Help A Runner Out!


But friends that also have a freakish love of running make the addiction seem totally normal. You know, the friends that suggest going for a long run to chat and then go out to eat afterwards. The friends that talk about compression tights, repeats and can somehow convince you it’s a good idea to register for a zillion races all over the place. The friends who will not let you quit no matter how terrible the last run was. Yeah, those friends.

I have made so many great friends through running/blogging. I chat with a lot of runners on a daily basis that I have never met. And you know what? They are awesome peeps! The best part of the running community is that everyone is so friendly and encouraging. 

With that I know that there are some peeps out there  that can help another runner out! Reader AMY (who has somehow survived my crazy blog for several months) has been battling runner’s knee that just will not quit! She desperately wants to break-up with this injury and get back to pounding pavement.  Does anyone have any advice?!

I think she has done the ice, ibuprofen, stretching/strengthening hammy’s/quads. What else?!

Please help AMY!


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