Mile: 6:32 (2011- I really need to find another 1 mile race. This is old)

5K: 20:44 

5 Mile: 35:07

10k: 44:55 (2015)

15K: 1:10:48 

10 Mile: 1:16:26

Half: 1:38:40 

Marathon: 3:30:15 

13 thoughts on “PR’s

  1. Just found your site! I love it! As a mama as well I needed some motivation and found it here! How did you get so fast?! Well done on your races!

  2. Just finished my first half marathon in New Orleans last Sunday! I finished in 1:58:37 with no speedwork or hill work and running 5-6 miles about 4 times a week and 1 long easy run during the week between 9:45-10:00 min pace. Now question: I’m wanting to lower my times- half: 1:57:37, 10K: 53:14, and 5K: 24:29. Any specific plans you used to get from 1:50’s to 1:40’s? I understand some of it just comes natural…awesomeness…but any advice on speed work, hill work?? Hill work on treadmill specifically because in South Louisiana…it’s VERY FLAT! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! And CONGRATS on your new PR…you guys all rocked it today!! Thanks.

    1. Congrats! That’s an awesome time! After my first half I bought a book called “Run Less Run Faster” and started using it as a guide for speedwork and tempo runs. I focus now on getting more quality runs in. The more I practice running faster the better I get at it. I do hill work on the TM during the week since most of my runs are early am at the gym. I may put a post together to help! Again, congrats!

  3. Thanks for the info!! A whole post..??!! That would be wonderful! Most people around here don’t do hill work. So I never know what % incline and pace is sufficient for beginners! So many people say it causes injuries and I sure don’t want that to happen! Thanks for you advice!!

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