Yoga With Friends and a VLOG

Dealing with an injury (no matter how small) can be very frustrating. Whether you are regular at the gym, a crossfit junkie, or you swim, bike or run; finding a way to stay injury free is key. I have had some BIG injury free PR’s this year and am pretty sure I have a big marathon PR coming. Now I just have to focus on being smart and staying healthy so that I can properly train. Do you hear that body of mine? NO INJURIES ALLOWED.


In the past few months I have found a new love in YOGA! Did you know I was originally so scared to take a class? Scared. I had the biggest fear of making a fool of myself and failing. Such a normal fear right? Failure! LAME EXCUSE. I got over that speed bump by going to my first class with my sister and Ashley and now I am loving practicing! It makes me feel strong and I am hoping it helps me resolve some of these little injuries that like to creep up when I am marathon training.

On Saturday I met up with this girl and this girl (and her awesome man) to find my inner OM.

Yikes. Wavy hair that didn’t want to go back and a face still lathered with nighttime beauty cream. Attractive, I know.

We took a one hour Vinyasa class at Lululemon (it was FREE!) that had us sweating our hineys off. It was fab-u-lous. The hardest part is avoiding purchase post class. We all know I have a serious love for Lulu.

Ash and P-Diddy. How cute are they? Awwwwwww

Us in our total natural state of sweatiness. Um, I need to know both of these  girl look gorgeous after an hour workout?!?! 

Kaitlyn is currently training to be a yoga teacher! Maybe she and Chacha can open their own studio and I can be their receptionist. Hear me ladies? I’ll work for free classes 🙂


On Sunday morning I ended up getting 10.25 miles in and then did this with my boy. He freaking cracks me up! If I would have let him he would have given you our address and phone number. Good grief. Enjoy 🙂

Do you practice Yoga?

Have you ever done a VLOG? If so I wanna see!