Back from my blogging hiatus

My last blog post was 3 days before I started my new job. 3 days before my world as I knew it would turn into total chaos. 12 hours days. Long commutes. Inundated. Missing my family. Missing “normal” life. Missing…balance.

Then I took off for SF got to see my BFFL.



And  while I was there I ran this race


IMG_3211 IMG_3219

It was awesome. It was the first time I ran with a pace group and talked to people for the entire 1:40.


And then the kids started school and we had to try to find “balance” again. It’s been hectic. We still haven’t totally figured out our schedule but we’re getting there.

Just a few days after school started my BFFs (and their families) came to the rescue and we had a super fun weekend together. Best friends are like angels. Without wings. They restore balance with lots of love and much needed laughter!

IMG_3372 IMG_3373

And I ran a few more races

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 6.50.35 AM Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 6.54.39 AM

And had fun doing them.

But since then it’s been all business



My coach is a beast!
My coach is a beast!


Long Beach is in 1 1/2 weeks. It’s my brother’s first marathon. And we’re running it together.

That’s right.

Look out world. There is going to be a whole lot of sexy on the race course.


And then there will be some downtime. Yoga has been back in full force. I need it. I have 2 big races coming up in April.


Boston is my A race.  I still can’t believe I’m in. I’M IN! Big Sur is my be one with nature race. I cannot freaking wait.

I’m going to need lots of mental and physical strength. It’s going to be tough. There will be lots of ups and downs and, therefore, lots of blog talk. That’s right. I’m back people. Lots of rad stuff is in store. Hope you’re ready.


Why hello there!

Is it really almost July?! This is insane. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my BQ and now it’s time for fireworks. 2013 is literally going by in a blink. Let’s get caught up, shall we?


My big man graduated Kindergarten. I was so glad that I got to volunteer during his last week of school!


Mini me moved out of the “little kid class” and will officially start Pre-K this fall. So we had a girls day at Disney to celebrate. Bring on the cotton candy…and coffee…


California Adventure earned my love ever since they opened Starbucks.

My FIL came for a visit! It was so good to have him here. We hadn’t seen him since Mama Kay passed so it was NEEDED.


This is my first summer home with the kids. Man, it is so much fun! I am bummed that I missed out getting to do this when they were babies, but I feel so lucky that I am getting to do it now. Focusing on the moment and enjoying it.


I started training with my brother who will be running his first marathon at Long Beach in October. He has finished 2 half marathons but since then has lost more than 80lbs! YES 80!


Isn’t that incredible? We will be getting into double digits this weekend and I’m sure he is REALLY looking forward to me yapping his ears off for hours on end. What?? Good convo makes time fly.


This was the view during a sunrise run this week. Stunning. This is one of the many reasons I love BCOD runs. So quiet and so beautiful.


I’ve gotten back to including strength training in my weekly routine. While I never totally cut it out I did have to scale back during marathon training due to time constraints. It feels so good to feel strong again. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you know I love to hashtag #dowork. What you put into it is what you will get out. Keep a log.When things aren’t going the way you want them to look back at your training and see where you need to adjust.

I am running a 15k on the 4th of July (one of my favorite races) and then will have a month off until the Giant Half. Pretty excited for that race. I am bringing the eye black back. Oh yes, it’s happening.


What are your plans for the 4th? Anyone else running?

– I will definitely be sporting the Red, While and Blue!

Ahhh one last thing before I take off.  I want to leave you with this quote from my pastor. It really hit home for me and as we head into the second half of the year I want to encourage you all take a moment to reflect. Remember what’s important- it will make each day a whole lot easier 🙂

“It’s not about what you have, it’s about what you DO with what you have…What you do with a little is what you will do with a lot…but don’t get so focused on the future that you miss out on the moment” – pastor Matthew Schlesinger


2 Weeks

Ohhh Heeeeeyyyyy: OJAI.

T-2 weeks. That came FAST.

I have been having mixed emotions about this race. On one hand I am ready to go crush 26.2. It’s time for a marathon PR. Not just a few minute PR. A ginormo PR. On the other hand I have pre-race doubt. My heel is till nagging me a bit. That tiny bit of soreness could change the entire outcome of my race. Should I run?  Yes. No. Maybe so. I hate that.  I don’t want to run the race and feel disappointed at the finish. I want to give it my all. So here we are…

The past week (or so) has looked like this:

05/12- 18 miles (11 easy, 7 @ MGP)

05/13- Rest

05/14- Easy Run

05/15- Morning run: W/U, 4×800, C/D- 6.1 miles

              Evening Workout: 1 hr Barre Class

05/16- 30 min Yoga

05/17- Easy Run

05/18- Rest

This weekend I am planning on yoga and my last real long run. Then it’s time to mentally prepare. And taper. Yes. Bring on taper.


Off to drink hot chocolate and put together party bags for my big boys birthday party tomorrow. I know, wild night. Try not to be jealous.

Getting our fit on: Summer is coming.

It is tough to talk about summer being right around the corner when it’s 50 and raining. Hold the phone, it’s raining in SoCal.

Don’t everyone go and freak out at once.

But seriously we are just a few short months away from bathing suit weather and it’s time to get our butts in gear.

During the winter months it’s easy to get out of a normal workout routine. It’s cold and that makes it tough to get out of bed in the morning. Another excuse? It gets dark early so by the time we get home we just want to chill. It can be demotivating right? No more excuses. We just sprang forward and we have a lot more daylight to get our sweat on.


While I run year round getting fit and tone for summer is a whole notha ballgame. My body is USED to running. Therefore it is efficient at it and not much change comes from it. The same would go for someone who is on the elliptical year-round. At first that person will see change and then once his/her bod gets used to it the dreaded “plateau” arrives. BOOOO.

To get fit and tone for summer I have to mix things up. I incorporate strength training that can be done anywhere (think use of own bodyweight: push ups, dips, squats, lunges) and step up my cross training. I once posted about my love affair with my medicine ball and how I work towards a strong core.

These two key workouts remain a constant in my life. Not only do they help prevent injury but they keep me feeling strong.

Ladies, do you feel intimidated by strength training? Maybe you just don’t know where to start. No need to panic. Start slow and ask questions. Workout with a partner. Make like me and tear out workouts from a magazine and try it at home before busting a move at the gym.

If you are a runner get out of your comfort zone and try a new cardio workout. Try spin, the moving stairs or the rowing machine. Sign up for a class. Shake it at Zumba or Hip Hop or get limber and strong at an Xtend Barre or Pure Barre class. Do something different. Make your body work.It will feel SO GOOD!

One thing I do not focus on is the number on the scale. When I focus on staying healthy and feeling fit everything else falls into place. This is JUST ME. It may not work for everyone. One thing in my life that is for certain is a low number on the scale does NOT define my health. 


With constant training comes the need to replenish my body. Saying hydrated and refueling my muscles is key. When I first really started running I kept track of my calories via the Nutrition Data website. It helped me to determine how many calories I needed and if I was staying on track. As time went on I got better at eating clean (very few processed foods), feeling satisfied and seeing results. The better I eat the better I feel. The better I feel the better my runs are. The better I feel the stronger my workouts are. The better I feel the happier I am!

Remember the post on Fruits and Veggies?

They remain the center of every meal I eat. I can build breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks around them. I compliment them with lean protein (I eat a lot of fish) and whole grains. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Making a shopping list and preparing meals in advance saves time. If I can do it you can do too. If you have a slow cooker bust it out! It is amazing what you can create and have ready without doing a whole lot. Just don’t ever starve yourself. If you are hungry, EAT.

I have been told how important it is to drink water for my entire life. Not kidding. When I was a kid I would ask for juice and my Dad would say “Drink water. It will quench your thirst.”  Dads are ALWAYS right. Well almost always 🙂 When we exercise we sweat. Replenishing and rehydrating has to happen. If you have a hard time drinking water (for me it needs to be ice-cold) there are ways to make it easier. I keep Nuun in my purse and in my desk drawer in my office. Not only am I getting much needed water that tastes GOOD I am replacing electrolytes. Hello, bonus. In no way am I saying run out and by Nuun, but if you have a hard time drinking water find a way to make it easier. Remember that fruits and veggies are also a great source of H2O!


As I have mentioned March is National Nutrition Month. If you haven’t already check out the website and get cracking on a healthier you.

Ok peeps, I am headed to Road Runner Sports with my bro and sis-in-law so they can have their gait analyzed and get fitted for new sneaks. So excited to get to run with two of my favorite people. Who wants to take bets on whether or not I walk out with something?

Del Monte Fresh is hosting a pretty sweet shoe giveaway on FB. Deets coming later today. Yes today. Gasp. Two posts in one day while still dealing with home repairs. I know, CRAY.