Since I am on a shopping spree

Ladies and Gents- the new GPS watch has been ordered

It officially goes on sale tomorrow at Because I am in the “know” I got to order mine a day early. I am a little  sketch on buying something when it’s new because there is a good chance that all of the kinks haven’t been worked out. Ehh- if it’s not working or something goes haywire Nike will take care of it. Or at least they better!

Here are the details from the website:

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom®: Never Run Alone Again

Think Less, Run Better
Put on your Nike+ SportWatch GPS, go outside and run. The Nike+ Sensor is optional. Tap the screen to mark laps and activate the backlight during your run, and personalize the data that you want to see during your run. For direct connect, USB contacts are built into the watch strap—just plug the watch directly into a USB port on your computer to upload run data and recharge the battery.

Enhanced Accuracy
Using GPS by TomTom with the Nike+ Sensor, you can start tracking your run instantly, and get accurate speed and distance information, indoors or out—even if the GPS signal gets interrupted. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS by TomTom tracks your time, distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned. It also shows your mapped route, with pace data, and changes in elevation on And it’s heart-rate monitor compatible with the Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter.

You’ll Never Slack Again
View your Nike+ history (up to 50 runs) and PRs, and set automatic Run Reminders when a run hasn’t been logged in the past five days. Run a personal best, receive an Attaboy. You can also find new routes, set personal goals and access training programs on

Get Hooked Up With
Join challenges and connect with friends as a member of, the world’s largest running club. View routes that your friends have run or shared, find the most popular areas to run and share your run activity on Facebook or Twitter.

Additional Details
English interface only
Weight: 2.33 ounces
Nike+ Sensor, quick-start guide and USB cable (for hard-to-access USB ports) included
One-year limited warranty


Very simple GPS watch.  Retail price is $199. Nike has not yet announced when it will be available in stores. I will do a review once mine arrives.


Just got notification from UPS my shoes were left on my front door step…yes!!!!

Sunny with a chance of new kicks!

Is it bragging if I tell you all it’s going to be 80 degrees at the beach today? I guess it would be bragging if I told you that I was going to be laying out gettin’ my tan on! Come on…why would I do that when I can do this

I mean why would I want to go for a run in gorgeous weather when I can work my arse off? Me, sarcastic? No…….

Seriously though I can’t complain because 1. I have a great job and 2. I get to enjoy some sun when I head over to see my magician known as the running doc at lunch. Fingers are crossed for a good report!


I have a new pair of kicks due to arrive this afternoon. Sunshine and new shoes?!?!? I love Thursday. I scored a sweet deal on them and plan to use them for short training runs and cross-training. I have not run in Nike’s since last year but for $38 I couldn’t pass em up:

I can’t imagine wearing these for long distance as I do not think they are supportive enough for my ridiculously high arches. Even with inserts. However, for 10k or less and cross-training I should be golden. Hubs has a pair and he loves them. If he wasn’t married to me he might marry his shoes. I’m serious. Ask him.

I know we usually celebrate JERSDAY on THURSDAY but the season finale was last week so T-shirt time is on a hiatus. Once the guidos head to Italy we will bring it out of retirement. Deal?

Off to stare at my work and hope it gets itself done…

Total Awesomeness

Today’s Run: 4 miles, just under 30 minutes.

Doc gave me the green light to race on Sunday so I figured I would test the foot out this morning. With my arch being taped and the support of my inserts I figured I could handle some speed. Why would I think this is a good idea? Because I am me.

I had no pain while running (yippeeee!) but it’s a tad sore now. The next few days will be cross-train days to let my foot rest and get ready for Sunday. I also follow up with the doc manana so he can work his magic. At least this is not an important race to me. This will be an old fashioned fun run. What, running is fun?? YES!  I will probably run with my sister’s age group as well just to get some photos for you all. The beach is too pretty not to share. I know, I’m a giver. You’re welcome.

(Carlsbad Beach courtesy of google…not moi)


Can you believe that Friday is April 1st?!?! That means my birthday is right around the corner.

We will be celebrating ME the whole month of April people- the whole month. Yeeehhhaaaawwwww!!! Hold on to your pants because for my birthday I will be challenging you to get up and get movin! In addition there just might be some sweet giveaways! What??? Who gives away presents for their birthday?  Awesome people do. Can you say SELFLESS????

Sweet cheeks- ready to run!

Today’s workout: 45 min spin, 15 min core

My little brother took his first spin class a few days ago and said he was more sore than after running The Folsom Four Bridges half marathon last year! If that doesn’t tell ya how kick butt spin is I don’t know what will. Oh wait, yes I do:

Remember these bad boys? Them there are butt pads. They keep your buns protected from the spin bike seat. Where do you think the term “sweet cheeks” was coined? Kidding.

I have a follow up with the run doc during lunch today.  Super excited to finish up treatment and get back to some serious mileage. I have a 5k race on Sunday which is an opportunity to work on speed as long as I am pain free.

Speaking of Sunday’s race, I highly recommend it for anyone that is in the SoCal area. It’s a fast, flat 5k course by the beach that closes with an elite road race that will blow you away. The course is the site of 16 world records and 11 american records. I’m talkin’ SMOKIN’ FAST RUNNERS! The race is split by age groups which is awesome. There is an option to run with each age division and is considered the “All Day 25k”

Info from the site:

Southern California’s favorite 5k celebrates its 26th birthday on April 3, 2011!

The Carlsbad 5000 features a fast and fun seaside course where 16 world records have been set. Both rookie runners and serious speedsters alike enjoy running or walking in one of seven people’s races. Celebrate after your race with two free beers at the Pizza Port Beer Garden! At high noon, witness the elite athletes vie for a lucrative prize purse and a new world record.

  • 16 World Records
  • Beer garden & refreshments
  • Fast & fun course
  • Weekend Health & Fitness Expo
  • Awards and merchandise 3 deep in all age divisions
  • Medals to top 250 finishers in each individual run
  • New Balance technical t-shirts and swag bags for all participants

There is registration at the expo so if you are interested click HERE for more info!


A new race in a new place!

Well, I survived. One totally sucktastic thing about working in the corp world is having to be involved when there is a reduction in staff. Today was one of those days. Thank you all for the sweet emails and messages. They really helped. That and a lot of prayer! Maybe I should have saved my run for this evening.


On the run front Competitor announced a new addition to the Rock N Roll lineup!

(google image)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon – May 20, 2012

There will only be a half, not a full. Here is some info from the website:

Event Highlights

  • Inaugural Event
  • Live Bands and Cheerleaders Every Mile
  • Course Support including Sports Drink and Energy Gel
  • Finish Line Festival with FREE Headliner Concert
  • Participant Tech Tee
  • Hefty Finisher’s Medal
  • Downloadable Finisher’s Certificate
  • Two Day Health & Fitness Expo

Course Highlights:

  • Downtown Start/Finish along the Willamette River
  • Scenic balance of Downtown urban neighborhoods and beautiful city parks including: Northern Downtown District, East Portland, Waterfront Park, Wallace City Park & Laurelhurst Park, Chapman & Lownsdale Squares
  • Cross over the Hawthorne Bridge

Want to know what is really sweet? If you register on May 1st of this year the registration fee is only $55!!! That fee is only good on May 1st so if you like to save money and want to run this race, sign up on May day! If you wait until May 2nd the reg goes up to $75.

For more info on this inaugural event click HERE. I just might have to run this one. It’s almost 2 weeks before we leave for the Bahamas so I’d really only be able to go for the weekend. I normally wouldn’t travel out of state for a half but Rock N Roll races are AWESOME and I think this one will be THE BIZ! Plus I already planted the seed in the hubs head this afternoon…hehehehehe.


One last thing before I head out to pick the B-man up some new kicks for his “race” on Saturday, I received a very sweet apology from the district manager of my hood’s Rite Aid. Thank you Braheem! It was not necessary, however, I truly appreciate it.

OK, I lied. One more thing. Does anyone watch Big Brother? It typically starts in July and I need to know how many people actually watch it before I make a decision…thanks.

Confession Monday

Ok, I’ll admit it. I ran today. Yup, I did. I know, I know, I am supposed to wait until AFTER I see the doc tomorrow. It was just too hard to resist when I stepped out of bed with NO PAIN this morning. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m healed but it does mean I am almost there.

So, with caution I got in a 4 miler! I really focused on posture and how I felt. NO PAIN. I really could have gone further but knew that I shouldn’t so at 4 miles I cooled down and hit the weights.

I really do feel like a dude when I hit the frees. Today when I looked in the mirror I reminded myself that I need to wear a shirt with sleeves when I lift weights. It’s ridiculous. At least it’s mostly women at the gym at 5 am!

So I am going to have a really ROUGH day at work. I’ll explain more later, however, if you can say a little prayer I would appreciate it.

Sunday runday

Lets all congratulate Kadee on completing her first half marathon this morning!! I was able to keep up with her on the live race tracker which was awesome (or stalkerish, not sure yet). She ended the race with negative splits! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I want to be like her! AWESOME!!! Congrats Kadee!!!!


If you are just now catching up, my doc ordered 5 days of run rest starting last Thursday. That puts me on run rest through tomorrow. I have been cross-training like a madwoman since I have 3 upcoming races. I am still unsure about the Carlsbad 5000 which is a week from today. I really want to race it, but it may have to be a training run. I don’t want to risk a serious injury, especially since I am virtually pain free!!

Next weekend is also Bootie’s first race!

He is running in Jr. Carlsbad. I think his age group runs a 50 yard dash! He is really excited. He gets a t-shirt, bib and finishers medal. The kid is fired up. I love that this race offers activities for kids. It’s so important to get them active at a young age. Tootie will not be running- or maybe she will once she sees all of the other kids participating. I just fear her getting pushed down and she is so tiny for her age.

Off to get the usual Sunday chores done…fun times.


Race Chat Part 2

Ok, I’m back. Actually, I have been back for a while but I have been battling Tootie and Bootie to take a nap. Kids these days…I tell ya.

Let’s get back to our long-winded race chat, shall we?

Question #2: What you do in preparation for these races, ie, how do you train for them?

The only way to become a better runner is to practice running. I don’t have a set training plan but when healthy I typically run 5 days a week, cross-train 1 day, rest 1 day. When I am not 100% I usually cut back to 3 quality runs, 1 recovery run and 2 cross-train days. Right now I am injured and am on 5 days of doctor ordered run rest. As you know I am cross-training like a mad woman. I don’t like to set a training schedule because I am a commitmentphobe. Plus, I do not want to set myself up feel like a total failure if I “don’t make plan.”

When I first started running I had no idea what I was doing. I found an online training plan that resulted in a minor overuse injury. I then found the FIRST training plan and loved it. I bought the book and I still look to it to help me with quality runs and pacing.

Right now I am getting ready for a 5k that is next weekend, followed by a half marathon 2 weeks later, followed by a full marathon 2 weeks after that. To get ready I am staying in marathon shape. For me that means at least one run a week that is longer than 15 miles. I don’t have a lot of time to train, so my weekday runs are at 5 am sharp and are not typically longer than 8 miles. If I am lucky I can get a 10-miler in mid-week. I usually do at least one run that consists of speed work and one tempo run. This has worked for me- my improved race times are proof of it.


Another important thing is to get good sleep, drink agua and eat well. I wish I could say I always get good sleep. Bootie does everything in his willpower to prevent me from sleeping. It makes me batty; good thing the kid is cute. My good eating habits make up for my lack of sleep. My diet pretty much consists of ice cream and hot chocolate. Kidding. I am a health-nut. I don’t typically eat foods that have ingredients I can’t pronounce. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy myself. Come on- I’m italian. Pasta and parmesan cheese run through my veins. I do take my healthy seriously because it does have an effect on ME. Shoot, I am jealous of those that eat junk food all week and then bust out sub 7 minute miles. My bod doesn’t work that way.

I will say I love smart water. Love it. Why? It just tastes good. Yes, water has a taste. Smart Water tastes good and I am so thankful that Costco sells it in bulk! I’m not saying to go buy smart water or that it will make you a better runner. Just drink water. Even if it’s straight from the hose.


Did you know Will Ferrell ran Boston in 3:56?

Stay classy.