Why Hello Friday.

All Over The Place

My mind is a little scattered on this beautimus Friday so puh-lease bear with me this morning…or bare with me this morning if that’s how you roll.

—–> Today is the LAST day to vote to name our Ragnar Team(s)!

SkinnyRunner, Chacha, Margot, OUAL, Pam and MOI

Heather, Becka, Rose, Kat, Prettie Fittie, Kate & Ang, Monica, Broke Runner, Madison, Elisabeth and Danica!

Soooo if you haven’t already done so head on over to OUAL’s page and get after it.

The voting so far is as follows:

Name Our Ragnar Team(s)!
No Dudes, 12 (/24) Boobs  7.67%  (128 votes)  
Foxes with Sockses  4.25%  (71 votes)  
“Hello Haters” on front, “Goodbye, Haters” on back  5.33%  (89 votes)   
The Un-Sausage Fest  2.04%  (34 votes)   
We thought they said ruM  18.75%  (313 votes) 
’6 runners short of a Ragnar Team’ (ultra only)  0.9%  (15 votes)  
Team #Winning  2.64%  (44 votes)  
We were promised more cowbell  2.52%  (42 votes)  
I’m Only Running This Fast Because I Have to Pee  2.88%  (48 votes)   
So Much Cooler Online  53.03%  (885 votes)   
Total Votes: 1,669
It looks like “So Much Cooler Online” is running away with it. Totally appropriate since we all know I am a huge goober in real life. I’m not even cool online but I’ll take it! 🙂

Speaking of Ragnar we are having a little kick-off soiree tomorrow for out teams so be prepared for a butt-ton of photos all over blogland of us runners shoving our faces with pizza. And maybe OUAL doing a reverse keg stand or two…just sayin. 

Today’s Workout

——-> 27 min of the crazy moving stair monster, 1.1 mile cool down run (about 9 1/2 min), 35 min of core/push ups/stretching

The moving stairs and I went to battle this morning. Started at a level 12 and finished on level 17. Made it 3.4 miles in 27 minutes and looked like I got sprayed with a hose by the time I was done. Gross. That’s what I get for wearing yoga pants and a cotton nutrition zone shirt this morning. Although comfy it was a bad decision. I was roasting. And likely extremely unattractive. Sorry people, that’s what you get at 5 am!

I have found that incorporating those crazy stairs in my workout helps keep my cardio up much more than, say, the elliptical.  Maybe it’s because I spent most of college on the elliptical so it just doesn’t require as much effort. Plus, for whatever reason, that darn machine makes my feet go numb. Anyone else?


I have 17-18 miles planned for tomorrow. With a marathon coming up it’s time to go get it! I have been waiting and waiting to be able to do a good, solid, long run. It will be divided up slightly as my first leg will be to my running group and the second leg with them. Originally I was going to run with them first then run home but decided that with my achilles still in limbo it’s not worth the really hard uphill climbs going home. The way out will be rolling and then flat which is manageable.

I will be taking it easy, breaking when I need to, and loving it…or at least I think I will.

Vegas is 9 weeks from Sunday! I have a lot of friends going and many from the Rock Runners that just signed up for the half so Vegas is going to be full of San Diego peeps! I thought more would go for the full but with the 4:30 time limit and most everyone not being used to night running the half is the better option. The strip is going to be one freaking huge running party! Yeeeaaahhhhhh!

Anyone else running Vegas? Full? Half? Anyone going for a PR or a BQ?!?