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  1. Hey girl! Thank you for all of the inspiration that you have given me, and encouragement too. I was wondering, what were your times on your first 5k, 10k, 1/2 and full marathons? What is a realistic goal for new commers to running and or racing in each of these races? Thought that maybe you could discuss this and maybe let us know what you do in preperation for these races, ie, how do you train for them? Thanks for eveything, I really enjoy your blog.

    1. You got it girl! Since your race is this weekend the best last minute advice I have is:

      1. Get lots of rest. Starting tonight. Your body needs good sleep leading up to the race.
      2. Don’t worry about “carbo loading” and a drinking an enormous amount of water. Eat balanced meals and stay hydrated- but no need to go on a pasta eating binge 🙂
      3. Don’t try anything new. No new shoes, no new foods, no new drinks. Do everything just how you practiced!
      4. Set an attainable goal. I hesitate in giving advice to set a time goal for a first race because you don’t know what to expect. Stay positive, enjoy it and know that you WILL finish!
      5. Get your stuff ready the night before. What you will wear, your #, your timing chip, if you are checking a bag make sure it’s packed. You don’t want to worry about it race morning.

      Tomorrow will be a god day for me to do a post on race prep! I’ll go into more details but there is a start!!

      1. Thanks girl! I will look forward to reading it. We are going to stay in Dallas, so I don’t have to rush around the morning of, and the packet pick up is today at the expo. I am excited about the expo too. 8) The reason for the question about time is, they ask. When you go to register they ask, and I had no clue what to put when I registered so long ago. This is why I thought that might be a good topic. Maybe some averages of different averages of people you know or have met while racing. Google was kinda of all over the place for that, and I had a hard time finding the average finish times for women in my age bracket. As always you come through with good advice. Getting ready to start waking everyone up and head to mom and dad’s.
        Hope you guys had a great anniversary!

  2. I found you thru some other cool bloggers 🙂 Have you gotten an x-ray on your hip? I am worried about you…. I had a stress fracture at the neck of my femur at my hip. I didn’t know what it was and ran/spun, etc. on it. Finally I went for an x-ray after I couldn’t walk on it and it was fractured! I scheduled surgery to put in a few pins and one of my 5 kids kicked my crutch which made it worse and landed me in the ER via ambulance and had emergency surgery the next morning and now I have a HUGE rod/screws, etc. I have been on crutches for 10 weeks!!! It is a horrible surgery. Please get it checked before it gets worse….. P.S. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

    1. Holy toledo! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Yes, if it does not continue to improve I will for sure get an x-ray. Thank you for sharing your story- it’s through blogs/social networking that we learn from one another! I appreciate it so much. Thanks for reading about my crazy life 🙂

  3. Love you blog. I was wondering what training program you use for your marathon training. I have used the Hal Higdon method in the past and feel like its led to over training. Just curious if you have found a method that works or know anyone who has? Thanks

  4. Hello 🙂 I love your blog, I check it on a regular basis. I have noticed that you and SR are friends so maybe you will know…..what happened to her blog? Is she done?? Havnt been able to access it for a few days, I think I am having SR withdraws! I hope you keep your blog going. Thx for any info! Have a good day 🙂 Rdub

    1. Hiya! She had a company move servers for her and it’s taking a little longer than anticipated to get the blog up and going again. Technology is so crazy!! She will be back soon, I promise 🙂 For now she is tanning in AZ 🙂

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