Packet Pick Up Complete

Around 10:30 this morning I packed up the fam and we headed to Road Runner Sports for the Safari Park Half Marathon Expo:

The race directors were smart to have the packet pickup here. Each runner HAD to go inside to check in, which leads to just “looking” and then “needing one last thing.”

Apparently there are a lot of runners that have last names starting with M-Z!

After checking and getting my bib and timing tag I was sent outside to get my shirt:

The shirts are AWESOME. Bright orange. I’m talking they might glow in the dark bright orange. LOVE. I will share a photo post race along with the medal.

I gathered my stuff and directed my photog (hubs) to snap a shot of me with my bib:

Please excuse my man arms. I need to get off of the roids. Really.

So this was more of a pick-up-your-packet-and-buy-stuff-from-roadrunner than an expo. That benefitted me and my wallet…although I was hoping that Injinji would be there with socks. Maybe tomorrow at the finish line??

Now it’s time to ice and stretch and chill. Hubs is getting the grill fired up for the State game (GO AZTECS) and I need to get my stuff organized for the morning. Only a genius like me (3,499 other people) would sign up to run a race on daylight savings. That’s right, we lose an hour tonight. Get the coffee ready people. Mama needs to be up at 4 am, which is really 3am. Well, not really, but it my head it is.



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