your hip so that your top knee opens while your bottom stays on the floor (like a clam.) Make sure to only open far enough that you can continue to keep your hips aligned. You don’t want to try to open so far that you are falling over. You will then lower your leg back to start.

I usually do 3 sets of 10 on each side.

Leg Lifts

The last time I did leg lifts was when I was a kid in the 80s and I was copying my Mom as she did them. In our living room. Probably to a workout video. So awesome!

You can 2012 your leg lifts by doing three sets of 10. 1st set with toes pointing up, 2nd set with toes pointing down, third set traditional. Want to make sure you are doing them right? Get up against the wall and do them. This will help you to keep your core tight and your hips stable. You don’t need to kick yourself in the ear. Lift your leg to the point where you keep your hips aligned and then lower it back down.


I used to hate squats but now that I am getting somewhat good at them they are not so bad. Most of the time I do them with a medicine ball so that I can work my arms at the same time. If I am at work I do them with body weight only (yes I do office workouts. Once an hour. I am cray like that).

Squats work your booty, thighs, quads, hips, hammy’s and core. Um, awesome. Love it. Mucho.

 So there you have at least 3 basic moves I am using daily. The key to getting your hips/butt strong is to put time and effort into it. ~ I will include these 3 plus several other moves in the video once I can get it together. I sincerely apologize to those of you who have been patiently waiting. LAGGER PARTY OF 1. Right here.


Being Humbled

For those of you who have been following my blog for some time you know that I have had a lot of ups and downs. From PF to Achilles Tendonitis and now this hip thang. It’s like one thing after another right? It can be very frustrating. Some people say these continued injuries are a sign that it’s time to hang up my shoes. Have I considered that? You betcha. But then I tell myself that quitting is waaaaaay to easy! I know what I am capable of but just haven’t had the chance to prove it to myself. I want that chance.

After a vent session last night about my hip to my husband (he has got to be sick of hearing it!) I got in bed, opened up my trusty bible and landed in James 4.

“Humble yourselves before the HIM, and he will lift you up.” (James 4:10)

Ahhhhhh. The reminder I need to continue to be humble and that I can’t do it all on my own. I do not know what will happen tomorrow but I do know that I can continue to work hard and, lord willing, I will accomplish great things. There are so many important things in life (hi family!) and this running thing is just a blessing.

Hope you are blessed today my friends! Hugs to you!

What are your plans this weekend?

Do you get Monday off like me?!

Anyone running Pasadena this weekend? If so I will see you there!

Yoga…but not in a Toga…How fun would that be?

Everything you do can be done better from a place of relaxation.
                                                                           – Stephen C. Paul

My friend, fellow blogger and Ragnar teammate Ashley has been talking to me about yoga (and it’s benefits) for several weeks now. Her and her awesome boyfriend P take a class on Saturday which is usually my long run day. In light of trying to get back to 100% I skipped out on running yesterday, picked up my sis and we headed to La Jolla to get our yoga on.

We made a pact before we got to class that if one of us is going down we’ll take the other down too.  This was the best way  for us to cover up who the real clutz is. Genius right?

We made it to the beach just after 8 am, parked the car and headed in.

After signing a waiver and picking out a mat we took our places and waited. The place filled up fast!  Ash and P arrived about 5 minutes later so we got to sit and talk and catch up. How did we not get a photo? Sorry ASH!

Class started and my sis and I were both nervous. We often had to look at people around us to make sure we were doing it right but once we got the hang  of it we did great. In fact, we did so great that we decided we need to go more often. It was calming yet challenging at the same time.

After class I introduced her to Lulu. She had never been in the store but she has stalked my collection. She told me she knew she would love stuff so she left her wallet in the car. SMART GIRL. If you know Lulu, once you try something on you may not want to take it off. She did find a few things that are on her wish list so maybe for her 25th birthday this summer?!

We did what all sisters should so post workout and went to coffee.

We could have lounged at the beach all day but my sis had to work (she is a hair stylist) and I had to get home to the fam.

Thank you Ashley for inviting us to yoga with you! We had so much fun!


Video editing is almost done! Be prepared; when a video camera comes out in this house the kids just can’t stay away. Future movie stars? Nah, just kids being kids. Love it!

The Early Bird

I have a confession. Waking up at 4:15 a.m. to go run can be hard. Yes I have days where I am up and at ’em.Then there are the days that are really freaking tough. This morning the alarm went off and instead of getting up I went back to sleep. And it felt good. An unplanned rest day can be so very sweet.

In knowing that the butt-crack of dawn is usually my only option when it comes to weekday running, I have to plan accordingly. If you are like me and have a hectic schedule (work, family, awesomeness) you may want to hop on board the early train.  I know what you’re thinking, “That’s crazy, its way too early.” Puh-lease. It’s simple. If you want to run or workout you make time for it. Make time for your health! It will change your life.

Here is how I roll:

  1. Lay out clothes, socks and shoes the night before
  2. Fill up water bottle and put it in the fridge. Pull it out when I wake up and my water is the perfect temperature by the time I need it
  3. Place gym bag by the door with towel, iPod, and all other necessities in it
  4. Pack lunch(es) the night before. This gives saves time when I get home
  5. Prepare coffee pot the night before
  6. Go to bed EARLY. Sleep = a good run/workout

Once I am up I am good to go. I love watching the sunrise.  It’s peaceful and everything in the world just seems good. I love getting the miles in and having the rest of the day ahead of me.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Post on hip/glute strengthening and stretching is coming! I bet my hubby is so very excited to video for me tonight. Hope you all are ready to laugh your butts off. Then I guess you wouldn’t need to strengthen it, right? WIN WIN.

Will you run for Chocolate?

A few things before I jump into last night’s event:

1. I have gotten several emails regarding the piriformis/hip/glute strengthening/stretching moves I got from a PT. I am going to put together a post on this- maybe even a VLOG (what?!)- to try to help those of you suffering from a pain in your rear. Or those of you wanting to join the ranks of J-Lo and Beyoncé. DISCLAIMER: I am not a PT and I cannot guarantee recovery.

2. If you have not yet made the move to join the Daily Mile I am encouraging you to do so. The support/motivation there is fantastic and it will hold you accountable to your workouts. Not a runner? Not a problem. It tracks all workouts (cycling, cross-training, swimming, etc) so there really is no excuse. Plus you can be my friend. I know, what a bonus 😉


Last night I headed to Avenue 5 restaurant for an event hosted by RAM racing. Let me keep it real. I did not feel like attending this event due to my serious lack of sleep on Monday night. It was one of those times where I had to weigh the pros and cons. Pro: Friends will be there. Pro: Would like to form my own opinion of Ram Racing. Con: I am tired as a mofo and could come off as quiet and snotty. I decided to take my chances.  

As soon as I walked through the doors of the restaurant I got a second wind. There was a lot of chatter and the mood was relaxed. Thank gosh. I immediately met David Wallach, the Chief Marketing Officer of RAM Racing. He was kind, humble and welcoming. He talked to me about their company and their plans to put on a stellar Hot Chocolate race here in San Diego. Is it easy for someone to talk about how great an event will be? Sure. That’s how you drive registration. Yet he was different. He didn’t avoid discussing the challenges of prior races and what changes they have made to make sure those one-off’s don’t happen again. He admitted they have made mistakes. I liked that. Honesty goes a long way with me.

After our chat I saw my friends walk through the door! Woohoo! SR, OUAL, Margot and Monica carpooled from the OC to wreak havoc on SD.

Photo Cred: RER

Ok, not really, but they did bring fun and good discussion to the table. I also finally got to meet Linzay! She is as sweet as she comes across in her blog and her smile is infectious. So excited to have met a new friend!

We sat down to eat and Steve Ginsburg, president of RAM, gave us background on the company and how the Hot Chocolate race series came to be.

 He is dedicated to making racing fun and safe and most importantly: FULL OF CHOCOLATE 🙂 I am not sure if he knew what he was getting himself into once he decided to squeeze in at the end of our table. All of us were well aware of the race that didn’t go well in DC. There was no way that questions regarding that race could be avoided.

He was open and  fair in his responses to questions regarding planning, logistics and social media. He didn’t really address exactly what went wrong in DC. However, he came across as genuine and again determined to put on a great race here in SoCal. When all was said and done he said he appreciated the good conversation.

This night was a lot of fun and very positive for both RAM Racing and SoCal running community. I am looking forward to the Hot Chocolate 15k. Ram Racing talked the talk last night and now it’s time to walk the walk.

Race Info:

Hot Chocolate 15k/5k
March 25th – San Diego, CA
5K start time — 6:30am*   15K start time — 7:00am*
Course: A tough one. Tough is good. It will make you a better runner. Plus you will have bragging rights after you kill it on a hilly course. Just sayin.

Goodie Bag: You get a jacket. No really. A jacket.

And there will be chocolate. A lot of it. YESSSSSSS.


Will you be participating in the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k race series?

Have you had a bad race experience and then given the company a second chance to make a first impression?

~ You all know I had a LOT to say about RNR Vegas yet I am running RNR Pasadena. Let’s hope that race is much more organized!

Time to ketchup. I mean catch up. Whatever.

Happy Tuesday peeps. After being up almost all night last night with some sort of crazy tummy bug I am feeling a little rummy. The good news is I feel fine today (woohoo). The bad news is I am crazy tired. I am talking so tired that I can hardly drink my coffee. You all know I love coffee. What a bummer.

Time to play catch up. Let’s dive right in!


I finally got to run with the Rock Runners and Triathletes! It’s been a few weeks since I have been able to do so and it just felt good to be surrounded with friends again. There was a huge turn out and the weather was beautiful. I was able to get 8 miles in but my hip was still being funky. A couple of ladies that run with us are PT’s and both took a look at my hips/glutes after we were done running. They both concurred that it looked like my hips were out. Left hip weaker than right but that something just didn’t look right when I was walking. They gave me a few exercises to try out and said if they didn’t work a hip adjustment would. It made sense to me as I told my hubs a week or so ago that it almost felt like my hip/femur was out of the socket. I knew it couldn’t be as I wouldn’t be able to walk but that was what it felt like. The soreness radiated in my low back/glute but mostly right there in my hip!

After my eval we headed 45 min north to my parents house to hang with the fam. We figured it would be easier to drive up Saturday and stay the night so that we would be there Sunday to kick off the football festivities early. FUNNNNNN.


Woke up and did a very hilly 5 mile walk with my Mom and Sis-in-law. It was another gorgeous day. It even felt hot. Seriously, this has been a crazy warm winter. I am not complaining, I just can’t remember the last time I could wear a tank top in January/Feb! Anyway, the miles went by so fast as we talked and just enjoyed each other’s company.

When I got back to my parent’s house I decided it was time to bust out a few of  my newly learned strengthening moves. I figured if nothing else I would get some strength training in and burn some calories before stuffing my face with delicious football food. Routine included wall leg lifts (toes pointed up) and clams. I did 4 sets on each side and called it a day. It was time for football! My brother (and SIL and nephews) live directly across the street from my parents so we headed over for the par-tay.

My brother is a HUGE Patriot’s fan so this was a big deal for him. I’m talking he didn’t sleep the night before. Not kidding. That’s hardcore right there. Tom Brady should show him some love.

I think there ended up being about 30 people at his house to watch the game. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of food. Madonna at half time? Ehhhh. Not near as awesome as watching this happen

4 kids in a container. They win. These guys are best friends. Forever. I want to see them try this in 10 years!

After the game was over (and my bro had time to go off about how poorly the Pat’s played (true)) we headed 45 minutes south back to our casa. I did a few more hip stretches and hit the hay….

and then awesomeness happened…


I woke up, stepped out of bed and.. NO HIP PAIN. None. I thought it was a fluke but I suited up and headed out for a run.

And broke off 9 sub 8-min miles. Pain free. 9 miles. YEEESSSSSS.

It’s Tuesday. Pain free.


I took a rest day today since I was up all night so I am hoping for another great run manana. We shall see.


Tonight I am going to an event that’s going to involve a lot of run talk. Friends, food and running? AWESOME.