Carlsbad Marathon Recap

Going into a marathon I never know what I am going to get. This time around was no different. I was nervous. Chacha and I had only had time to squeeze in 2 long runs ( an 18 miler and a 20 miler) and going into it we agreed to try to run together. I was pretty worried that my last-minute-squeeze-in-a-few-long-runs would not bode well.

As runners (and friends) we knew that if one of us needed to pull away it was a-ok. It’s kind of an unspoken deal right? Not everyone has the same race and neither of us wanted to screw the other one up.

I woke up at the BCOD on Sunday morning to light rain. I gathered my stuff and headed down to the start. I immediately found Pam and her amazing hubby who had an umbrella ready. They drove down for moral support and I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. It’s few and far between that you meet friends like them! After a few minutes of chatting Chacha arrived and we took a quick “we’re ready” pic.


As we walked down to the start line we discussed pacing. We decided a good start pace would be around 8:45 as the first 9 miles are the toughest.

The gun went off right at 6:15 and we were on our way. The first few miles went by really fast. That’s what happens when you have someone to chat with!

We were doing a really good job of keeping the pace between 8:40-8:50. The plan was to keep the pace right there until the first turn around after mile 9. After mile 9 we knew that the hills were rolling yet manageable. No more monster climbs!

Not sure when we hit the half mark as there are no clocks on the course and the mats were in weird spots. Per our official splits we hit mile 13.8 in 1:59 with an average pace of 8:41.

When we finally made it out to the beach around mile 15 we hit a pretty good head wind. It wasn’t terribly strong but enough to knock a little bit out of us. Even with a pretty decent climb in that mix we made it to the 18 mile turn around in 2:36. We were still maintaining that 8:41-8:42 average.

We merged back with the half marathoners around mile 21 I believe. I was really impressed at the organization as it was yellow taped off to keep the two distances separated. In years past I know there was a complaint so it seems like they did a great job of resolving the issue.

It was at mile 21 that we started to pick up the pace.

Mile 21: 8:26

Mile 22: 8:18

Mile 23: 8:15

We started to talk less and focus on finishing. At each mile I was calling out our Garmin time to try to mentally hang on. Chacha looked so strong and I just kept thinking to myself do not let your legs stop. Keep going. I remember asking her if she ever hear the song “Gangham Style” and we both started singing it. “Heeeeeey sexy lady…” LOL!

Mile 24:  8:21

We then hit a complete merge with the half marathon and that was tricky. There was a hairpin turn that was somewhat chaotic and it slowed us a bit.

Mile 25: 8:30

Chacha told me at that point if I wanted to take off I could. I replied ” I am barely hanging on!”  She said “Me too!” I guess we both must have thought the other was feeling a lot better than we were. The power of having a running buddy is amazing! We put our heads down and just ran.

Mile 26: 8:06 (that there is how you crush the final mile of a marathon)

As we turned and saw the finish line I could see the clock. 3:45. I knew it was a PR for both of us!


We crossed with an official time of 3:45:25. Average pace 8:36.

We smiled, did the sweaty side hug and took a picture. We couldn’t believe that we made it all 26.2 side by side. And we both PR’d. And we ran a negative split. What are the odds?! She helped me so much during those last tough miles. Having a friend to sing with and talk to for 3:45  is priceless. Thank you my friend, you are amazing.


I absolutely loved this race (even when it hurt like a mofo) and highly recommend that you all run it at some point. There is a half and a full, the course support rocks and overall it is a very well organized event. Plus who wouldn’t want to spend a morning staring at the ocean?

Next race is on 02/10. Half Marathon in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe. It is hilly but so peaceful and pretty. My MIL will be here visiting so that race will be for her. No matter how hard it feels nothing compares to what she is going through. Time to show PANCREATIC CANCER who is BOSS.

Rainy Day Expo and Race Ready

Yesterday the munchkins and I headed over to packet pickup at the CBad mall


It’s been raining for 3 days now but yesterday we got the brunt of it. The expo was tented off but the floors were super soggy and there was literally a river running through the Rock N Roll SD Booth. Of course my boy couldn’t resist puddle jumping. I’m sure we ticked off a handful of peeps. 



It literally took me 2 seconds to get my bib and swag since the marathon only had 2 check in tables (capped at 2000 runners). I believe the half marathon had at least 10 check in tables but it’s a much larger field (I think it has approximately 8000 runners). 

This year marathoners got a long sleeve tech shirt AND a jacket. CHA-CHING!


So there ya have it. We were in and out. Nothing too exciting. I was bummed that Rise Bar did not participate this year. They are local and have these awesome coconut blueberry bars that I was hoping to go home with. Eh, maybe next time.


I’ve got an early call so I’m off to eat dinner and hit the sack. It’s go time.

See you all bright and early for the race. Let’s hope the rain subsides.


#BCOD Workouts: Why and How

I never planned on being a BCOD runner (or a runner at all for that matter). The whole workout before the sun rises started when I was pregnant with my oldest.

Picture 23


For whatever reason I couldn’t sleep past 4:30 a.m. Not kidding. I would wake up and just lay there staring at the ceiling wishing I could fall back asleep. Eventually I’d flick on the tube to numb my mind until it was time to go to work. One day I got a wild hair up my butt and decided to go to the gym since I was awake anyway.

My first time at the gym at opening was weird. I was the sole preggo in a group of mostly men over the age of 60. Lucky them. I walked the treadmill, lifted light weights and made friends. I was eventually accepted into the geriatric club (literally) and bets were placed on when my little dude would arrive. It was nice to be held accountable by my new group of friends.  If I missed a day they were sure I went into labor. I had to give my peeps a head up if I wasn’t going to be there and they did the same.

Eventually my boy arrived and kept me up all night like most babes do. Since I was up I would get him back to sleep and head to the gym at 5 am. I was up and if I didn’t go then lord knows I would not have gone. Working out at the BCOD was becoming normal for me. My friends helped get me back into shape (old people are awesome) and eventually worked out with me through baby #2. 

When my Dad talked me into the running thing at the end of 2009 my first 2 mile run was at the gym. I thought I was going to DIE right there on the treadmill. It was so hard. There was an 80-something year old named Chuck who walked on the treddy every day for an hour and would then crush the elliptical. The dude was amazing.  Each day he would chat with me about running and would encourage me to keep going. I came to realize that if this old cat could stay on the hamster wheel for an hour I could eventually do it to. And I did. At 5 am. My old friends saw me train and finish my first marathon all at the BCOD.

The rest is history. This fall I will celebrate 7 years of BCOD workouts. It’s not easy to wake up at 4-something in the morning. There are times when the alarm goes off and I turn it off and go back to sleep. There are many mornings when I have to literally talk myself into getting up. There are also days when I talk myself out of it!




I guess my best advice to those trying to do this BCOD thing is don’t do it alone. Find someone to hold you accountable. Lay out your clothes each night, fill up your water bottle, set more than one alarm and commit to it. It’s not for everyone but you will not know if it works for you until you try it. If you miss a day so what. It just means your body needed rest! At least that’s what I tell myself 🙂

Some of my best runs have been along the beach watching the sunrise. It’s so quiet that it almost seems like all in the world is perfect. I’m pretty lucky to live and workout in such a beautiful place. That in itself is motivation.


Are you a morning person? Lunch runner? Night owl?

~ When I miss morning workouts I often go at lunch. I’m sure my office loooooooves that.

Off to the Carlsbad Expo!! Wheeeeeeee! Excited for packet pickup!




This time last year I was tapering. And here I am doing it again. With only 1 1/2 weeks to go until Carlsbad it’s time to reflect back on twenty-12 and figure out just what the heck I am going to do with myself in twenty-13 (besides the obvious like fill up my DVR with guilty pleasures).


Twenty Twelve:


Ran: 1,618 miles. Short of the goal I had set, but still an awesome accomplishment. Not sure when I found time (mostly before sunrise) but it happened.


* Had my first DNF. Learned a lot from this race.

*PR’d in the 5 mile15k, Half and Marathon Distance! Cheeeeseee! Cheeeeseee

* Ran an Ultra Relay with girls who are now my best friends 🙂


* Finally found shoes that work for me and have been injury free ever since! Dear Brooks, I heart you and your Pure line.


* We moved to a new city and rented out our little place. (Don’t you love how I make it sound like we ventured far away?)


* Had a successful business year (although at times I felt royally defeated)

* My oldest started Kinder, finished his first season of pony league baseball and reminded me daily that he rules the world


* My littlest continued her efforts to become a real life “mermaid” or “princess.” She started pre-k, and attempted to get me to sign her up for dance, gymnastics, soccer and softball. Ha! I love that she wants to do everything. She does not love that I make her choose one activity at a time.


* We learned that my MIL was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This was the hardest part of 2012. She is an inspiration and a warrior. I look up to her more than she probably knows. She is still fighting this awful disease and we will not stop praying that she will be healed.

Mama Kay and her little Bear
Mama Kay and her little Bear

* Spent more time with family and friends. That was the best part of this year. Making time to see each other is HUGE!


So what’s the haps for 2013? Set a goal to run a zillion miles? PR in life? I’ve decided upon no mileage/workout resolutions this year. I bust my hiney every dang day. Period.  Hard work + dedication = life change that I committed to 3 years ago.


(#BCOD = Buttcrack of dawn. You all know that’s when I do the most work.)

Plans for Twenty-13:


* Stay injury free, explore new places and have fun. No pressure, just good times 🙂 Motivate people to move their feet!

* Races- my schedule is pending. Nothing like waiting til the last minute to register!


* Continue to pray for MIL and be an advocate for her. Cancer sucks.

* Do work. On the job and in life. I want to be present for everyone I come in contact with. That means for you to. Yes you reading this 🙂

* Read the bible from cover to cover and do my best to be a good and faithful servant.

* Work hard/Play hard. Bring on vacation! Life is short so we are going to do some exploring 🙂 WOOOHOOOO!!

Pretty simple eh? I like things that way. Overprogramming is not my gig.


OK, I’m off to go over my training plan for the next couple weeks!


Did you make any resolutions for 2013?

Last Run/First Run

Last run of 2012 on Sun 12/30: 18 miles with my dear friend, 2:43. Goal was to survive and we did better than we thought! GO US!

First run of 2013: 4.15 miles on trails, 36 min. Tough yet awesome. Trails are peaceful and so kind on the legs 🙂


Christmas A Second Time:

On Saturday night we headed to my parents for a belated Christmas celebration. My Mom did her best to recreate Christmas day all the way down to the way the table was set and our meal. Please forgive the red-eye, I just don’t have it in me to edit any of the photos in this post 🙂



The kids weren’t very excited about opening presents 🙂


It was nice to catch up and just unwind. Traveling is so much fun but it takes a lot of me. Especially when both kids are all about mommy doing everything. I’ll miss it one day 🙂

The Eve of NYE:

Sunday I met Chacha down at the beach and we pounded out 18 beautiful miles.

Picture 17

It was cold when we started (glad the rain held off!) but it warmed up to about 50F when we were done. This run was not easy by any means but we finished strong. I am so thankful that I had her with me. I am 99% sure that I would not have finished that run solo.


On Monday I headed to the office for a few hours before rounding up the troops and heading over to my brother’s house to ring in the New Year.

Picture 18 Picture 19



I am surprised that the H-man made it til midnight. About 11 he started fading and we just kept finding ways to keep him going. He loved it. First time to see the ball drop. So cool!

Introducing 2013:

Needless to say I was exhausted this morning and it took several hours to get motivated enough to head out for a few miles. I decided to stick to the trails today and it helped both mentally and physically. I didn’t look at my Garmin and managed the hills the best that I could. I took in the beauty of the day. The breeze felt so good. Cold at times but I didn’t mind. Also noticed that there were a lot of frogs out today.The last rain was on Sunday night so I guess they are still out doing their thang 🙂

Picture 20

And now here I sit looking at my still decorated house with no intention of taking anything down tonight. My inner lazy is refusing to box up ornaments so it will have to wait until tomorrow. For now I’m going to drink my tea and hope that dinner decided to make itself. Sigh, one can wish.

My 2012 reflections and 2013 goals are still so jumbled that a post now would be a mess. That and a lot of running chat is coming. Maybe tomorrow.

Wishing you all a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2013. Can’t wait to see what the year is going to bring us!