The Expo

Let’s do this…

A few stills:

Messages To The Troops
Name On The Wall
Goodie Bag
Race Shirt

It’s time to head to dinner with Pam and mentally get ready to run. Race weather currently looks like bright sunshine and 39 degrees at the start. As long as the wind doesn’t pick up it should be perfect for all 26.2.

I can’t believe it’s here!


As promised. My morning in about 3 scatterbrainedĀ minutes. I still don’t have our editing software mastered. One day peeps. One day.

Let the VLOG’ing begin!

As promised I will be recording our Ragnar experience! To kick it off here is a little ditty from me. Please excuse my funkiness and the number of time I am “um.” Wow, good thing I bailed on my Ā journalism career.I would be jobless! Oh, and NO I am not sponsored by Starbucks. I should have put the cup down šŸ™‚