5 races in one day? Puh-lease

5 races in one day. It’s happening. This weekend. 

Ok, I say it like it’s no big deal but the reality is I need to be careful this weekend at the Carlsbad 5000 .

My first Carlsbad 5000 in 2010

Although this is a super fast (and fun) course, I cannot go all out at each race attempting PR after PR. Once it’s all said and done I will have completed 5, 5k races for a total of 15.5 miles. I’ll probably throw a few cool down in after so maybe complete the day around 17-18 total. We’ll see how things go.

So what is my plan? Do I have to have one? Ok, sure.

The goal is to run the first couple races around a 10k pace. The competitor in me will want to push hard so I am really going to need to make like Ice Cube and check myself. The third race I will be running with my brother Joe

He is coming off of some nasty shin splints so our run will be fun (can you say awesome race photos) and fingers and toes crossed that he will stay injury free.

The 4th race is my age group (women 30-39) and I am going to test my fitness in this race. Unless my body says otherwise I want to see where my legs are at. My SIL (pictured above) will also be running that race! Yes!

The last race of the day will be with the youngsters (29 and under) and that will be more of a chill race. If my little sis runs I’ll stick with her. If not I could get a wild hair up my butt and run fast. Doubtful but you never know. This IS my last race as a 32-year-old so I may have to go out with a bang.

So what is the purpose of running all 5 races? Just to do it. I’ll get a tech long sleeve, a couple of medals and will break up a planned long run. This is one of the most fun races of the year (for me) so why not push myself? My family runs this 5k event year after year and we have a blast doing it. Plus I’ll get to feel like I am at the Olympics watching the elite races at the end of the day.

If you are in SoCal and are looking for a 5k (or want to do the all day 25k) come do it! There is race weekend registration and is a PR course for most peeps.

Schedule of Races

Masters Men 40 and over 7:00 AM
Masters Women 40 and over 8:00 AM
Men 30-39 8:42 AM
Women 30-39 9:23 AM
People’s 5K Walk 9:24 AM
Wheelchair Invitational 10:43 AM
Men & Women 29 and under 11:30 AM
Elite Men’s Invitational 12:15 PM
Elite Women’s Invitational 12:17 PM
I know that Michelle will be there running 5 minute miles while pushing a stroller because she is awesome like that. Anyone else running CBad this weekend?
My sweet tooth has been out of control again this week. Arggghhhhh. I am blaming  it on post race recovery needs. HA! 

SD Hot Chocolate 15k Race Recap

So if you are on Twitter you saw me all yippy-kai-yay yesterday about a new PR at the Hot Chocolate 15k. And I did it on this course

BUT, before we discuss the race…

On Saturday afternoon I decided I DID NOT feel like running. I had a hard week and I was just plain feeling lazy. Getting up at 4:30 a.m sounded like a HORRIBLE idea. I knew this course was going to be hilly and I was all boo-hoo about it. Total wimp.

Alarm went off on Sunday and I stomped my way to the coffee pot. Legs felt heavy and I was still all cry baby wimpy. Had a major talk with myself about how a bad attitude will make for a bad race. I can either suck it up and do it or if I am going to be a debbie downer I can just head back to bed.

So I decided to suck it up. I showered, drank a couple of cups of coffee and put my game face on. I headed downtown and found street parking really quickly. I found Chacha on a street corner. Ok, kidding. She texted me that she was standing on the corner so that we could walk to the start area together.

There was a ton of portapotties so we stopped there first. We then made our way to the schwag for sale tent to stay warm. We saw Ashley and Phil and their family/friends so we all hung out together until the start.

Once it was time to go I checked my bag (so easy) and we headed to Corral A. We were there for maybe 5ish minutes when I met Ciry. Thanks for saying hi! We then found our friends Margot, SR and Emily.

I super stole these photos from SR. Thanks guuuurrrrllll!



Being around friends that just makes running more fun. Goodbye grumpy gus it’s time to runnnnnn.

My plan was to try to stay around an average pace of 7:30 if possible. As you saw above I knew what I was in for so I wasn’t going to beat myself up if I ran 8’s.

When the gun went off it was an immediate uphill. I could hear everyone’s breathing sounding all cray so I felt comfort in knowing I wasn’t the only one feeling it. I had my headphones with me and decided to leave them off unless I needed them.

Miles 1-4 were all uphill with mile 4 being the toughest climb. Around 5 we started to climb again and I decided to turn on music as I knew we had a good downhill stretch coming I wanted to start to kick it into gear. At 6.5-7 we got a sweet downhill that felt so good. I thought we might be nearing the end of hill climbing as we entered the Golden Hill area of San Diego. Oh yeah, it’s called golden HILL. Ha! We had another climb through mile 8 and then let the sweet downhill to the finish begin.

Man it was such a reward to get that downhill at the end. Although we did have to run through homeless tunnel and it was kind of creepy. I think it made all of us kick it up a notch just to get out of there.

As I approached the finish I looked at my watch and knew I was going to PR!

I crossed in 1:10:48, average pace of 7:35, 44th woman, 10th in my age group. A new PR by 1 min 40 seconds! WOOT!

I had my hubby take a pic of the back of this awesome new tank I am rocking by ViewSport. It is sweat activated (or for me I dump water on my neck at each aid station) and is so freaking awesome

Yes that says “CHASE ME.” Did it give people on the course motivation? I hope so!

After cheesing it up with my grin for a few minutes I congratulated my friends for all killing that course (I think there were several PRs) and headed to get my chocolate. I finally got to see my friend OUAL right before taking off. That girl ran 11 miles before the race and then went and ran the 15k like it was no big deal. Rockstar. I also got to meet Meggie! Hey girl! So nice to meet you 🙂

I had my doubts going into this race and came out feeling like a stronger runner. March has been a GREAT month for me. It has me excited to see what is in store for the rest of the year. I need to focus on staying healthy and being smart and if I can do it this it could be one heck of a 2012!


Anyone else run the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k this weekend? Thoughts? Reviews?

I will post my review this week sometime 🙂

Congrats to my friends that ran the Dallas RNR 1/2!

Dear Weekend, I need you. Thanks.

Happy Friday! What a week it has been. Between work drama and house drama I am so ready for the weekend.

I need a vacation

Clearly I need a vacation.

Until that happens I have some fun stuff going on in the next few days that will just have to do.

Tomorrow I am attending a A Spa For The Soul with my SIL Angela and our friend Ashley at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club. We are going to be listening to 3 different uplifting messages and get to have a sit down lunch. Ohhhh la la! I can’t wait for us to spend some good girl time together. Seriously, there is nothing like taking a minute away from the craziness to spend time with friends. I could sit in a hole in the ground with these girls and have a fabulous day.

Sunday I am running the Hot Chocolate 15k with this girl, this girl, this girl, and this girl .

Running, chicks and a whole lot of chocolate. Yes please. How can this not be fun?! Even with forecasted rain and a hilly course I am ready to just get out and enjoy myself. No PR pressure, no race plans, just plain old fashioned fun. And maybe a cute outfit or something.


What are your plans this weekend?

Anyone else running the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k?!


Wellness Week, Del Monte and 500 pairs of kicks

Ok ok, we knew it wouldn’t happen right? I mean 2 posts in one day in the midst of crazy is near impossible.

I knew that March was National Nutrition Month but I just recently learned that this week is Wellness Week. Does this mean I get the week off to go get spa treatments?!? I WISH!

 As I mentioned in my last post Del Monte is hosting a giveaway in celebration of National Nutrition Month. I am in no way connected with the giveaway and I am not receiving and fruits and/or veggies from them for promoting this. All questions should be directed to them.

The deets are as follows:

In an effort to motivate people to get healthy by exercising and eating more fruits and vegetables, Del Monte Fresh Produce will give away 500 pairs of sneakers and 10 Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros. Pack game consoles and Wii Zumba Fitness during March to Del Monte Fresh Produce Facebook fans.
The “500 Sneaker March Giveaway,” hosted on the Del Monte Fresh Produce Facebook page, will randomly award 500 sneakers to Del Monte Facebook fans who enter the contest and ten (10) Wii packages to people who get two (2) of their friends to sign up.
To Win Sneakers:
Step 1: “Like” Del Monte Fresh Produce by visiting http://www.facebook/delmontefreshproduce
Step 2:  Enter sweepstakes and sign the pledge to make at least half your plate fruits and vegetables and exercise more frequently.  You will automatically be entered to win one of 500 pairs of sneakers.
All entrants will be encouraged to sign a pledge to exercise at least three times a week for thirty minutes and, as the USDA recommends, make half their plate fruits and vegetables.
Del Monte Fresh Produce is committed to providing consumers with quality fresh fruits and vegetables, which are key components in leading a healthy lifestyle. The “500 Sneaker March Giveaway” was created as a way to encourage Del Monte Fresh Produce fans to exercise as well.
For more information, please visit: www.facebook.com/delmontefreshproduce
I am going to have to check this out again to see what kind of sneakers we can all win. If nothing else I love to see a company holding a contest that promotes HEALTH!
It is still raining here in SoCal so it looks like I will be hitting up the TM at lunch. I have a 15k race this weekend!
What are your exercise plans today? Anyone running?

Getting our fit on: Summer is coming.

It is tough to talk about summer being right around the corner when it’s 50 and raining. Hold the phone, it’s raining in SoCal.

Don’t everyone go and freak out at once.

But seriously we are just a few short months away from bathing suit weather and it’s time to get our butts in gear.

During the winter months it’s easy to get out of a normal workout routine. It’s cold and that makes it tough to get out of bed in the morning. Another excuse? It gets dark early so by the time we get home we just want to chill. It can be demotivating right? No more excuses. We just sprang forward and we have a lot more daylight to get our sweat on.


While I run year round getting fit and tone for summer is a whole notha ballgame. My body is USED to running. Therefore it is efficient at it and not much change comes from it. The same would go for someone who is on the elliptical year-round. At first that person will see change and then once his/her bod gets used to it the dreaded “plateau” arrives. BOOOO.

To get fit and tone for summer I have to mix things up. I incorporate strength training that can be done anywhere (think use of own bodyweight: push ups, dips, squats, lunges) and step up my cross training. I once posted about my love affair with my medicine ball and how I work towards a strong core.

These two key workouts remain a constant in my life. Not only do they help prevent injury but they keep me feeling strong.

Ladies, do you feel intimidated by strength training? Maybe you just don’t know where to start. No need to panic. Start slow and ask questions. Workout with a partner. Make like me and tear out workouts from a magazine and try it at home before busting a move at the gym.

If you are a runner get out of your comfort zone and try a new cardio workout. Try spin, the moving stairs or the rowing machine. Sign up for a class. Shake it at Zumba or Hip Hop or get limber and strong at an Xtend Barre or Pure Barre class. Do something different. Make your body work.It will feel SO GOOD!

One thing I do not focus on is the number on the scale. When I focus on staying healthy and feeling fit everything else falls into place. This is JUST ME. It may not work for everyone. One thing in my life that is for certain is a low number on the scale does NOT define my health. 


With constant training comes the need to replenish my body. Saying hydrated and refueling my muscles is key. When I first really started running I kept track of my calories via the Nutrition Data website. It helped me to determine how many calories I needed and if I was staying on track. As time went on I got better at eating clean (very few processed foods), feeling satisfied and seeing results. The better I eat the better I feel. The better I feel the better my runs are. The better I feel the stronger my workouts are. The better I feel the happier I am!

Remember the post on Fruits and Veggies?

They remain the center of every meal I eat. I can build breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks around them. I compliment them with lean protein (I eat a lot of fish) and whole grains. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Making a shopping list and preparing meals in advance saves time. If I can do it you can do too. If you have a slow cooker bust it out! It is amazing what you can create and have ready without doing a whole lot. Just don’t ever starve yourself. If you are hungry, EAT.

I have been told how important it is to drink water for my entire life. Not kidding. When I was a kid I would ask for juice and my Dad would say “Drink water. It will quench your thirst.”  Dads are ALWAYS right. Well almost always 🙂 When we exercise we sweat. Replenishing and rehydrating has to happen. If you have a hard time drinking water (for me it needs to be ice-cold) there are ways to make it easier. I keep Nuun in my purse and in my desk drawer in my office. Not only am I getting much needed water that tastes GOOD I am replacing electrolytes. Hello, bonus. In no way am I saying run out and by Nuun, but if you have a hard time drinking water find a way to make it easier. Remember that fruits and veggies are also a great source of H2O!


As I have mentioned March is National Nutrition Month. If you haven’t already check out the website and get cracking on a healthier you.

Ok peeps, I am headed to Road Runner Sports with my bro and sis-in-law so they can have their gait analyzed and get fitted for new sneaks. So excited to get to run with two of my favorite people. Who wants to take bets on whether or not I walk out with something?

Del Monte Fresh is hosting a pretty sweet shoe giveaway on FB. Deets coming later today. Yes today. Gasp. Two posts in one day while still dealing with home repairs. I know, CRAY.

SD Half Expo, Race Review and Gettin’ Fit For Summer

I promise this will be my last chat about the SD Half. While I am still grinning from ear to ear it’s time to regroup and get ready for upcoming races!


The Expo

The Expo took place on Saturday March 10th. It was held at Petco Park in downtown San Diego. I got there at 9 a.m. and  found parking in a $5 lot across the street from the ball field. Most lots in the area were charging $10 which I thought was absurd. There was also metered street parking available.

The expo had all of the typical booths (Lara Bar, Gear, Compression Socks) but it just felt cooler than the typical packet pickup. This is because each booth lined the stadium walkway.

As I was getting my sample of Yonanas (the BOMB) I was staring at home plate. So AWESOME!

I was able to get my bib, bag and tech shirt within 5 minutes. The whole thing was very organized and not too crowded. I liked that!


The Race

The Inaugural San Diego Half Marathon was held on Sunday March 11, 2012. The early bird entry fee was $55. Late entry was $100. It was advertised as a fast course with an “Epic” finish inside of Petco Park. The race date for 2013 has not yet been announced.

There was free street parking that I took advantage of. I believe there was also lot parking, however, I do not know if there was charge.

The Start

The start was organized by waves. While the corrals were roped off it did not seem like they were being enforced. There were several portapotties close to Wave 3 and again close to Wave 6. The lines were long but seemed to be moving. I opted to use a hotel lobby bathroom that had no wait and hand sanitizer.

I saw a bag check that was not crowded and appeared to be running smoothly. However, I did not check a bag so others may want to chime in.

The Course

The first 8 miles of this course were fast and flat through downtown SD, Harbor Drive and Point Loma. There was a short, steep uphill at mile 8 and then a long climb that started around at 8.5. The uphill continued into Hillcrest through mile 10 and then the awesome downhill started from 10.5 to the finish. The last 2.6 miles were AWESOMELY FAST. Like I wish every race had this type of finish. It definitely put the wind back in my sails after a tough climb!

I really liked this course and had no problems with crowding. I did hear that some runners got stuck at a train crossing at some point on the course. I am not sure if that’s the case and if so that’s kind of a bummer.


There were several aid stations on the course with marked signs advising runners of the distance between each station (really cool!). If I remember right they were about every 2 miles or so. Each station had water and an electrolyte drink and there was a GU station right before the big hill. The volunteers were so kind and supportive and kept the area litter free. This was the first the race in a long time that I wasn’t doing hurdles or getting lost in a wasteland of cups.

The Finish

The race ended inside of Petco Park. It was so freaking awesome to be running down the foul line highfiving people sitting in the stands on the 3rd base side cheering on the runners.

After crossing the finish line there was water and tons of supporters (including the race director Susan Briggs) congratulating runners on a great race. Runners then had kind of a long walk through the outfield and back into the stadium where there was bananas, water, coconut water, granola, some kind of fancy energy water and massage tables. I felt like there was a lot of little freebies which was nice.

The only thing that could have improved the finish was mylar blankets. It was a cool morning (in the 50s) and the long walk made for some very cold peeps. I brought a change of clothes but would have appreciated a blanket for warmth until I could complete my quick change.

Post Race Activities

All of the vendor booths from the expo were there giving away stuff. In addition there was an “Inflataworld” set up in the outfield for kids. There were jumpies, bounce houses, obstacle courses, etc. There were several speakers (Meb! and pastor Miles McPherson from the Rock Church) and Lifehouse was the headliner.

Food and drink were for sale and the atmosphere was a lot of fun!


Overall I thought this was a great race. It was organized, the volunteers were great and ending inside Petco Park was freaking RAD. I will definitely be back to run this next year.


* Get to the expo early. Dealing with downtown traffic/parking on a Saturday afternoon can get cray.

* Park on the street on race day morning. It’s FREE and you will not have to deal with parking lot madness post race

* Bring a change of clothes. The weather in March is usually cool and can be rainy.

* Enjoy the post race fun. This is a family friendly event with a TON for the kids to do. My kids said this was the best race they had ever been to.


As we approach Spring/Summer (remember when we used to get 3 months off?!) it’s time to get ready for warm weather and, well, less clothes. While I do not like to parade around in skimpy outfits I want to feel confident and healthy. Ladies, ya feel me? The neon lighting in dressing rooms often makes me want to cry.

It’s a misconception that if someone is a runner/athlete that person can eat whatever whenever and not gain an ounce. WRONG! Eating right while staying active is key.

In my next post let’s discuss good eats, running and some strength training/crosstraining options that keep me strong and fit.


SD Half Race Recap

I am not sure why I like to run races on daylight savings. Losing an hour of sleep is hard, and having to run a race when that happens is even harder.

Alarm went off at 4:45 (which is really 3:45 right?), I showered, coffeed and eye blacked. That’s right, I’m hardcore.

Kidding. Not hard-core at all. The race started and ended at Petco Park so it was super necessary to bring out my inner ball player (what, you didn’t know I’m an ex-softball playa? Diamonds are a girls best friend!).

I made my way downtown and parked within 5 minutes. That’s unheard of and I was stoked. As I was gathering my stuff I realized I left my tunes at home. Ahhh! So bummed because I planned on turning them on when we hit the big climb around mile 8. It was then and there that I had a pep talk with myself. All of my PR’s have been tuneless, today is going to be the day to lay the hammer down.

As I was walking to the start I saw that the Mariott was open. I headed in, stayed warm and used the bathroom. Genius. I couldn’t believe that nobody else was doing this. Why wait for a porta potty when you can use a clean hotel restroom!

At 6:45 I met up with the Rock Runners for prayer and then made my way to Wave 1. Found Pam and SR and we chatted until it was time to take off!

We ran around downtown for the first 5k. It was flat and fast with some sharp turns.

1 7:23.9 1.00 7:24
2 7:22.5 1.00 7:22
3 7:26.8 1.00 7:27

I hit the 5k around 23 minutes and was feeling surprisingly strong. My original plan was to go out around 8-8:15 but the 7:20’s felt ok!

Miles 4-6 were by the harbor and into Point Loma. I felt like I was pushing a little hard so I eased up and got comfortable. I knew we had a big climb coming.

4 7:33.2 1.00 7:33
5 7:29.4 1.00 7:29
6 7:29.0 1.00 7:29

I continued to try to just stay on pace. 7-10 is where we went from flat to climbing.  7-8 were fast miles, 9-11 were tough. When I say tough I meant it. I think our elevation gain was close to 400 feet. Should of hill trained more!

7 7:32.3 1.00 7:32
8 7:37.8 1.00 7:38
9 8:32.2 1.00 8:32
10 8:53.6 1.00 8:54
11 7:58.8 1.00 7:59

I was so ticked that miles 9-10 got me off track. It was time to make it up in a big way. 12-finish was down and fast. I nailed it.

12 7:26.7 1.00 7:27
13 7:14.1 1.00 7:14
14 1:17.0 0.21 6:12

Yes that  last bit says 6:12. I was sprinting. I may have thought I was going to barf.

Official finish time…


That’s more than a 5 min PR! WOOT!

After getting through the finish line stuff I met up with Pam and SR who were celebrating big PR’s (1:34!) and being harassed by my kids. Thanks friends for putting up with my crazies 🙂

After dealing with my hip issues it felt so good to run a strong race. It gave me a lot of confidence and left me feeling all in love with running again. After today I know I can break 1:40…and I know a certain marathon is calling my name!


Race review and expo coming in my next post!


This only happens to me…I think

The last “This only happens to me post” was funny and lighthearted. I mean, really, it’s funny to expose a butt cheek tattoo from 1997 to an unexpecting doc.  I just can’t make that stuff up.

This time it’s irritating ish. I know this doesn’t just happen to me but I have to keep the segment going. Like you I’m into consistency so let me run with it m-kay? (no pun intended)

“They” say things happen in 3s. Boom, boom and boom. Accomplished. Where do I start?

Numero Uno

Last Saturday the plan was to head to Disneyland for my daughter’s birthday. She is the big “3” so I scheduled her princess makeover at the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique (one has to be 3!) and rounded up the troops. To say she was excited is an understatement.

Cinderella dress was on, we drove 45 min to pick up my family (mom, dad, siblings, nephews) and then continued our caravan to D-land. We get to Orange County and hit traffic. I call the boutique to tell them we are running late and I am told that the park is closed. Say what? Disney never closes. We ran a half marathon at 5:30 a.m. so to not disrupt the park opening. Apparently some yahoo left a bag near the front gate that was considered a bomb threat. Not kidding. We get there and sit. And wait. And then are told at 10:30 a.m. that it would be another 4-5 hours. It was 80 degrees. There is no way in h-e-double hockey sticks you can ask small children to wait that long. Party over. Tears flowed. Sorry princess.

We hit up plan B which was a last minute par-tay at my bro’s house.

Numero Dos

Sunday evening we head home after a long weekend. As soon as we walk in the door I notice that the kitchen floor looks weird. Almost warped. I asked LD to look at it and as soon as he stepped into the kitchen water bubbled up through the floor. No effing way! We had a slab leak in 08 and had to deal with home repairs for more than 30 days. It’s now 6:30 p.m. and I am on the phone to insurance, plumbers, dry out service, etc. This turned into no water and therefore unable to stay in the house.

Since then I have been dealing with nothing but crazy and staying at my parents house. Between insurance companies, the HOA, contractors, etc my head is spinning. Just what I feel like dealing with right before a half marathon. Yippeeee.

Numero Tres

On Tuesday LD takes my car into a mechanic to get some work done and reset the codes so that the dash lights would quit having a hissy fit. He goes to pick it up on Tuesday night and…notices a dent and a scratch. You betcha. The mechanic accidentally crashed the car. It wasn’t horrible but with everything else going on now this? Good grief. At this point the only thing we could do is laugh because it kind of felt like we were being punked.

So there you have it. The 3s. It can only go up from here right? What does one do when the madness ensues?

Find time to run it out.

That’s the look of tired, stress and sweaty.


The SD Half Marathon is this weekend! Pam and I are running it. Anyone else? Any other races?

Anyone want to babysit my family while we try to complete a kitchen remodel?