A new race in a new place!

Well, I survived. One totally sucktastic thing about working in the corp world is having to be involved when there is a reduction in staff. Today was one of those days. Thank you all for the sweet emails and messages. They really helped. That and a lot of prayer! Maybe I should have saved my run for this evening.


On the run front Competitor announced a new addition to the Rock N Roll lineup!

(google image)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon – May 20, 2012

There will only be a half, not a full. Here is some info from the website:

Event Highlights

  • Inaugural Event
  • Live Bands and Cheerleaders Every Mile
  • Course Support including Sports Drink and Energy Gel
  • Finish Line Festival with FREE Headliner Concert
  • Participant Tech Tee
  • Hefty Finisher’s Medal
  • Downloadable Finisher’s Certificate
  • Two Day Health & Fitness Expo

Course Highlights:

  • Downtown Start/Finish along the Willamette River
  • Scenic balance of Downtown urban neighborhoods and beautiful city parks including: Northern Downtown District, East Portland, Waterfront Park, Wallace City Park & Laurelhurst Park, Chapman & Lownsdale Squares
  • Cross over the Hawthorne Bridge

Want to know what is really sweet? If you register on May 1st of this year the registration fee is only $55!!! That fee is only good on May 1st so if you like to save money and want to run this race, sign up on May day! If you wait until May 2nd the reg goes up to $75.

For more info on this inaugural event click HERE. I just might have to run this one. It’s almost 2 weeks before we leave for the Bahamas so I’d really only be able to go for the weekend. I normally wouldn’t travel out of state for a half but Rock N Roll races are AWESOME and I think this one will be THE BIZ! Plus I already planted the seed in the hubs head this afternoon…hehehehehe.


One last thing before I head out to pick the B-man up some new kicks for his “race” on Saturday, I received a very sweet apology from the district manager of my hood’s Rite Aid. Thank you Braheem! It was not necessary, however, I truly appreciate it.

OK, I lied. One more thing. Does anyone watch Big Brother? It typically starts in July and I need to know how many people actually watch it before I make a decision…thanks.

2 thoughts on “A new race in a new place!

  1. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me 8) The enthusiasm that you have is contagious! I am definately excited about finding more races, and can’t wait to hear all of the races that your have on the books.

    1. I am so excited for you!!! I am glad you are enjoying running- it just feels so good when you accomplish something you never thought you could! Can’t wait to run a race with you!

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