OC Expo!

After getting our rears in gear, we made our way to Orange County and arrived at the expo around 1:30

The expo was held at the OC Fairgrounds, which is also the finish line! We were impressed with the organization. When we walked in the 5k check in was on the left, the half marathon check in was on the right and the marathon check in was just past the half check in.

I was the only woman in line for the marathon check in. What up with that?

Got my bib, my goods and my shirt.

Ready to run marathon #3! Why does my middle finger look so long?


They had men’s and women’s tech shirts! SCORE. Each shirt was different depending on the distance (5k, Half, Full).

We walked around the expo just to check out the action and see if there were any good deals on race entries. Most of them were offering $10 off which is decent. That’s pretty much the processing fee on active.com right?

After heading out we decided to eat an early dinner. We landed at the yard house where I ordered the most expensive item on the menu without knowing it. WAY TO GO ME. I know what you’re thinking…”How could you possibly order the most expensive item on the menu without knowing it. The prices are on the menu.” You would be right, however, I ordered the special without asking the price. My bad. I know better. So what did I have?

Mahi Mahi with Brown Rice and Bok Choy. It was GOOD. I have no idea what the sauces are because I didn’t eat them. I did taste the mango salsa but didn’t use it on my dinner. How much was this seemingly simple dinner? $26.95. I think we got charged first for the Mahi and then second for the Mahi (haha Mahi Mahi, get it? Da dum dum). Maybe the server was confused? I can name several restaurants in San Diego that has this same dinner on the menu for half the price. Shoot, I can make this at home for the whole fam for $27!!! Totally RIDICULOUS.

We are now back at the hotel chillin. I have an early call! Besides, after my pricy dinner I have been banned from spending anymore money this evening…

Coffee = Happiness

This is the first Saturday in a long time that I got to sleep until 6:45 am! No alarm, no run, just chill time. I dragged my hiney out of bed and got the coffee on

How awesomely tall do I look here?

Oh yeah! That’s saggy pj butt and nappy hair. It’s my favorite look.

Random Fact: I worked in a coffee house for 3 years in college. Denise Richard's dad was my boss!

As I started to get my stuff together and the kids stuff packed, LD ran to Subway to pick up breakfast. Have you ever had their breakfast sandwich? Super good!

In about 30 minutes we will head to the parentals to drop off Tootie, Bootie and  Abby Dog

Yaaay! I love going to Grandma and Papa's house!

See you all in the OC!!

Friday! Friday! Friday!

In the midst of the injury madness some peeps may have missed the giveaway anouncement. If you want in click here for info!


I took this morning as a complete rest day. In the back of my mind I’m wishing I would have gotten up and cycled, however, the rest feels SO GOOD! My little spot on my leg is less tender to touch today…insert BIG CHEESY SMILE. I have been using Mission Skin Care Muscle Rub for the past 24 hours and can’t say enough good about it. If you ever have muscle soreness I highly recommend it!

My pink compression sleeves are my best friend through the weekend. I am starting to get super excited for this race!! Maybe it’s because I am putting no pressure on myself for time- to just run and enjoy it 🙂 I will test the leg on the treadmill once we get to the hotel. If there is any pain I may reconsider. It’s just not worth risking being out the rest of the year if I break my leg!


There are a LOT of races this weekend! Are any of you running?!?! Time for some shout outs…HOLLA…

My hottie batottie sister-in-law is running her FIRST half marathon tomorrow!!  

She is going to rock it! My brother and his 2 buddies are running too, but I am pretty sure they will be eating her dust (sorry Broseph)!! GOOD LUCK guys!! Can’t wait for the updates!

My bestie girl was supposed to be running this race as well but suffered an IT band injury and is rehabing. She is hoping to be ready to run the San Diego Rock N Roll half in June. Please send BestieCam air hugs. Hope you get better soon sister!!!

RoseRunner will be rocking the Eugene Marathon on Sunday. This girl is AMAZING. Seriously, she is super fast and super rad. GOOD LUCK GIRL! SkinnyRunner and her brother will also be running this marathon! GOOD LUCK to you both!

Pam will be kicking some hiney at the PCRF Cinco De Mayo Half Marathon on Sunday! She is a sweet mama and a fantabulous runner. GO PAM GO!


I am so thankful that it’s Friday. Looking forward to making through the work day, gettin’ a good dinner in the fam, watchin Friday Night Lights with the hubs and getting packed up to head to the OC tomorrow!!! Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

Finally Home! An update…

I rolled into the doctor’s office at 7:00 pm. I rolled out at 9:45 pm. Not kidding. I would have been better off going to the ER! Other than a super funny xray tech, I was stuck staring at this the entire time

Exciting stuff huh!

So, xrays came back NEGATIVE! She said to ice, rest, compress through weekend and if pain still there MRI will be ordered on Monday. It was tender to touch and there is a small bruise. Doc still questioned a stress fracture, but as of now all I heard was “negative!” To me that means “put on a compression sleeve and run unless it hurts too bad to do so”

If there is any sharp pain I will not run. Otherwise, the plan is to head to Newport on Saturday morning, chill out and run Sunday. I don’t want a DNF so going day to day until then!

Thanks for the prayers friends! Keep em comin, I’m not out of the woods yet.

Sitting on pins and needles

Let’s start with the good news:

I went to my doc this afternoon for my weekly foot check. Other than a little tightness/soreness all is looking good. Yay!

Let’s end with the sketchy news:

I brought up the weird leg pain and he said he would take a look. Had me walk, do squat and leap tests.  All neg.  He did a hammer vibration test that was also negative. He then did a pulse ultrasound test that came back positive. It did ache when he did it. He recommended I get in tonight for x-ray and then over to MRI if the x-ray comes back negative.

I have already cried twice. If you are one of my praying peeps, please send some positivity my way. If there is a fracture in my leg I will out of racing for a while.  As most of you know this is my ONE thing I do for me. 

I called my doc at 12:30- they said I should hear back from someone this afternoon to schedule me in. It’s almost 3 pm and I haven’t heard anything. I am going to give them 15 more minutes and then I will call again.

I’ll keep you all posted. Here’s to waiting!!

A tiny giveaway to kick off the weekend right!

For those waiting to see the hair, I am super sorry for this pic. This is a non-washed post gym hair photo in the car before walking into the office this morning. Professional is my name.

Please don’t blow this up- it might give you nightmares.


I continued my chillness week with a 3 mile easy run this morning followed by a lot of stretching. I am still having that weird pain in my left leg. It’s low, on the left side of my tibia down close to my ankle. I can’t tell if it’s the bone, a tight calf muscle, or what. There is a little bruise but I know I haven’t bumped my leg. I can feel it when I run. At times like this I wish I was a doc. Any thoughts? Hubs thinks it’s just in my head.


I got my email confirmation this morning for the OC! I am in corral # A with a scheduled bus time of 4:45 am. Eeeek, super early! We start running at 6 am which I am happy about since it’s going to be a warm weekend. Speaking of weekend, let’s do a giveaway shall we??

If you want to get in on this good eats giveaway, you have through Sunday to enter. Simply comment on this post and tell me you want in!

One winner will get:

* 2 packs of Gatorade GFit bites 

* 1 box of Iron Girl Energy Bars (Strawberry/Cranberry flavor)

* A random selection of energy gels

I will post pics of the products as soon as wordpress will let me do it without an error. MAKING ME CRAZY!  Good luck peeps!!!

Hump Day Lotto Madness

Today is full of all kinds of crazy, right? RACE LOTTO MADNESS! The lotto results for both the New York Marathon and the Nike Women’s Marathon will be anounced today. From what I have been told emails will go out over the next 24 hours to those accepted. Nike also anounced that those not accepted will still receive notification and learn about other opportunities to gain entry into the race.

If you entered into either lottery I wish you GOOD LUCK!!!

And since we like to have random drawings I will have a giveaway anouncement tomorrow! Yahoo!


I did what I said I was going to do and took today as a complete rest day. Got up, took my sweet time getting ready, put the compression sleeves back on and off I went. 

I have been pretty much useless in the office today. I do one task, take a walk, another task, head back outside. Call me miss productive. Wait! I did successfully priceline a hotel that is close to the finish line on Sunday. Now I just need to decide if I should try to have hubs drop me off at the start or if I should just head to the Costa Mesa fairgrounds and take the shuttle. I wish I knew someone that has run this race to get advice. I did check yelp but couldn’t find a thing! What up with that??


Per your requests I will take a pic of the new hair tonight. I can’t promise that anything else other than the hair will be looking good! Speaking of, my sis was featured today on Discover SD! CONGRATS POOKS!

Did anyone watch The Voice last night?



I had an appointment with my dermatologist today which meant sneaking out of the office at 2:00. I am one of those unlucky peeps that has to be seen every 3 months for check ups. 2 biopsy’s later I was outta there and on my way to see…

This hot girlie is my hairdresser…oh, and my sister!!!  Love that she is rockin’ the old school MTV shirt. You know, when MTV had TRL and Carson Daily was super pop. Back when kids would try to get home by 3:30 to see if their favorite video made the countdown. That’s how my girl rolls!!

Anywho, spent the afternoon in the salon with her and came out freshly blonded and 2 pounds lighter. Thank you POOKS!! Love my new locks!! If anyone is looking for a fab hair makeover, go see my sis at Pacifica Salon in Pacific Beach. She has some sweet promos going on right now so get in while the getting is good!


I just busted out the compression sleeves for my legs and am getting cozed up for the Biggest Loser. I am considering a total rest day tomorrow, short run Thursday, cross-train Friday and off to Newport on Saturday. I need to find us a hotel. STAT.



After being woken up more times than I can remember by Bootie last night, I am still unsure of how I made it to the gym. It was one of those times that when I pulled into the parking lot I didn’t really remember the drive there. Yeah, that’s safe.

I pulled off a 5-miler on the trusty TM before calling it quits. I just had zero energy. On top of it I started to feel a shin splint coming on in my right leg. What’s the deal with that? It’s either the shoes or the bod just needs a little more rest, right?? I am thankful that I am skippin’ out early today for an appointment. If I am lucky it will be an in and out deal and I can chill the rest of the afternoon (and finally get my hair did)!


Off to the first meeting of the morning. Oy.

Coffee, Team or Snacks anyone?

That’s the picture of health right there.