The Early Bird

I have a confession. Waking up at 4:15 a.m. to go run can be hard. Yes I have days where I am up and at ’em.Then there are the days that are really freaking tough. This morning the alarm went off and instead of getting up I went back to sleep. And it felt good. An unplanned rest day can be so very sweet.

In knowing that the butt-crack of dawn is usually my only option when it comes to weekday running, I have to plan accordingly. If you are like me and have a hectic schedule (work, family, awesomeness) you may want to hop on board the early train.  I know what you’re thinking, “That’s crazy, its way too early.” Puh-lease. It’s simple. If you want to run or workout you make time for it. Make time for your health! It will change your life.

Here is how I roll:

  1. Lay out clothes, socks and shoes the night before
  2. Fill up water bottle and put it in the fridge. Pull it out when I wake up and my water is the perfect temperature by the time I need it
  3. Place gym bag by the door with towel, iPod, and all other necessities in it
  4. Pack lunch(es) the night before. This gives saves time when I get home
  5. Prepare coffee pot the night before
  6. Go to bed EARLY. Sleep = a good run/workout

Once I am up I am good to go. I love watching the sunrise.  It’s peaceful and everything in the world just seems good. I love getting the miles in and having the rest of the day ahead of me.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Post on hip/glute strengthening and stretching is coming! I bet my hubby is so very excited to video for me tonight. Hope you all are ready to laugh your butts off. Then I guess you wouldn’t need to strengthen it, right? WIN WIN.

21 thoughts on “The Early Bird

  1. Early. If it’s too late I have to think about my stomach, I’m tired, there’s so much to do at home or with the kids. Get it out of the way and attack the rest of the day. Plus the sunrise is so peaceful…

  2. Not a morning person. I’m in classes right now, so I have the luxury of running midday. I will say, I probably should try to run earlier in the morning, I have a feeling it would help me get my day moving quite a bit sooner.

  3. So how early is early as far as going to bed? I’ve often wondered how much sleep you get with this getting up at the butt-crack of dawn business.

      1. 9! That’s pretty early, but still not that early considering 4am. I try to aim for 10-10:30 but maybe that’s why getting up earlier than 6am feels rough.

  4. Sure am a morning person. I’m in residency, so I have to get to the hospital fairly early, and I like the afternoons to study and spend time with my bf, so that only leaves REALLY early. My alarm goes off at 3:25. Crazy? Maybe, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  5. Early bird! But, I don’t exercise anymore in the mornings. I have a 30 minute commute to work and have to be there at 8, so I can’t drive to the gym (also 30 min), back home, then back again. And, I just can’t get ready at the gym. Seems like such a pain to pack all your “getting ready” stuff every single night. So, afternoons it is. So much harder to get motivated at that time, too.

    Excited for the video!

  6. I’m most definitely a morning person. (I’m in bed by 9:00) Looking forward to your hip/glute exercises. I’m currently dealing with piriformis issues too.

  7. I am an early riser. This morning the husband and I were up at 4:50 a.m. he is getting ready for work and I am out the door before 5:30 for my morning run. This morning, I ran 6 miles ~ tempo. The sun was starting to rise when I was returning home.

    It is still cold in Illinois. 33 degress (feels like 23) which is better than 74 degrees in the gym on a dreadmill. Happy Friday!

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