Why Hello Friday.

All Over The Place

My mind is a little scattered on this beautimus Friday so puh-lease bear with me this morning…or bare with me this morning if that’s how you roll.

—–> Today is the LAST day to vote to name our Ragnar Team(s)!

SkinnyRunner, Chacha, Margot, OUAL, Pam and MOI

Heather, Becka, Rose, Kat, Prettie Fittie, Kate & Ang, Monica, Broke Runner, Madison, Elisabeth and Danica!

Soooo if you haven’t already done so head on over to OUAL’s page and get after it.

The voting so far is as follows:

Name Our Ragnar Team(s)!
No Dudes, 12 (/24) Boobs  7.67%  (128 votes)  
Foxes with Sockses  4.25%  (71 votes)  
“Hello Haters” on front, “Goodbye, Haters” on back  5.33%  (89 votes)   
The Un-Sausage Fest  2.04%  (34 votes)   
We thought they said ruM  18.75%  (313 votes) 
’6 runners short of a Ragnar Team’ (ultra only)  0.9%  (15 votes)  
Team #Winning  2.64%  (44 votes)  
We were promised more cowbell  2.52%  (42 votes)  
I’m Only Running This Fast Because I Have to Pee  2.88%  (48 votes)   
So Much Cooler Online  53.03%  (885 votes)   
Total Votes: 1,669
It looks like “So Much Cooler Online” is running away with it. Totally appropriate since we all know I am a huge goober in real life. I’m not even cool online but I’ll take it! 🙂

Speaking of Ragnar we are having a little kick-off soiree tomorrow for out teams so be prepared for a butt-ton of photos all over blogland of us runners shoving our faces with pizza. And maybe OUAL doing a reverse keg stand or two…just sayin. 

Today’s Workout

——-> 27 min of the crazy moving stair monster, 1.1 mile cool down run (about 9 1/2 min), 35 min of core/push ups/stretching

The moving stairs and I went to battle this morning. Started at a level 12 and finished on level 17. Made it 3.4 miles in 27 minutes and looked like I got sprayed with a hose by the time I was done. Gross. That’s what I get for wearing yoga pants and a cotton nutrition zone shirt this morning. Although comfy it was a bad decision. I was roasting. And likely extremely unattractive. Sorry people, that’s what you get at 5 am!

I have found that incorporating those crazy stairs in my workout helps keep my cardio up much more than, say, the elliptical.  Maybe it’s because I spent most of college on the elliptical so it just doesn’t require as much effort. Plus, for whatever reason, that darn machine makes my feet go numb. Anyone else?


I have 17-18 miles planned for tomorrow. With a marathon coming up it’s time to go get it! I have been waiting and waiting to be able to do a good, solid, long run. It will be divided up slightly as my first leg will be to my running group and the second leg with them. Originally I was going to run with them first then run home but decided that with my achilles still in limbo it’s not worth the really hard uphill climbs going home. The way out will be rolling and then flat which is manageable.

I will be taking it easy, breaking when I need to, and loving it…or at least I think I will.

Vegas is 9 weeks from Sunday! I have a lot of friends going and many from the Rock Runners that just signed up for the half so Vegas is going to be full of San Diego peeps! I thought more would go for the full but with the 4:30 time limit and most everyone not being used to night running the half is the better option. The strip is going to be one freaking huge running party! Yeeeaaahhhhhh!

Anyone else running Vegas? Full? Half? Anyone going for a PR or a BQ?!?

Ruunnnnerrrsssss High!

Today’s Run

10.3 pain free miles (although my watch said 10.53- slightly off there) 1:15, around 7:17  average pace? Hashtag Awesome. Hashtag I freaking Rocked!


Runners high, runners high, runners high!! Yeah, it wasn’t a super long run. But friends, it was double digits and more importantly: pain free.


Decided to give my old Asics a whirl. The first .25 I felt like I was clunking along. I was a little stiff and had to get used to a bulkier shoe. About a mile in I started to feel good and progressively got faster. When I hit 60 minutes and still felt good I just kept going.

Post run I headed to stretch and the achilles was a little stiff and achy. Buttttttt here I am 5 hours later with NO PAIN. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.Yeeeaaaahhhhhh baby! If this run isn’t confirmation that my Kinvara’s need to be retired I don’t know what is. Time to order some new kicks.


Have You Voted Yet?

Just in case you missed it, please head over to OUAL’s blog to vote on a name for our Ragnar team. It would be totally embarrassing if we had to go nameless so your help is super appreciated!

Help A Runner Out

Fellow blogger, runner and Ragnarer (is that a word?) Elisabeth is taking on the Goofy Challenge in Florida this January. She will be running a half marathon on Saturday the 7th and a full marathon on Sunday the 8th! That’s 39.3 miles in 48 hours people!!! I am envious!

She is training for this madness through TNT and while doing so is raising money to kick blood cancer’s hiney! This cause is super important to me since I lost a friend to AML this year. If you have an extra dollar or two it would be awesome if you could donate to her team. I just did!

To check out her awesomeness and get the deets go visit ELISABETH’S BLOG!

Happy Hump Day

What is on your workout agenda today? Anyone want to run, say, 20 miles with me on Saturday? Ok…maybe not 20, that wouldn’t be too smart while on the mend…maybe 18.





When Injured Eat Dessert!

Sunday’s Race

Was a no go. I set my alarm for 5:45 am to get up and check my Achilles. I had decided that if it was even slightly sore I was not going to run. Got up, walked around, stretched and felt just slight soreness. Made coffee, texted my RPIC that I sadly was not going to make it and chillaxed.

Best. Decision.

Although it was a hard one. I love running. I especially love running short races. Short distances test my fitness and I love seeing how fast I can go. That is the main reason why I bailed on Sunday. That and the fact that my little brother’s best friend just ruptured his Achilles doing track work. Poor guy. That is exactly what I do NOT want to happen.

When I Can’t Run

I bake to make myself feel better.

That, friends, is whole wheat cookie cake. Doesn’t the “whole wheat” part make it sound healthy?! Of course it does and if it’s “healthy” you can have more of it. At least that’s the rule in our house. Life is too short to not enjoy a sweet treat!

I loved it, LD said it was one of the best desserts ever and the kids ate it so fast I’m not sure that they tasted it. I don’t usually post recipes but this one is EASY PEASY and it  NEEDS to be shared!

Here is how you make it:

In a large mixing bowl combine:

1 cup of softened butter

3/4 cup sugar

3/4 cup brown sugar

Once it’s blended beat in 2 eggs and 1 tsp of vanilla

Then slowly add 2 1/4 cups of whole wheat flour

The batter should be sticky and thick

Fold in one cup of mini chocolate chips

Then spread into a 13×9 greased baking pan and pop it into the oven (350 degrees) for 25ish minutes or until you notice it browning on top. Take it out of the oven and then sprinkle some more mini choco chips…or mini m&m’s on top and let it cool.

Serve it up with ICE CREAM!! Or cocoa…or coffee..or by itself. I love desert.

That’s it- so simple and so good!

After Drowning My Injury Sorrows In Desert

I headed to the gym this morning and put in 35 minutes on the moving stairs, followed by 35 min of core and strength training. The stairs kicked my butt and I hope that by rotating that and spin I can keep my cardio up while giving my Achilles a break.

I will be super bummed if I am not ready for Maui. But I think I would be even more bummed if I didn’t chill, seriously injured myself and could not run Vegas in December. It is going to be my best friends first marathon and I plan on being by her side every step of the way. PLEASE GET BETTER ACHILLES. I HAVE TRAINING TO DO!

Happy Monday All!


Momma’s Day Weekend!

Today’s workout: 45 min strength training; 20 min post workout spin cooldown


I literally thought my arms were going to fall off when I was done at the gym this morning. Circuit training is a total butt kicker. In this case an arm kicker. Or an arm twister. Whatever. I was happy to be getting on the bike once it was all said and done.

I am going to be putting together a little posty post this weekend about my arm routine so stay tuned. Remember, I am not a trainer, pro, weight know it all. I will just discuss and post some pics of my sweet moves. Most of the time I have no idea what I am doing. This could be pretty stinking entertaining for some of you! I have gathered workouts from WHM and RW for the past few years and I put them into action.

I will just put it out there now- I plan on turning all of us into super hot running models/zoolanders. All I am asking of you is to just help out with the height thing.  I need several more inches to even be considered for a print ad. And new skin. And hair. That would be great. Thanks.


It’s Mommy’s Day weekend which means we get to celebrate all things MOM! Yipppeeeee!

We will be kicking Sunday morning off with church at The Rock, then off to Azul La Jolla for brunch. This place is the BUSINESS.

Photo courtesy of brigantine.com

We had a fab brunch with my RPIC there after the La Jolla Half Marathon. I think I still dream about the food I had that morning. When I called my Mom to see if she wanted to head there for breakfast I got a “Let’s Do It!” Awww yeah! HELLO CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH ON THE OCEAN!

What did I get my moms for mama’s day? (I have an awesome mother in law in Texas. Hi mom, wish you could be here to join us at the beach!) HA, nice try both of you. I know you both come and read every so often and I am not going to spoil any surprises.

However, if my kids are reading this I just ask that there is NO FIGHTING, WHINING, CRYING on Sunday. I know, that’s a lot to ask. I am a slave driver. What can I say? HIGH EXPECTATIONS.

Newport this weekend!

Today’s workout: 1 mi hill warm up, 45 min spin, 15 min core

This week is going to be a chill week for me. I am feeling really good and want to be cautious going into the OC Marathon. I have no soreness at all from the 21 on Saturday, so now I just hope I can get through 26.2 without an injury. Wouldn’t that be nice?!? I’ll likely do a few short runs and then off to Newport!


I was talking to a friend this weekend who asked me what my plan is for this race. Truth be told I don’t really have one other than to finish. Is that weird? Other than Saturday’s run I haven’t had a really long run since February. My expectations are not high given my foot is at about 95%.  Yes,  I said 95%% Isn’t that AWESOME!?!?!?!? So I am way off base here not having a plan??


I forgot to tell you all that I tested out the new Nike Vomero +6’s on Saturday.

This shoe has changed a LOT over the years. I had the +3’s several years ago and loved ’em, tried the +4’s and hated them so I never gave the +5’s a chance.  I saw  the +6’s out and decided to give em a whirl. They have a wide toe box and really good forefoot cushion! So nice for a forefoot striker like myself. They are nice and light and don’t feel like a lot of the “neutral plus” shoes.  I really was not prepared for how cushy they are- I rotate Brooks and Asics (I love both) but the Vomero is a totally different shoes. I want to test them again for longer distance before deciding if I want to add them to the rotation.