A Week In Review

What have I been doing since this?

We drove back to SoCal on Monday and picked up these crazies

By Tuesday morning I was back to 10 hour work days. Good times.

Wednesday I ran an easy 4 miler and then decided to take the rest of the week off to recover. And work. A lot. Boo.

It’s so weird how a 4 day work week feels 10 times longer than a 5 day work week.

And then Friday arrived. And it was magical. Time for our annual “Friends Christmas Party/Gift Exchange/Kid Free Party.”

Prepare yourself for our SUPER CHEEEEEEESE

Some of our peeps. We are a chatty group. It’s hard to contain us.

Gift stealing. I mean really, who wouldn’t want a Hello Kitty toaster? This was a no brainer.

For the record I came home with a bag full of hair products. Freaking awesome!

The three amigos. We have been friends with “Kracken” for what feels like forever. We have had some seriously awesome times together. Last night we made a pact to be friends forever. That’s the five-year-old in me. I needed a pinky swear.

Finally the clock struck all of 11:00 pm and the grandma in me was ready for bed. OK, we actually had to peace out because I had just enough cash in my wallet to pay the babysitter.


This morning was my day to lead the devotional at our usual Saturday runs at The Rock. On a whopping 6 hours of sleep I shared the story of my miracle daughter…and then busted out 10 miles.





5 thoughts on “A Week In Review

  1. Love you guys, Love Kracken, Love your Miracle Daughter and Love your Awesome son too!! MAN I hate being so far away. I hope your life is returning back to normal after Vegas cuz mine sure as heck isn’t. My house is so upside down right now, I am tired just thinking about it. 10 miles, what’s that?? 🙂

    1. Work is crazy but things around the house are good 🙂 I have to travel for work this week on top of roundtables for rating/ranking so I will have no life. Sigh. At least Christmas is almost here! Hooray! xoxo

  2. Christmas party looks like fun!

    YES…why do 4 day work weeks feel like forever?! Ugh. And I have a couple of those coming up soon. 🙂

    Yay on the 10 miles! I can’t wait to work my way back up to those…very very slowly, though cause I do not want another injury.

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