Confession Monday

Ok, I’ll admit it. I ran today. Yup, I did. I know, I know, I am supposed to wait until AFTER I see the doc tomorrow. It was just too hard to resist when I stepped out of bed with NO PAIN this morning. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m healed but it does mean I am almost there.

So, with caution I got in a 4 miler! I really focused on posture and how I felt. NO PAIN. I really could have gone further but knew that I shouldn’t so at 4 miles I cooled down and hit the weights.

I really do feel like a dude when I hit the frees. Today when I looked in the mirror I reminded myself that I need to wear a shirt with sleeves when I lift weights. It’s ridiculous. At least it’s mostly women at the gym at 5 am!

So I am going to have a really ROUGH day at work. I’ll explain more later, however, if you can say a little prayer I would appreciate it.

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