Sunshine, coffee and socks

Gooooooood Morning! After getting hit with hail around 5ish last night I figured we may be in for another soggy day. I was WRONG! It’s clear as can be, the sun is shining and I’ve got coffee brewing. Sounds like a start to a fantabulous day, no?

Isn’t this a pretty pic of the bay? Photo is courtesy of the hubs.

I really wish I was doing the above, however, I’ve got a lot of laundry and grocery shopping to do today. This is going to sound weird but everyone in my house keeps saying that they are hungry. Whaaaat?  So it’s going to be a fill the fridge/pantry morning. If I can get everyone squared away I may get a few miles in later this afternoon. After yesterday’s downpour a day in the sun sounds soooo good.

Since I am on the subject of running in rain, I got an email from reader Lynne in PA. She asks:

“Do you get blisters  from running in wet socks/shoes?”

I am lucky (bragging), we do not get a TON of rain so I have only had to run in wet socks a handful of times. I did NOT get blisters yesterday. Proper shoes and socks helped, but I also think it was mostly LUCK since I was as SOAKED. I am talking ankle-deep puddles. Ugh.

As far as socks go I currently have a love affair with these babies:

Wet or dry I have never had a single blister when wearing them. They are Injinji performance micro socks. I call them my glove socks. Each toe has its own home. I think they freak people out but I don’t care. They are AWESOME. I can’t say enough good. They wick sweat away, snug in the right spots, don’t slip and are so comfortable. Plus, I can take my shoes off post running and throw flops on and sport a super tacky look.

I would say go try a bunch of different socks on, get fitted for the right shoes and you too can be blister free for the most part.

Okey dokey, time to get my hiney in gear for the day. Apparently the kids don’t want coffee for breakfast.

P/S Nick Vujicic is a guest speaker at my church today. This man is unbelievable. If you would like to watch the live stream of him preachin’ to us today, clicky HERE. It will be like you are sitting in the sanctuary next to me, but not really.








2 thoughts on “Sunshine, coffee and socks

  1. You should ask Ricky to do a guest spot on your blog for the Vibrams (5 finger toe shoes) HE LOVES THEM!! And has been running in the for 3 months now, pre and post knee surgery. He loves them so much he now has 2 pairs, one for treadmill only and the other for outdoor running. Kinda off topic but thought of it when I saw your sockies. He’s trying to get me to get a pair but you loose millage when you first start training in them and I don’t think I can mentally handle that right now. LOL

    1. That would be great for people that are interested in minimalist running! My brother runs short mileage in them too. Whats up with tall peeps wearing nothing when running? I got hurt running in minimalist shoes last year so I am sketch on it. I have read both sides of the benefits so I wear them on non-running days to strengthen my feet. If he wants to let me know and I’ll shoot him an email!!

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