Tuesday Bach Talk!

Today’s workout: 45 min spin, core. I see the doc at noon PDT- fingers crossed!


It’s Tuesday and that means 2 things:

1. Tomorrow is national running day! If you want to save some serious dinero on a RNR race get on the ball and register!  Click HERE for more info.

2. It’s time to discuss last night’s episode of The Bachelorette!!!


After meeting all the dudes last week it was time for Ashley to start her “dates.”  Last night started off with a one-on-one with William:

He received the date card asking him to “come make a splash” in Vegas. Ok, this lead me to believe they would be doing some sort of pool party/water something or another. However, when he landed they headed to a cake place and full on went through the motions of planning a wedding. UM AKWARD.  From cake tasting to trying on rings to going to the little white chapel she put this dude on the spot. When Ashley walked out in a little white dress with a minister I think he started to freak.  Poor guy was sweating bullets (He must have forgotten that there are 17 other dudes back at the house in LA). They start the vows and then Ash tells him they are not going through with it. She then whisks him away to a dinner on the water at the Bellagio (I guess this was the “make a splash” part?). The two have dinner and then get into a conversation about both of their father’s being alcoholics. Just as things were getting a little too sad the water show at the Bellagio conveniently started. Perfect opportunity for them to make out and people to cheer them on. YEAH, that was scripted AT ALL.

She ends up giving William a rose and says she really likes him. 

** There was a point where he told her he wants to be a stand up comedian one day. Total foreshadow for next weeks “Ashley Roast.”  Word is he totally lays into her. Wonder if he will be around much longer…

Meanwhile back at the pad the remaining dudes get the next date card. Time for a group date Vegas style. Headed to sin city: Constantine, Ryan M., Chris, Ben F., Nick, Bentley, Lucas, Ames, West, Steven, Blake, Matt.

When the boys arrive in Vegas they head to a theater to watch the Jabbawockeez perform!! Ok, this would be a date that I would love…not so sure about a bunch of non-dancing dudes. As they sit and watch the show Ashley sneaks away and then appears on stage. She announces that the group of guys will be split up to choreograph a routine. The winners would stay in Vegas, perform on stage in front of a live audience and then hang out the rest of the night with Ash. The losers would head back to LA.

The winning group was: Blake, Bentley, West, Ben F.,  Nick and Lucas.

They all have dinner and then Ashley announces she is giving BENTLEY a rose. I will not go into what that doucher says on camera, however, I don’t feel sorry for Ashley. She was warned. SHE IS AN IDIOT FOR KEEPING HIM AROUND.  In my opinion the producers had this set up from the start. There has to be a “villain” right? When Ashley told Chris Harrison she was warned about Bentley they probably asked her to please keep him around. RATINGS BABY RATINGS.

The final one-on-one date was decided by the flip of a coin and went to Mickey:

He met Ash in Vegas like the rest. They picked out a bottle of wine and had dinner at Mandalay Bay with a surprise performance by Colbie Calliet. Mickey opened up to Ashley about his deceased Mom. At the end of the date she had him flip a coin to determine if he got a rose. Hubs said it was lame. I agreed.  He ended up with a rose after winning the coin toss. Ashley said she would have given him one regardless. STILL LAME.

We wind up at the rose ceremony where she still keeps the masked man around. Whatever. I can’t imagine The Lone Ranger will be around much longer. Crap like this gets old fast. Dudes are over it, Ashley seems like she is over it (producers involved?) and I am over it.  Someone send in Tonto so they can ride off and fight injustice somewhere in LA County.

The following guys were eliminated: Ryan M, Matt, and Stephen.


It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t noticed a CLEAR favorite yet.  She did chat with JP before the rose ceremony so I bet a one-on-one with him is coming soon. We shall see!

Let me hear it:

What did you think about last night’s show?

Do you see a favorite yet?

Do you want to yell “High Ho Silver” and send the Lone Ranger packing?!?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Bach Talk!

  1. this season is hard to watch…I think Ashley is a lamewad. the guy at the bellagio date really is a “ding-dong”. I don’t like any of the guys so far except for JP….he’s adorable. in the end, my dislike for Ashley is strong enough that I think Bentley is a hoot. at least someone is honest and entertaining to the camera (Ashley = fake, bland, bleeee)

  2. I completely agree about Bentley. I really do think she is keeping him around for the sake of ratings. Drama = higher ratings. Meh, whatever. Hopefully she finds a keeper!

  3. Had to skip reading your post ’til today since I didn’t get to watch it until last night!

    I don’t know what to say about Bentley. Clearly he is a butthole. I just don’t know how big of one yet. Looks like he is bowing out next episode so I think that makes him less of a jerk than Wes from Jillian’s season. But a jerk nonetheless.

    William got really annoying at the end during the rose ceremony. Not sure if I like him or not.

    I think JP might be a favorite.

  4. sorry for the delayed response…. but I wanted to put my 2 cents in… first off

    1) Mickey, not really liking him. I mean I don’t hate him, but he seems to be missing something up there in his head. He seems like a total ditz. Cute boy, but nothing there.

    2) William – Nice guys finish last, and I think this may the case with William. He is sweet, take home to mom kinda guy but he lacks that edge.

    and lastly, Bentley – isn’t that your dogs name??? so appropriate for this douche bag. I mean come on… I guess he never plans on getting a decent girl after this show because any girl in their right mind would never date him if they saw how he treats girls.

    so I will step down off my soap box and wait for next week.

  5. Cyn, I am not feeling Mickey either. There is just something that is off- KWIM? Bentley makes me want to barf. Like Chacha said I think he excuses himself next week- THANK THE LORD!

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