Rehab Day 1: Operation Work That Booty

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I hit the gym this morning to get my rehab action on so that I can back to busting out miles ASAP.

Pinky McPinkerton here reporting to you live from my gym at 4:55 a.m. Today’s plan was to get some good cardio in to keep me race ready while strengthening my hips and glutes. This little pain in the rear has been a good reminder to me that I need to continue to incorporate strength training at least twice a week. I swear by it.

Operation work that booty is a go.

Started with 32 minutes on the moving stairs. Warmed up at level 12, ended at level 17. I completed 4 miles so if I was running that’s an 8 min pace. I’ll take it. I got through this with no pain so I am hopeful that the stairs will keep me in good cardio shape!

I then moved on to the open training room and did work (and may have pictured Dovlett yelling at me to get it done. just maybe):

6 sets of hip abductions
6 sets of leg lifts
6 sets of hip extensions
20 min of core: side and traditional planks, crunches, stability ball knee tucks (traditional and side) Stretched and foam rolled to cool down.

I am determined to get rid of this lame hip/butt annoyance. Watch out J-Lo, I may be the new VP of  Bubble Butts when I am done. I don’t think the world is ready for that. HA!


I still plan on running Tink this weekend unless my butt says no. What? You’ve never heard someone talk out of their……oh…wait…awww man….

When I Feel Fit I Feel Strong!

Today’s Workout

40 minutes spin, 15 min stretching/core, 25 min upper body strength training.

There is a girl who runs on a TM pretty close to me at the gym. This morning we both ended up in the group class room stretching and doing core so I decided to pick her brain. What? I can’t help it. I tend to be a chatty patty! We got on the topic of strength training and she told me she loves to run (she does a lot of 5k races) but hates to strength train. She said that every time she adds it into her routine it actually slows down her race times. Wait, huh?! This totally confused me. Has anyone else lost time in races from strength training? This is the first person I have heard this from so now my wheels are turning!

I love strength training. It makes me feel strong even if I can’t lift more than 10lb free weights! I add it into my workouts at least twice a week and have never found it to be detrimental to my running. If anything it helps me to prevent injuries.

Thoughts on this? I keep meaning to do another strength training post and just haven’t got around to it!

Speaking Of Preventing Injuries

My left Achilles is still sore. It is much better than it was yesterday but the ache is still lingering. Insert GINORMO sad face. I have been icing and compressing and only stretching slightly. I read that overstretching it can actually make it worse. EEEEEK.

Does anyone have any suggestions on strengthening my Achilles? I am working on my calf muscles/stretching but I am thinking there has got to be other exercises to help. I have a 4 mile race this Sunday and as long as there is little to no pain I plan on running. I just don’t want it to get worse. I am really looking forward to my races in MAUI and have some serious marathon training to do for VEGAS! I cannot afford an injury right now! Wait, we can never afford to be injured, right?!

Just For Laughs

This picture just expresses my complete frustration with my race on Sunday the best.  Yes I like to share ugly race photos

Doesn’t it look like I am saying ” REALLY? A HILL? REALLY?” It also looks like I am not moving. Niiiicccceeeeee!

Again, any recommendations on how to strengthen my Achilles would be greatly appreciated!

Giveaway winner, emails, celebrity chat…

Today’s Run: 2 mi w/u, 6×400 (400m RI), C/D. TM Run, varying incline from .5%-2%. Total miles: 6

Giveaway Winner:

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max:4  Result: 1

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AMY! Congrats girl. Email me at and let me know what candles you want. I will take a picture and post it here before it gets mailed off to you 🙂

Pre-Race Emails:

The past week I have been getting blasted with pre-race emails. I thought it was weird because usually there is one “final” email and then one from photogs reminding runners to “SMILE :)”.

I read each one word for word making sure I have my ducks in a row for this weekend. Then this morning when I got yet another one I was confused. Why am I getting bombed with so many emails for one race. Then it dawned on me…they are for 2 different races. DUH. I wonder when I would have noticed that they are giving completely different instructions…I swear I was reading them!!! Maybe I was skimming…or maybe I should put my glasses on instead of squinting.

It’s a good thing I figured it our or I may have gone to La Jolla on Sunday morning instead of bus pick up at the Zoo!

Strength Training:

It’s been awhile since I did a strength training post. I am gathering together some recent workouts and will do a post sometime this week! I may also include some speed work info. I read an awesome article yesterday about the benefits of speed work on a treadmill! I thought this would be great info to share as many people will benefit from this type of training during the winter when runners tend to stay indoors…unless you live in So Cal!

Star Struck? Moi?:

I am not one that gets super star struck. Well, maybe sometimes. Many of my clients are celebrities so getting to talk to someone I LOVE is not out of the ordinary. However, this morning I texted LD when we received a report from a super celeb. I WAS SO INTRIGUED! Probably because this person is educated and had worked hard for years. This person never had anything handed to him/her. I so WISH I could tell you who it is!! I have a signed confidentiality agreement so I am not allowed to talk about my clients. My company is smart like that.

Speaking of celebs, do you all consider reality stars celebrities? Should they be viewed as equals to A-listers? We all know I love reality TV but that is because it’s mindless entertainment. Not because the people on them are fabulous actors. It is amazing to me the demands that some of them make to get paid the big bucks…and they do!! What am I doing working my butt off for my salary when I could make it in just one episode of a “reality show…”

Making It Happen

Today’s Workout: 45 min spin, 30 min medicine ball workout.

Today was a run rest day which was a good thing. The gym was on and poppin’ at 5:00 this morning. Where did everyone come from? I saw at least 6 people at the gym this morning running on treadmills all in Rock N Roll tech shirts. Looks like everyone is finally getting geared up for June 5th! I guess better late than never right?? All of those people will likely kick my hiney that weekend! Go figure 🙂


I am going to split up my post about my totally unorganized strength training into segments. What I was previously putting together was too long, and frankly, a hot mess. Beings that I am not a trainer and typically have no idea what I am doing this should be interesting! I fly by the seat of my pants. It works for me so if it will work for someone else let’s make it happen!

Photo courtesy of exploding dog.

Tonight I will kick it off with the trusty medicine ball. WARNING: I am not the best at explaining exercises. I will do my best with the photos!! If you are a visual learner like me than they should help…maybe. Did I tell you I am not the best photog either? LD is in charge tonight so if you don’t get it just blame the hubs. Sorry honey, we have to blame someone. Happy wife = happy life.

Don’t give me the Donald

Today’s Run: 6 mile tempo on the TM (1 mi easy w/u, 4 mi 7:30, 1 mi easy c/d)

I made an executive decision to bring back tempo runs and speed work into the routine. Now that I am on the mend I need more quality runs rather than janky, pokey miles. The fact of the matter is I go all mental on myself and will go slow forever in fear of getting injured. It’s silly and doesn’t help me improve at all. It felt so good to be running sub 8 min miles again!

I go to the doc at 12:30 today to check out the foot. I think I am going to have him work some magic on the ankle. Yesterday it was pretty dang sore until I somehow popped something and it felt so much better. Maybe my ankle was out? I taped it this morning and it’s a heck of a lot better, but it’s still sore. It’s been a week but this baby will likely linger.


I am still working on the strength training post. It’s a work in progress peeps. I didn’t think it would take me as long as it has. I need to trim down some of the info. Complicated right? That or I am just a total ding bat. Or both. Yeah, probably both. Thank goodness I don’t work in the IT department for my company. I would get the Donald instantly


Did anyone watch the celebrity apprentice last night? I saw the first hour and then fell asleep. I don’t think I have ever seen someone cry as much as Meatloaf did (is it just me or does it sound weird if you say meatloaf several times in row? Meatloaf, meatloaf, meatloaf. Weird). He literally cried the whole hour. Bless his heart.

Back in action!

Today’s Workout: 40 min spin; abs/glutes/hammy’s/hips

It felt so good to get back in the gym! No running this morning due to a little soreness still lingering in my right ankle from rolling it twice on Sunday. After it happened the first time you would think that I would pull my head out of my hiney and pay attention to the road. Nah, that would be too easy. When it happened the second time I almost went down. I kind of wish a photographer would have snapped a photo of it just so we could all laugh. I don’t mind you all laughing at my expense!

The plan to strengthen my glutes, hammys, quads and hips was put into action today. My hope is that this workout will help with my power, turn over and endurance. I am determined to master the marathon- even if it takes me until I am 100 years old!

US Olympian Keith Brantly was quoted saying:

Any idiot can train himself into the ground; the trick is working in training to get gradually stronger

Such a true statement! Now if I could only remind myself of this more often. On the topic of crazy over training, have I told you about the lady at my gym that has little competitions with those working out around her? No? Ahhhh, sounds like we need story time soon. I don’t think she trumps the awesomeness of my Rite Aid adventures…yet.


Thursday Adventure Run!

Today’s workout: 40 min spin bike, 25 min strength training.

Do you ever have a morning when you wake up and don’t know what day it is? That was me today. What made it even more confusing was that the weather girl on Fox 5 kept showing the extended day forecast with today in it. She never does that. Why would she do that? It was as if she was in on the joke. So after going back and forth with myself about what day it is my 40 minutes was up on the spin bike. Yikes, that’s frightening. BLONDE IS ONLY A BOTTLE AWAY


I have a follow up with the good doc at 12:30 and then after work I am off to…

I have been looking forward to this all week!! This is the run where we meet up at RoadRunner Sports, get a map and then run around town collecting raffle tickets. There may be obstacles this time and if so I am hoping we get to hula hoop!!! How fun would that be? Run, shake it, get a raffle ticket or two, off to the next stop!

RRS does this event right. Sponsors set up in the parking lot around 5 pm. Runners check in and then get to try out new gear (and even get to test products while out on the run). Close to 6 pm they bring out a map so that runners know where to head to get raffle tickets. They then give everyone 1 hour to run, get the goods and then be back for the after party. There is approximately $3000 in prizes raffled off along with a beer garden, music and FUN!

If you are a local please come join us tonight. If you can’t make it this month plan on joining us in May! It’s the second Thursday of each month. Your chances of winning a sweet prize are pretty high plus the weather will only get nicer as we get closer to summer!

Be Buff

IMMMMMM BBBAAAACCCCCCCKKKKK. Fully rested and ready to rock. I have been in a freaky funk since Sunday and my Feng Shui was all off.  Thank to my new memory foam pillows Zen has been restored. 

I would like to thank Costco for providing me with an excellent’s night sleep. Without my new pillows I would still be Captain Crabby.


I have a follow up with the doc today to check out the foot. I have put in 16 miles since Saturday and I have very little soreness. I am AFRAID of jacking it up at the La Jolla half this Sunday and here is why:

The Grinch mountain at mile 6. It looks like it’s straight up because it is. Actually, the start of the hill winds around a bend and then it’s straight climbing. It is totally doable but my foot may not agree. When I ran hills  2 weeks ago it popped my arch and heel out completely. I have been doing strengthening exercises to prevent it from happening, but nothing is guaranteed.


Strength training is huge for me. It’s the one thing that helps me to stay in shape (is it wrong that my hubs calls me the situation? um YES) and prevents major injury. It’s hard to find the time to do it but I encourage you to make the effort, even if it’s in small sets throughout the day. Runners can be buff too…just not Arnold buff…that would slow us waaaaaay down.

Do you incorporate strength training in your workouts? If so, has it helped to improve your overall fitness? If not, why not?