Sweet cheeks- ready to run!

Today’s workout: 45 min spin, 15 min core

My little brother took his first spin class a few days ago and said he was more sore than after running The Folsom Four Bridges half marathon last year! If that doesn’t tell ya how kick butt spin is I don’t know what will. Oh wait, yes I do:

Remember these bad boys? Them there are butt pads. They keep your buns protected from the spin bike seat. Where do you think the term “sweet cheeks” was coined? Kidding.

I have a follow up with the run doc during lunch today.  Super excited to finish up treatment and get back to some serious mileage. I have a 5k race on Sunday which is an opportunity to work on speed as long as I am pain free.

Speaking of Sunday’s race, I highly recommend it for anyone that is in the SoCal area. It’s a fast, flat 5k course by the beach that closes with an elite road race that will blow you away. The course is the site of 16 world records and 11 american records. I’m talkin’ SMOKIN’ FAST RUNNERS! The race is split by age groups which is awesome. There is an option to run with each age division and is considered the “All Day 25k”

Info from the site:

Southern California’s favorite 5k celebrates its 26th birthday on April 3, 2011!

The Carlsbad 5000 features a fast and fun seaside course where 16 world records have been set. Both rookie runners and serious speedsters alike enjoy running or walking in one of seven people’s races. Celebrate after your race with two free beers at the Pizza Port Beer Garden! At high noon, witness the elite athletes vie for a lucrative prize purse and a new world record.

  • 16 World Records
  • Beer garden & refreshments
  • Fast & fun course
  • Weekend Health & Fitness Expo
  • Awards and merchandise 3 deep in all age divisions
  • Medals to top 250 finishers in each individual run
  • New Balance technical t-shirts and swag bags for all participants

There is registration at the expo so if you are interested click HERE for more info!


2 thoughts on “Sweet cheeks- ready to run!

  1. ah, I love southern california and wish I was there. I lived there for 5 years as an undergrad, and now I’m in the northern half…

    plus, the sound of a 5k scares me. I’m comfy with longer distances where I don’t have to sprint my eyes out…

    1. I am from NorCal but moved to SoCal for my undergrad and never left! You live where my heart is 🙂 I am with you on 5ks- that is why I only do 2 a year and it’s a family affair. 5k runners are crazy fast!

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