Race Recap- Safari Park Half Marathon

After 6 short hours of sleep the alarm went off at 4 am and I got myself ready to go. Maureen picked me up at 5:10 and we were on our way.

The race started at the Safari Park in Escondido, CA. It was 45 degrees at the start with patchy fog. With the time change it was DARK when we got there so using the porta potty was INTERESTING. I don’t think I need to go into details. We met up with my parents, took a few snap shots and headed to the start line.

Yup, that’s what 4 am looks like. SCARY.

If you look past the start banner you see mountains and what looks like a lake. That’s FOG. Crazy huh? We started in the clear and ran into that soupy soup.

I planned to run this race with my Dad and Maureen. We all started together and cruised for almost 5k when I lost them. This was a narrow, HILLY course with 2800 runners. It was a stampede. When I looked back and didn’t see them I decided to just go. But before I left I tried to get photos…be warned these are HORRIBLE!

I was running backwards to take this shot. Wish I had a steady hand!

This blurry madness is Maureen and my Dad. Again, I was running backwards. You would think I’d get it down. Nope. Blurs.

When I say this was a hilly course I’m talking HIILY. The first half was a butt kickin’ continuous climb, but it was beautiful!!!

The sun coming up…

Look, a running vulture!

I don’t remember what mile this was at but it’s a lake full of Flamingos.

The second half of the race was a little more forgiving. We got some downhill which was awesome. It allowed me to make up time from starting with the masses.

So exciting to know I was near the end…and then I forgot to take a picture at the finish line. Ooops!

My final time was 1:48:12. I had negative splits after running with the heard. I didn’t expect to finish under 1:50 so I was stoked! That was NOT an easy run by any means! Maureen finished around 2:11 and my Dad 2:22! Nice work guys!!! Love you!

As promised- the shirt and medal:

Isn’t the back awesome?

Now it’s time to head to the grocery store and get the laundry done!

5 thoughts on “Race Recap- Safari Park Half Marathon

  1. It was a beautiful yet challenging course. After only a few hours of sleep and walking some of the hills I did better than I expected! Next up Carlsbad 5000 in 3 weeks and then La Jolla two weeks after that! A couple days of rest and I will be back in action! You did awesome today! It was fun hanging out at the park afterwards too.

  2. AWESOME job guys!! How do you wear a tank top when you can see fog in the distance? I am such a wimp when it comes to cold and ALWAYS hot about a mile into my run. 🙂 You guys rocked it!!

    You are right, the back of the shirt is super awesome!! 🙂

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