Rain Rain Go Away

I am all for rainy fall weather. Love it. Until I have to run. Then I prefer a mist. Or better yet, just clouds. Is that too much to ask? 

When I tell you that it’s raining this morning I mean real rain. Not sprinkles. And when it rains like this even if I wanted to run in it LD says it’s off-limits. Glad he worries about me sometimes 🙂

I have been patiently waiting since 4:50 a.m. pacific time. 


Yes I need to clean my house and get my hair done. It will happen one day.

I’m giving it another 15 and then I am heading for the gym. I did not think my last 20 plus miler would be indoors on a TM. GO AWAY RAIN!

P/S Giveaway will be announced late this afternoon. If you are in SoCal or will be here in a few weeks there is a race entry up for grabs!