Haute Stuff

So as we know I feature a HAUTIE on Mondays to get our week kicked off right! Things got a little screwy on the work tip today so I didn’t get to post as early as I would like. So without further ado…

Say hello to CAM! Is she a beauty or what? (Don’t kill me, I know I didn’t ask if this was ok).

This post is going to be a bit biased because I have known her for a veeerrrrry long time. Hey, what can I say, I run with the cool kids.

This beauty queen used to fake asthma attacks to get out of running. Yup, FAKER. Running was punishment. But everything changed at the end of 2010! She came to support me last year in my first race post injury- The Nike Women’s Marathon.

She drug out her fam in the freezing butt rain and got bit by the marathon bug! Here is an excerpt from her blog…

“My blog is now my training blog, training for what you ask? My first Marathon! My best friend is an amazing inspiration to me and I have decided I will now train to run my first marathon in October next year, the Nike Women Marathon. This was Nicole’s first race that I went to watch and I was amazed at her ability to KICK some butt!! So here I go, on my road to my first marathon in 2011.”

This is coming from a girl who had left KNEE SURGERY on March 2, 2010! 7 months later she was ready to hit pavement. She came to support me at the California International Marathon in December and her training started the next day!


“Okay you did it, I am off and training. Keep in mind I haven’t ran or gone to the gym in about 2 months. So for day 1 I don’t think this is half bad.
Total time 20 mins on the treadmill.
Ran 10 mins straight, a 13.5 min mile at a speed of 4.8.
Total miles ran 1.5
This blog is totally for myself and to keep me motivated and accountable. These are the texts I will send HRM daily and she helps me along this journey!”
She started there and hasn’t looked back! On February 7, 2011 she finished her first 10k!
On April 30, 2011 she will run her FIRST HALF MARATHON!!!!!
I am so super proud of this girl. She went from being able to run for just 10 minutes at a time to finishing a 10k in under an hour! HELLO STUDETTE!
She is a beautiful woman inside and out and is now paying it forward to many other people. Keep on running CAM! I am so proud of you! Oh, and if you decide to get back to blogging, let me know and I’ll post your site here ūüôā Hint hint..
And there is the last HAUTIE of February! Who will be next week? Maybe it will be you. Yes you, I’m talking to you.
Uh- oh, I’m missing the BACHELOR. We can’t allow that to happen.



Imma Ding Dong

I started my Haute Stuff post and then realized allllllll¬†of the photos are on my home computer. DUH! Welcome to my super crazy world. Once I get home and get the mini-me’s fed I will get on it.

In the meantime I figured I share this little ditty from Runners World  2011 calendar.

Tips of The Month (March): Stay Healthy

Training: To prevent injury as you get in shape for spring, your longest run of the week should never be more than half your weekly total. Also, make sure you increase mileage no more than 10 percent weekly. Push too hard too fast and you might get hurt.

Ok, so if you are like me and not a numbers person, I’ll make it easy. If you run 30 miles a week, your long run should not be more than 15 miles. Runners World said it, not me. If you don’t like it bring it up with them.

Fuel: Eat Well, Stay Well. Certain foods can help boost your immune system. For instance, onions are high in quercertin, a powerful antioxidant known for its antiviral properties. Also, try butternut squash. This veggie is packed with high doses of beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. This helps maintain the body’s protective layers, including skin and sinus passages.

This is good advice. However, please do not reduce your diet to onions and butternut squash. You might turn orange and have really bad breath. Just sayin…

Mind + Body: Listen to your body. It may be fine to run with a tiny blister. But not all aches and pains should be ignored. some can develop into serious injuries. Write down a log of how you feel after a run. This will help you spot chronic issues that need medical attention.

The above is really important. Knowing the difference between an ache and a pain is HUGE. Aches go away, pain does not. I learned the hard way. Dont be a ding-dong like me!

Want this cool advice from Runners World before you see it on my blog? Click here and get your calendar. I got mine as a gift so I have no idea how much it is. Sorry!

Ok, see you all back here tonight with the Haute Stuff post!!!



Running and Stuff

Today’s run: 8.10 miles/ 60 min/ TM .5% incline-¬†lots of post run¬†sttttrreeettccchhiiinnngggg

Maybe I’m a WUSS but it was FREEZING this morning. 38 degrees on the way out of the door. My SoCal bones are not used to this coldness! I really had to push it to get 8 miles done in 60. When I got to a 9.0 on the TM I seriously¬†thought about¬†how¬†the awesome people on the Biggest Loser ran at a 12.0! A 12! Running at a 10.0 is a 6 min mile, so a 12.0 is a 5 min mile! That is elite status right there.¬† Here is a treadmill conversion chart for your viewing pleasure.

My hammy’s¬†are still a bit sore from spinning on Friday. Definite DOMS because they were fine during rainfest 2011 on Saturday. Oy. I guess spinning through the Grand Canyon did it. The stick¬†came to work with me¬†and will get lots of use today.

Look at the mess we have going on here. Did you spy the lotto tix? If Mr. Miyagi can catch a fly with chopsticks, there is hope for me! COME ON LOTTO!

Perhaps you also noticed¬†the Oakley’s are now chillin¬†in their sock. I need a new hard case stat. Remember this?:

My Mazda is one bad car!

OK, I need to get the HAUTE STUFF post together and maybe a little work done on this beautimus Monday.  See you peeps in bit!

A RNR Yipppeeeeee!

So a little birdie told me that these two chicas:

Signed up to run the Rock N Roll San Diego 1/2 Marathon! I am over the moon excited! This means when I am done with the full I will get to meet up with these hotties at the finish!!!! We have been friends for a loooooong time and this will be the first race that we are all doing together!!!

Cam and Gretch, I am so proud of you both! Maybe next year you will both run the full with me????

If anyone else is interested in this race, sign up soon! There is a full, half and a relay. It’s a great race. Oh and if you sign up let me know!!

Sunshine, coffee and socks

Gooooooood Morning! After getting hit with hail around 5ish last night I figured we may be in for another soggy day. I was WRONG! It’s clear as can be, the sun is shining and I’ve got coffee brewing. Sounds like a start to a fantabulous day, no?

Isn’t this a pretty pic of the bay? Photo is courtesy of the hubs.

I really wish I was doing the above, however, I’ve got a lot of laundry and grocery shopping to do today. This is going to sound weird but everyone in my house keeps saying that they are hungry. Whaaaat? ¬†So it’s going to be a fill the fridge/pantry morning. If I can get everyone squared away¬†I may get a few miles in later this afternoon. After yesterday’s downpour a day in the sun sounds soooo good.

Since I am on the subject of running in rain, I got an email from reader Lynne in PA. She asks:

“Do you get blisters ¬†from running in wet socks/shoes?”

I am lucky (bragging), we do not get a TON of rain so I have only had to run in wet socks a handful of times. I did NOT get blisters yesterday. Proper shoes and socks helped, but I also think it was mostly LUCK since I was as SOAKED. I am talking ankle-deep puddles. Ugh.

As far as socks go I currently have a love affair with these babies:

Wet or dry I have never had a single blister when wearing them. They are Injinji performance micro socks. I call them my glove socks. Each toe has its own home. I think they freak people out but I don’t care. They are AWESOME. I can’t say enough good. They wick sweat away, snug in the right spots, don’t slip and are so comfortable. Plus, I can take my shoes off post running and throw flops on and sport a super tacky look.

I would say go try a bunch of different socks on, get fitted for the right shoes and you too can be blister free for the most part.

Okey dokey, time to get my hiney in gear for the day. Apparently the kids don’t want coffee for breakfast.

P/S¬†Nick Vujicic is a guest speaker at my church today. This man is unbelievable. If you would like to watch the live stream of him preachin’ to us today, clicky HERE. It will be like you are sitting in the sanctuary next to me, but not really.








Rain Run- DONE.

Today’s Rainy Day Run: 11.31 miles, 1:26- rolling hills, rainy, no music

This is post run soakness. Check out the naps:

Post prom hair has nothing on this pony. Next time I’ll be sporting a braid.

So the first few miles were rolling hills and it was raining pretty hard. Once I neared downtown I got a good mile of downhill recovery which was nice. A homeless man high-fived me. Bonus.

I got a few flat miles in and some protection from building awnings. The only bummer about running downtown is hitting red lights. Oh, and knowing that I ran downhill to get there so going back is all uphill! I guess that’s 2 bummers, not 1.

I really thought this was going to be a better picture. Blame it on the rain goggles and the fact that I just had 2 straight miles of uphill. This is the park coming up 6th street. It’s beautiful- if you get a good pic!

Rain run done. I wanted to get in a few more miles but I’ll take it. If I would have gone any longer I would have floated home.

Time to get ready for the game!!! LETS GO STATE!!! Just because I like to make fun of myself, here is a photo circa 1997 for your enjoyment:




Puddle Jumping

It’s raining. Yes, real rain not our typical wimpy sprinkles. I’m talking cold, windy, yucky weather. And I have my running gear on. I’m starting to have second thoughts. The weather guy just said possible hail and thunderstorms. What? Really?

Tony Toni Tone said “It never rains in southern California”

Shows how much they know. ūüôā

I’m going to try to brave the weather for a bit. Wish me luck!

P/S Thanks for bearing with the site while I upgrade and get a real header (get your mind out of the gutter). I have a funny story I’ll tell you later today about my graphic design artist (aka The Hubs).

Kickin’ it old school

It’s Friday night and you know what that means? Out to dinner, laundry and catching up on shows in the DVR! Man, do I have a life or what? You know you want to join me.

Tonight’s grub was courtesy of The Station.

This place is super good, cheap, and perfect for a big group. You can be as loud as you want and fit right in! It’s a burger joint that has indoor and outdoor patio seating. The Veggie Burger is THE BEST and if you like sweet potato fries this is the spot! For more info check out their website by clicking HERE.

Made it home before the rain starts and got the first load of laundry in. Now I am going to numb my brain with the season premier of: The Real Housewives of Miami!

I need to thank my friend “Red” for informing me that this show started. I’m sure hubs is super excited…just what he wants to do tonight! I had no idea they even filmed a Miami cast. FAIL on my part. To think I almost took the title of reality show queen.

Anyone doing a long run tomorrow? I am planning on it unless it’s hailing. Can you believe we may get snow down to 1000 feet tonight? Brrrrrrrrr! ¬†I may bust out my beanie and all-weather jacket. Not sure if I should be excited or scared…