The Beast And A Shower

Today’s Run: 11 miles, 1:30, took on the BEAST!

The only way I can sum up today’s run is it was one bad mutha! The hills seemed endless and when they did give us break is was with a mountain. Nothing like ending a 150 foot climb with a 410 foot climb. Yes, that says 410! Gotta love Torrey Pines Reserve

If you look close you can see runners climbing the hill
Made it to the top! Look at our beautiful ocean!

It is so rewarding to make it to the top. The view of the ocean is amazing. AH-MAZING!

More Rock Runners. We made it!

We did a 5.5 mile out and back, making it an 11 mile run. The hardest part about going back was running into the wind. The best part was ending the run right alongside the ocean. It was high tide and the waves were literally 50 yards away. Best distraction from a hard, hilly run. That and the awesome boys at the aid station handing out jolly ranchers.

We're done. Bring on the coffee!

Post run 10 of us headed to Starbucks/Brueggers for coffee and bagels. I love getting to hang out afterwards to just talk and enjoy each others company. It is so much fun! 


After conquering the beast I had to jam home in order to make it a babyshower by noon. It was just a tad embarrassing to walk in with wet hair! My dear friend (and sorority big sis) will be delivering baby girl #2 in a few short weeks! I can’t wait to meet this little princess. After extending my apologies for looking like a total mess we ate food, played a celebrity baby name game and celebrated all things baby GIRL! LOVE IT.


Now it’s time to gather up my own babies and head to dinner with the fam!


What was your workout today?

Any plans tonight?

A New Half Marathon!

Hi Friends! Happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend. I don’t talk about my job because I don’t want to add stress to any of your lives, but dang, this week has been crazy. The clientele that I deal with on a daily basis can be very demanding and it just plain wears me out. Ick, that’s enough boring talk. NEXT!

In RUNNING NEWS…dun dun dun…

THE SAN DIEGO HALF MARATHON is a new race taking place on March 11, 2012 that is being put on by some of the ministry leads of THE ROCK RUNNERS (yeah baby!) and is sponsored by ROCK SPORTS! People, this race is going to be THE BUSINESS! It’s a fast, flat course with an Olympic inspired finish inside PETCO PARK. HELLO! Dude, we are going to run through the tunnel onto the field. Maybe I will even slide across the finish line. Guys, you have to be there to see me do it!!!! Wait, will they allow that? If not I’ll do it after I cross the finish line. I’ll even wear eye black. YES!

There will be an expo at Petco Park on Friday and Saturday. I also heard that a headline band is TBA. Maybe it will be LD’s band OF SONS AND GHOSTS! If not, can we get a country superstar please?!? A hot male maybe?

Wanna register and save cash (LIKE ME!!)? NO BRAINER! THE FIRST 500 TO REGISTER GET THE REDUCED ENTRY OF $60!!! Click HERE and make the commitment. There is also a family fun mile option!!


I can’t believe I am registered for 4 races in 2012 already. 3 of them are inaugural! New races in new places, that’s how I am rolling in the new year.

On a totally random note does anyone else have an obsession with cool pens? I love ones that write a certain way and I love different colors. The teenager in me will never die! I just picked up these babies on the Target back to school clearance shelf. LOVE EM

Sorry for the poor cell phone quality photo. It’s all I have in my office this morning. Clock watching…is it time to go home yet?

Anyone have any plans this weekend?

~ I am doing a long run tomorrow and then headed to a baby shower! Yay! Bring on the games!

Bach Tawk…a day late

We are less than a week away from the finale of the Bachelorette. I.AM.SO.GLAD. I have watched this mindless entertainment for years and I am just plain done with this season. HOWEVER, I AM looking forward to the “Men Tell All” episode on Sunday night. There will surely be some entertainment from the Masked Guy, Bentley, The Drunk and Ryan.


Short Version:  3 guys left: JP, Ben, Constantine. 1st Date with Ben, he accepts the fantasy suite. 2nd date is with Constantine. He basically tells Ash he is not into her and says it’s the end of the road. Ryan flies to Fiji in a last-ditch effort to win Ash back. She tells him to kick rocks. 3rd date is with JP and he accepts the invite to the fantasy suite. Since Constantine left the show the final two are JP and Ben.


Where do I begin? Was anyone else just plain irritated with Ryan coming back?

Oh my gosh, gasp, what are you doing here?!?

He seems like a nice guy and all but it’s not like he and Ash had a deep connection. Dude, it wasn’t there. Ever. She let you go for a reason. She is down to the final 3 and you appear like a rabbit in a hat hoping that she will take you back. COME ON MAN. MOVE ALONG. Oh wait, you probably did and this was all set up by the PRODUCERS. GASP!


Final three go to Fiji, individually, for overnight dates with Ash at the Namale Resort. When I went online to check this place out (it is BEAUTIFUL) here is what I found:

Bachelorette Rose Ceremony Special

Your romantic getaway to The Bachelorette’s Resort includes: Horseback ride to a waterfall for a private lunch; private seaside candlelight dinner; Ultimate Couples Massage; Dolphin Tour and more.

7 nights at Namale all inclusive resort rated #1 Romance Resort in the South Pacific and #8 in the World , air travel from LAX, all gourmet meals, all beverages, Champagne, 10,000 foot spa, daily laundry service, many activities including snorkeling, golf, bowling, mountain biking, waterfall hikes.

You too can live it up for one week like Ashley for only $4600/person including air from LAX.

Ashley takes us through a timeline of her journey with each dude, blah blah blah. She is in the hotel getting ready for her first date when, BAM, Ryan arrives. SHOCKER. There is always a twist when it gets down to the final 3. Ashley acts completely surprised at the site of Ry Ry. He tells her he wants to give it another shot and not to answer him now. He gives her his hotel room info and tells her to come see him with a decision. “Desperado, what have you done for me lately?” She agrees and then heads out on her date with Ben.

They sail around Fiji, make out a lot, go snorkeling, make out more, talk, make out more. You get it. We eventually get to dinner where Ben tells Ashley he is fully committed. Ashley whips out a “surprise” card from Chris Harrison inviting her and Ben to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. Ben accepts and we see them head to the room.


Next up: Constantine. I hate to say it but it was so obvious that he was trying to find a way to tell her he wasn’t into her the entire date but just couldn’t figure out a way to do it.

Yaaaay for a free trip to Fiji! Now get me outta here!
They took a helicopter ride around the islands and made small talk. At one super cheese moment they show Ryan standing outside looking up as if he is watching Ashley take off with Constantine leaving him behind. They made their way to a waterfall and jumped off of it into the water. You would think that a water date would include romance. Nope, not this time. It was just, well, awkward. The head to a picnic where they get into the discussion of where Constantine is at. Ashley brought up multiple times how slow they were moving and basically told him that she kept him around to see if things would progress because “She likes him.” They take a sip of wine and in another awkward moment she comments that the wine is “fruity” to which he responds “Ben told me that.” Um, huh? What dudes discuss a date and talk about how fruity the wine was? Not any dude I know. Weird. This leads to Ashley asking him if it feels weird to be dating the same girl that his friend is. I think he breathed a sigh of relief becuase it was then that he told her he would not hold back feelings and that it was the end of the road for him.
After Constantine gives Ashley the wheel, we see her heading to Ryan’s room to talk. ABC makes us think that she is going to have him stay since Constantine left but that was not the case. She tells Ryan that the goodbye to him was the hardest of the season but that she knew it was right thing to do. He tells her is happy for her and that’s the end of old Ry Ry.
Last date: JP. When she sees him her face lights up. She tells him she has a surprise for him as a sea plane pulls up.
(Hmmm- didn’t she just fly with Constantine?) They board the plane and are whisked away to their own private island. They get there and the whole date is of them making out in the water. Oh, and JP telling her he feels confident in their relationship and just wants this to all be over. Post make out sesh they head to dinner and Ashley tells JP about Constantine leaving and Ryan showing up. Poor guy has had all of her “bombs” dropped on him.
She then moves to the date card and JP of course accepts the offer for the fantasy suite. We see them move to the room where Ashley changes into something “comfortable.” She comes out in nothing but a button down shirt and then they go into major make out mode. It was almost uncomfortable!
We move to the rose ceremony where she offers Ben and JP the 2 roses and they both accept. The end. For now.
Clips from next week show Ashley’s sister going haywire. Not sure why she has the outburst but I’m sure what we saw in the clip is not as bad as it seems. They like to screw with us in previews!
I am sticking with my pick of JP! What do you all think? Will Ash be engaged to JP on Monday night?!?!

Look at me, I can count!

Ok peeps, first things first.

How do I get an old-coworker to remove me from her Avon email list?!?!

I am not sure how I even got on it. We worked together in 2006 and now I am getting blasted with “FINAL HOUR TO SAVE” emails and its freaking annoying. Someone help. I am not super tech savvy (I just figured out online bill pay last week. True story. Ask LD) so if it as simple as a click to remove please let me know. I don’t think I have used Avon since my mama used to put “Skin So Soft” on us as kids to keep mosquitos away.

Second :

If you are not following Blake Shelton on Twitter you need to go do it NOW. The man is hilarious. #FACT


My bach recap from last night will be up later this afternoon. I have a cray cray schedule today so puh-lease be patient with me.

Now that we got that stuff outta the way….

Morning workout: 45 min spin, 25 min strength training. I might get a recovery run this evening. If not it’s back to pounding pavement manana.

Many of you have recommended the Garmin Forerunner 405. Thank you! I have read a few reviews in which people complained about the bezel and it not being water-resistant. Anyone have an opinion on this? Is there a water-resistant version? The new 610 looks RAD, however, I am hesitant in dropping 4-hundo on a brand new product. My experience with the new Nike GPS is that my version (presale) did not have the updated firmware causing some issues with the watch and now the USB. Not fun. Not doing that again with any product. Maybe that’s why I still don’t have an Ipad…


Save the drama fo yo mama

Today’s Run: 7.5 miles (5 @ tempo), 55 min

Holy toledo I am still sore from Saturday. Como say what?? Come on legs RECOVER already. Maybe an ice bath will help.  It looks like we will be running Torrey Pines this weekend and I really need to be 100% since the hills will be a plenty!

Remember this 400 ft climb? Yep, doing it again

In Nike news (yes, the saga continues) I went home at lunch and was able to get my watch to upload my run from Saturday! Sweet. When I tried a second time it wouldn’t work. Sigh. I finished typing my return letter and will be boxing it up and shipping it back tomorrow. Not sure how long it will take for the new one to get here so will go back to using the old trusty sportband until then. I am hoping you all will not have to hear about my GPS drama for a while!!


Who watched BB last night?! Can we all agree that we are sick of Brendan and Rachel? It’s almost sad to see how dysfunctional the relationship is. I hope their families are watching and have a serious discussion with them about why  should NOT get married. One could argue that the show is edited to make them look bad. However, editing or not- the conversations are what they are. It’s like watching two 7th graders go at it.

I am pretty bummed that they will likely send Dominic home. Unless there is a twist between now and Thursday there is no way they will send home Adam. Adam is easier to beat. I hope that Danielle wins HOH this week. It’s time to turn the game upside down!

My love for Lawon has grown. Although he is just floating along the guy is freaking hilarious!!

Sometimes when he is in his diary sessions he sounds like Tracy Morgan on SNL…

We are at the point in the season where the game starts to ge good. Everyone is watching their backs, big brother throws in twists and some serious drama is sure to break out.  I am pretty sure that Shelly is going to get caught playing both sides in the next few weeks. Once that happens she will be out like trout.

Ahhh I so badly want to be on this show next season. Who wants to film my audition tape?!


Going Garmin?

Today’s run: 10 miles, very hilly, no music. 1:20

To say that today’s run was challenging is an understatement. The hills were relentless and the humidity was in full force. It was not easy but you know what? IT FELT SO GOOD!

It also resulted in a total epiphany.  I finally realized why I have felt so challenged in my runs lately. The transition to a minimalist shoe. DUH.  HELLO!!! Going from Asics Gel Nimbus to Saucony Kinvaras are night and day. I love the Saucony’s but dang, it’s going to take me longer than I thought to get back to marathon shape. I hope that by the time I get there my feet and legs will be hard-core, lol.


In bad news my Nike GPS Sport Watch has to go back. !@#$%#@!##$%##!!. You all know I have a love/hate relationship with it so maybe it’s a good thing. Something is wrong with the USB connection and it will not upload my run to the Nike Plus Community. Want to know the most irritating part? Nike actually suggested I go online, buy a new one and then return my current one for a refund. UM NO WAY. NOT HAPPENING. I finally talked to someone with a brain that gave me the info to ship mine back and then they will send a new one. That’s better.

At this point I may just turn around and sell the new one I receive and buy a Garmin. Sigh. I just really like the Nike Plus running community and all of the challenges. It is what it is, right?

Ok, so talk to me. Do you run in a Garmin? Which one? Pros/Cons?


Cash’d Out

Tonight we headed to Point Loma to chill out and enjoy to Friday night Summer Concerts in the Park. This is a family friendly event from 5:30-8:30 on Fridays through the middle of August. There was a ton of people there with chairs, blankets, picnic baskets, dogs, etc!

For those that don’t want to bring food there are vendors each week selling good eats and drinks. Tonight was tamale night!

Our parks and beaches have an alcohol ban, but this lady was an old pro at sneaking it in

No that is not a juice box. She is rockin’ pizza and wine in the park. Pinot Grigio to be exact. Nice work lady.

The band tonight was Cash’d Out: A Johnny Cash cover band

They were so good. I highly recommend that everyone see this band at least once.

We hung out for a few hours while the kids got their ya-yas out

You didn’t know my oldest was a leopard? That’s how he rolls. One thing is for sure, leopards do not make good photographers.

After 2 complete rest days I am looking forward to a nice long run in the AM.

Anyone do anything fun tonight?

Are you running tomorrow?


Decisions Decisions

I took today as a full rest day. I need a serious attitude adjustment and my legs/feet just need a day off. I am freaking out a little (or maybe a lot for no reason) at my slow come back. I am 20 weeks out (or so) from Vegas and am nowhere near close to being in marathon shape. Anyone have any pixie dust to spare?

Ok fine, I’ll do it on my own.

Speaking of marathons I can’t believe that Big Sur is already 51% full!!



COME ON! It’s 9 months away! I don’t want to have to make that decision yet. Who knows what I will be doing 9 months from now. Maybe I will have sworn off running completely. Ok, that’s just silly. I am already registered for races next year. I know I really want to run this race but not sure if 2012 is the year for it. I think I am still hesitant since I haven’t had a run longer than 13 miles since the beginning of May. See how ridiculous I am? I would have 9 months to get ready! COMMITMENTPHOBIA!!!

Do you register for races early to avoid sell out?

~ I did with the Tinkerbell Half and the RNR Pasadena Half! These are inaugural races in Jan and Feb of 2012!