I swear I am still alive


Good News. I’m still alive.

Bad News. Work has been kicking the ever-loving heck out of me and I have been MIA.

I apologize.

Please forgive me.

Tonight I was supposed to be heading to Pam’s house for a super fun cookie par-tay. Instead, all of my fun blogger/running friends are whooping it up while I just finally made it home. Tear. Sad face. Missing out. Super bummed.

Attention PAM, SR, CHACHA, MARGOT, OUAL , HEATHER AND MONICA: Please take lots and lots of pictures and eat lots of lots of cookies. Sorry I couldn’t be there. xoxo

As a result of my sad, pathetic mope face LD just made me a giant mug of hot chocolate to drown away my sorrows. That’s a good hubby right there.

Enough about me, more about me

It’s time for VEGAS!!!!

Bright lights.

Lots of fun.

And some running.

Taper has been surprisingly good to me. I will admit that I am feeling slightly lazy. All of the phantom aches and pains have gone away and now I just have to cross my fingers and toes that I am ready.

Monday: w/u, 6×400 @ 1:35 pace (400m active recovery), c/d. Total miles 5.15

Tuesday: Cross-train

Weds: Chillin

Thursday: 5 miles planned

Friday: Pack for Vegas…oh and cross-train

Saturday: VEGAS



That’s the number of runners that will be pounding pavement on the strip.


That would be me. Who will need some serious motivation so if you see me out there please chat with me. Or run with me for a while. Or smack me if I look like I need it ūüôā

My bib # is : 52210 (Please keep my info to yourself :))

Corral #2

See you there?!?


Gobble Gobble: Turkey Trot

Alarm went off this morning at 4:10. My first thought was that it is totally unreasonable to be getting up this early on a holiday. My second thought was coffee. My third thought was to stop thinking and just get going.

We were on the road by 5:30 (amazed that the kids got up so easy) and made it to Oceanside and parked by 6:15. Parking was a BREEZE! Score one for this race. Easy parking = less stress.

My mom, my sister, me and my SIL. Awesome group of chicas!

How cute is my Mom in her headband! Love it.

Me, my bro and my SIL all signed up for the 5 miler. My Mom, Dad and LD all signed up for the 5k. This worked out perfect so that we had plenty of babysitters for our little crazies.

You woke us up at 5 am. Please do not ask us to smile

The 5 miler went of first.

I made my way down to the start and found Chacha! Have I told you all how much I love this girl? She is awesome. And a goal crusher. She wanted a sub 38 and ended up with a 37:10!! Goal CRUSHER. CONGRATS!

This is us at the finish. Sorry, no camera at the start line!

This was a really pretty, fast race. We started on Highway 101, had a slight downhill by the Harbor, ran flat along the beach, had a steep uphill at the Pier, then flat along the water to the finish. There is NOTHING like listening to the waves crash. If you close your eyes for just a second it allows you to relax and just run.

Now, you all know it’s normal for me to have a snafu, right? About 10 steps into the race I realized my shoe was untied. Hello dummy. Who doesn’t check their shoes before the start? Apparently me. That lost me about 10 seconds. And probably ticked off at least 20 people who wanted to run on the sidewalk. Sorry guys I pulled as far left as possible. Stay out in the roadway.

The rest of the race was awesome. I felt pretty good the whole time and just had fun. I said good morning to every neighbor on their porch. I took in the ocean. I loved it. Goal was to run at a short tempo pace, so around 7:20. Maybe 7:15 if I was lucky. 7:10 would be pushing it.

Could I be any more of a Saucony lover today? Hello PINK!

See that smile? That looks like fun right?

Crossing the finish behind the Turkey and still smiling.

My watch said 35:58, however, my unofficial time per the posting on the wall was 36:14. I have no idea how their could be a 16 second difference. Butttt I AM STOKED!

Short Tempo Pace: 7:20

Maybe Pace: 7:15

Based on unofficial time: 7:14

Based on my watch: 7:11


I know some of you are rolling your eyes saying don’t focus on your watch, it doesn’t matter. I would agree when it comes to mileage but not overall time.

My bro and SIL both finished (we are awaiting their times since they started pretty far back) and loved the course too.

You just can’t beat the ocean. Look at that background. This is why we live here.


Next up was the 5k!

My no-shave November husband had a goal of 25ish minutes. I think the beard slowed him down a little. He disagrees. We all know the wife is always right.

He said he went out too fast (gee, we are so much alike) but he did great! His unofficial time is (watch) 25:39! PR!

My Dad ran with my Mom and my cousin Lindsey.

My Mom in the headband, my cousin with the black pants next to her and my Dad in the visor. Team awesome right there.

They started in wave 3 so we are waiting for their official time, however, this was my Mom’s first time finishing a 5k WITHOUT WALK BREAKS!!!!!!! I am so proud of her. She ran the whole time. GO MOMMA! My Dad paced her and they crossed the finish line together. So cute. My parents. They rock.


We are now back at the casa. Football is on, the table is set, and now all we have left to do is EAT.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!


It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy. Chhheeeeeessseeeeeee

It ain’t easy being cheesy. Especially when it’s windy and the run sweat factor brings down the temp by at least 10 degrees. Yes there is such a thing as run sweat factor. It’s like wind chill but worse. OK, probably not worse but it felt like it yesterday.

Saturday’s Run

Met Stacey and Sharon at 6:30 at The Rock to get some early miles in before the rest of the crew got there. It was windy and chilly and it looked like it was going to rain. We got going and for whatever reason this run felt fast. Much faster than it was.

We finished 6.15 in 50 min. Average pace 8:07. 

That pace felt like a 6:30 to me. And I still had more miles to do. Ruh-roh Rorge.

We had a really big group show up yesterday! At least 30 people!! SO AWESOME. If you are in SD and ever want to run with us please let me know. We would love to have you. Oh, it’s free. No strings attached. Friends, running, prayer, food, fun.

We took off for the last leg of our run. 

6.05 miles in 53 min. 8:45 pace into a very mean headwind. Big boo. But good training right? I’ll keep telling myself that.

Total Saturday miles: 12.20 in 1:43. Overall average pace 8:26.

Sounds like a taper to me.

This weeks miles:

Sunday: 16 miles

Monday: Cross Train

Tuesday: 5.75

Wednesday: Cross train

Thursday: 6 miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 12.20

Total Miles: 39.95

This Week:

I am going to focus on getting this old body of mine back on track. Lately every run has felt much more difficult than usual. Not sure why but we all go through these phases. Every run is not easy. Every run it not fast.

So…Today rest, Monday easy, Tuesday speed work, Weds cross train, Thursday 5 mile race (am going to run it as a tempo run), Friday rest, Saturday 10ish miles.

I am so very happy that I have a short week at work, get to wear jeans (say what?) and get to have a big, awesome feast with my family on Thursday (after we all run). Woooohoooo!

What are your plans this week? Do you have time off? Running? Eating? Hibernating?



Your Questions Answered…including that one about PF.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

You asked, I will answer. To the best of my ability anyway! Oh, and be warned, I had a little too much fun with the cartoon option on my photo editor. I feel all comic-booky and awesome. Like Wonder Woman awesome. 


Laura asked: ”¬†am 4 weeks into dealing with plantar fasciitis and was sad to read you were out for 3 months! I have had two cortisone injections already and am now in a boot. Any secrets to speed recovery? What finally worked?”

Shmidte asked : “I ran a long run in new shoes and had a great run until the last mile where it hurt my right foot at every step. Did you take a complete break from running for 3 months? After about 3 months I have been running, but I am still having some PF. How do you kill the PF beast?


It makes me so very sad that PF affects so many runners. It is an AWFUL injury. It likes to linger on and on and can be very very painful. I’m talking hurts so bad that you wonder if a foot transplant is possible. That’s pain baby.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor and this is not medical advice. If you are suffering from PF I strongly recommend you see a doctor. Preferably one that is a runner/athlete that understands the injury.

So how did I deal with and get rid of PF?!

I initially saw my primary care doc who told me to stop running, ice my foot, stretch and if the pain doesn’t go away we can do injections. Como say what? I did this for 2 weeks with no results. My pain was BAD. I could barely walk. I had to reassess.

Per the advice of a friend I ended up finding a doc that specialized in running injuries. Super bonus? He is a runner and understands how mentally tough it is to deal with an injury that doesn’t allow you to do what you love. He was very patient and kept me on track. No injections. No surgery. No-nonsense. That was huge for me.

In addition to in office treatment (ultrasound, etc) I dedicated myself to home treatment plan. It included stretching, rolling out my legs, using a foot roller and compression. Oh and rest! I could ride the bike but no running. For at least a few weeks.

One night at home I was using the stick to roll out my legs when bam! The idea of rolling out my foot with the stick was born.



Within 72 hours of including the stick instead of a foot roller the “crunchies” in my foot were almost gone. I was walking with NO PAIN and could run with NO PAIN. This is what I had been waiting for!!

With my doc’s permission I started to go on short 3-4 mile runs, stretch, roll out my legs and feet and then take 2 days rest. As long as I was pain-free on day 3 I was allowed run again. I did this until I built my mileage back up and was walking/running with zero pain. I still saw the doc once a week until I was back to my old self.

I had my gait analyzed (for a third time!) to make sure I was in the right shoes. To this day I still do calf stretches before and after running and roll out my legs and feet. The key is to prevent it!

This is what worked for me and I cannot promise it will work for others. I do feel that the use of the stick played a BIG role in breaking up the scar tissue that was causing me so much pain.


On Stretching

Amy¬†asked: “How long do you stretch after you run? I always wonder if there‚Äôs a magic number for that.”

Before I run I do dynamic stretching so it’s quick and gets me ready to run. I also stretch my calves given my history with foot injuries (tight calves can lead to PF, Achilles tendonitis, etc).

After I run I stretch but not for a set amount of time. I do just enough to feel like I am not over stretching and that’s it. I DO stretch before bed at night. Runners stretch, a couple of simple yoga poses, etc. It just feels good and I cannot say whether or not it benefits me in running.¬†

Melissa said:Super tight psoas, abductors and hip flexors after my long runs. Long = 7 miles. The morning after I can barely put weight on my left leg. Suggestions?

FOAM ROLLER! Trigger Point Performance Therapy makes an awesome roller. It works wonders! Stretch and roll sister, stretch and roll.

The Cookies

Amy asked about the cookie recipe. And you know JANAE wanted this one too. She is the queen of desert. A girl after my own heart!

I got the recipe from Food Network! You can get it HERE.

I substituted with whole wheat flour, an entire can of pumpkin and mini chocolate chips. They were so good! Make them. Tonight.

The Shirt

Laura asked: ”¬†I really like the blue running shirt you‚Äôre wearing in the pic, what brand is it?”

You mean this one?

It’s a Nike ¬†Women’s Legend¬†DriFit. I got it at Sports Authority. I love this shirt. It’s one of three burnout colors and is really light. Almost paper thin. Did I say I love it? Enough to buy it in every color. It’s not cotton so it does run a little big. I like my shirts to fit longer with running tights (to cover my booty) and I ended up with an extra small in this shirt.¬†I usually prefer running in tanks but this T is awesome!


Annnnnd that’s all she wrote. For tonight.

Go check out OUAL’s new-found fame. She will be doing an autograph session in Vegas.¬†

Jingle Bell 5k Giveaway!

And The Winner Is…

#8 by Crystal on November 13, 2011 – 11:19 am
I would run it!! And I’ve never dressed up for a race, but I’m sure I could pull something together!

Congratulations girl! Please email me at hauterunningmama@gmail.com so I can get your mailing address and get you registered for the race!


Q&A is coming. If I could just put down the hot cocoa and get organized…

T-t-t-taper. And last day to enter the giveaway!


Photo Source: GOOGLE

I have been exhausted, I have felt defeated, I have overcome, I have laughed, I have cried, pretty sure I have cursed (SORRY MOM). When¬†I see others out¬†running 22 milers with a smile I¬†wonder if I look like I am dying.¬†And then I get a text and call from THIS GIRL checking on me to give me encouragement and keep me going. She told me I could do it and that I’ve got it.¬†And I run¬†one more mile.¬†That is freaking AWESOME. Thank you FRIEND!!!!

Sunday: 16 miles (brutal, no music, hilly, headwind)

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5.75 miles (3.25 miles, core, 2.5 miles)

With less than 3 weeks til Vegas it is time to scale back. OH THANK HEAVEN!!!! Is anyone else feeling super happy to be going into taper mode??

I will cut back to about 70% of weekly miles this week, then down to about 50% the last week and a half. Those words are music to my ears. I know many runners hate taper but I love it. I need the time to recover mentally and physically. I need this time to feel good again and strong. I do NOT want to go into marathon #4 with lead legs. I want to feel happy and confident and pretend like it’s a 5k…oh wait…

Tell me: Do you have an upcoming marathon/half/15k/10k/5k? Do you love/hate taper?

– Love it

Are you running on Turkey Day?

– Yes, my entire family runs a turkey trot in Oceanside! It is sooo fun!



Rainy Day Run and a Giveaway!

This didn’t stop

And the longer I waited the less motivated I was

And then this happened

And exactly 1 mile in I decided 20 on this bad boy was not happening.

So I made it 10 in 1:18 and called it quits. When I walked through the door of my house less than 2 hours after I left LD thought I was injured. Knock.on.wood. I just didn’t have it in me. Mentally not motivated turned into physically not motivated. Sigh. 10 miles is 10 miles but not what I had in mind. Buttttttt….

Tomorrow is another day. And it is supposed to be sunny. That will make me smile.

When a run goes bad

The best medicine is Starbucks with friends!

 It was pouring down rain yet my friend Randa met me for coffee and girl time. It was AWESOME. And needed!

Stacey wasn’t there with us but this was the only picture I could find. I know, some friend I am, huh? While we were sipping hot drinks and watching the rain Stacey was out running Santa Barbarawhere it wasn’t raining. Oh, and sneaky¬†OUAL was there breaking 4! Congratulations friend!!


Do You Want To Run/Walk A 5k…FO FREE?

Here is your chance! The Arthritis Foundation is holding the annual Jingle Bell 5k in Balboa Park on December 10th!

From the event info page:

Get in the spirit this holiday season at the Arthritis Foundation‚Äôs Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis¬ģ. Be one of the thousands of runners and walkers who hit the nation‚Äôs pavements, pathways and parks this winter to fight arthritis, the nation‚Äôs most common cause of disability. Jingle Bell Run/Walk¬ģ¬†is a fun and festive way to kick off your holidays by helping others! Wear a holiday themed costume. Tie jingle bells to your shoelaces. Run or walk a 5 kilometer route with your team members and celebrate the season by giving. RING IN THE SEASON FOR A REASON!¬†

This is going to be FUN people. I’m talking about decking the halls and running with elves…or reindeer. Your choice. Here is the scoop! One reader is going to win an entry to the race along with the goodies below:

Ali¬†asked me if this giveaway included a flight and room at my house. I wish! One day if you vacay in So Cal let me know and we’ll run together!

Soooo if you are in So Cal (this race is in San Diego) and you want to win all you have to do is…

Comment and let me know if you will be running or walking this event if you win…and whether or not you will dress up.

Winner will be selected by random.com on Wednesday November 16th! Good luck!

Rain Rain Go Away

I am all for rainy fall weather. Love it. Until I have to run. Then I prefer a mist. Or better yet, just clouds. Is that too much to ask? 

When I tell you that it’s raining this morning I mean real rain. Not sprinkles. And when it rains like this even if I wanted to run in it LD says it’s off-limits. Glad he worries about me sometimes ūüôā

I have been patiently waiting since 4:50 a.m. pacific time. 


Yes I need to clean my house and get my hair done. It will happen one day.

I’m giving it another 15 and then I am heading for the gym. I did not think my last 20 plus miler would be indoors on a TM. GO AWAY RAIN!

P/S Giveaway will be announced late this afternoon. If you are in SoCal or will be here in a few weeks there is a race entry up for grabs!






A 5k Giveaway In The Works!

Haute Mess

One day I will figure out how to not look like I got hit by a Mack truck after a race. I’m sure the Brightroom photos will bring us all a good laugh in the next day or so.

Since Sunday…

Monday: Chillaxed. The day is a total blur courtesy of the time change.

Tuesday: 8 miles @ easy pace

Weds: 3 miles @ easy, 8×400 @ 1:31 (200m RI), .50 cool down, core workout.

Plan is to XT tomorrow, easy run on Friday, long run on Saturday and then…let the TAPER MADNESS begin!! I have¬†been hitting between 50-60 miles the¬†past 2 weeks¬†I am looking forward to a little downtime.

So You Want A Free Entry Into A Race

Who doesn’t?

If you are in So Cal and are looking for a festive 5k to run in December look no further!

TheJingle Bell 5k Run/Walk for Arthritis¬†will be held on December 10th (a Saturday!)¬†in San Diego¬†and one lucky reader is going to win an entry and some sweet schwag! Have you been thinking about your first 5k but have been too nervous to sign up? Or maybe you are looking to PR and just haven’t found the right race? Or maybe you want to dress up like an elf and run with moi.¬†Now¬†THAT sounds like a good time.¬†Your opportunity to run (or walk it) FO FREE is coming so start thinking of some really good reasons why YOU (yes, I’m talking to you)¬†should win!

One Last Thing Before I Get Back To Work

I have received several emails/comments/questions on how I dealt with and got rid of the beast known as Plantar Fasciitis . I am going to do a Q&A post in the next few days and will discuss! If there is anything else you would like to know (like the recipe for the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies) let me know and we will get all kinds of random.

Happy Hump Day!