4 days.

Happy National Running Day! Have you registered for a Rock N Roll race yet? No?! Well, get off your hiney and do it! Maybe this will be your first shot at a half? Or a full? You only live once so GO FOR IT!!!


*San Diego, Vegas and Seattle are excluded.


So I “slept in” until 5:30 am. Full.rest.day. Clock keeps ticking. RNR is almost here. I have a score to settle with Fiesta Island. Signs up all over town with the street closure info. Heart is pounding. Not sure if foot is ready. Worried. I know this course. I run most of it every weekend. Why I am freaking out? Excited!!!

Weather is going to be SWEET! Cloudy in the morning, 50 degrees, slight chance of drizzle. Sun in the afternoon. YES! Just hoping the breeze is actually a “breeze” and not “wind.” There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Please cooperate mother nature. Please. Just for one day!

4 days.


6 thoughts on “4 days.

  1. Full rest day for me to girfriend!! I’m the same as you before races. I start to get anxious. Every marathon always feels like the first. So many things run through the brain…”Am I ready??” “Can I do this??”… “I’m going to do this!!” Power of positive thinking right!! You’re foot WILL be fine!! You’re going to do great!!

    Sounds like perfect weather!! YAY!! I’ll take a tail wind but, no direct wind!! 🙂

    “HAVE A HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!” see ya soon!! 🙂

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