Got Grit?

Today’s Workout:  Chillaxin. After yesterday’s butt kicking hills mama needs a day off. We will have more race chat later this afternoon!

It’s Monday and I am going to be in meeting heaven today. Ahhhh a day in the life of the fabtastic corporate woman.

Before I head on into Awesometown, I thought I would share some info to get you off your bootie this week. My Grandpa Joe always said if someone had spunk and “brains” it got that person ahead in the world. He called it “Moxie.” Gotta love the old school way! Anywho,  I was reading an article in Women’s Health Magazine on Friday night that talked about this exact concept.  The article focused on GRIT. You know, that burning fire inside of you that keeps you determined to conquer your goal(s). It’s your inner bad ass that will not let you give up no matter what the circumstance…even when you have a bad day.

Let’s face it, we are not going to love what we do all of the time. There are days where I feel like beating the heck out of running. You know, the days where everything seems to go wrong. My shoes come untied, I’m tired, the sidewalk is uneven, the sun is too hot. Trust me, I can go on!  I sometimes think my relationship with running is on the rocks- and then I bust out a sub 7 minute mile and that fire inside is reignited. Where I run and it feels effortless because I am determined. GRIT.

Surviving those tough days is what makes me a better runner. It keeps me focused and passionate about what I do. I am nowhere close to where I want to be, but small victories keep me going. I know it could take years for me to get to where I want to be and I am ok with that. It’s the NOW that I am focused on. GRIT.

So, do you have passion? Can you persevere and achieve long-term goals? IT’S TIME TO GET GRITTY!!!!


One thought on “Got Grit?

  1. You mean GRIT like my crappy day at the gym last week when ALL odds were against me and I still finished my run. LOL (let’s not go into details!!)

    I had a GRIT run yesterday too, didn’t bring water, had to stop and use the Walgreen’s restroom, knee pain 2 miles out of my goal for the day. I did what I had to do to finish (.5 miles sooner then I wanted to) and felt AWESOME at the end. Now today, NOT so AWESOME!! My knees are killing me but finishing .5 miles short of my goal has me hungry for my next long run……and REST today. 🙂

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