Rain Run- DONE.

Today’s Rainy Day Run: 11.31 miles, 1:26- rolling hills, rainy, no music

This is post run soakness. Check out the naps:

Post prom hair has nothing on this pony. Next time I’ll be sporting a braid.

So the first few miles were rolling hills and it was raining pretty hard. Once I neared downtown I got a good mile of downhill recovery which was nice. A homeless man high-fived me. Bonus.

I got a few flat miles in and some protection from building awnings. The only bummer about running downtown is hitting red lights. Oh, and knowing that I ran downhill to get there so going back is all uphill! I guess that’s 2 bummers, not 1.

I really thought this was going to be a better picture. Blame it on the rain goggles and the fact that I just had 2 straight miles of uphill. This is the park coming up 6th street. It’s beautiful- if you get a good pic!

Rain run done. I wanted to get in a few more miles but I’ll take it. If I would have gone any longer I would have floated home.

Time to get ready for the game!!! LETS GO STATE!!! Just because I like to make fun of myself, here is a photo circa 1997 for your enjoyment:




One thought on “Rain Run- DONE.

  1. You are nutso and your hair is a mess!! And I already told you this but that is the coolest beanie I have ever seen. 🙂

    I’m running 7 miles (well gonna try) tomorrow because it’s suppose to be clean and warmer. Sounds better then freezing cold like it was today. The hail and snow was still in our flower beds this morning from yesterday afternoon. Call ya tomorrow and tell you how I do! XOXO

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