Time To Get Race Ready

If I could choose one word to describe myself right at this moment it would be LAZY.

Soooo tired.

Although I did manage to drag my butt to yoga yesterday I just haven’t had any motivation to lace up and log miles. I told myself to just get one run in this weekend and I would feel better. You know, one of those deals where once I am out the door it feels good. Should do the trick! I set my alarm for 5:45 this morning to get a long run in before church and never got up. Why? Because my phone was still on silent.

Divine intervention. Sometimes I just need a break and the extra sleep this morning was HUGE.

Why run when I can just sit and stare...
Why run when I can just sit and stare…

So I officially took a whole weekend off. I think I saw dust on my kicks. Or is that sand?

Maybe I shouldn’t call myself lazy. Let’s go with smart. Yup, I like that.

So now what? Time to buck up and get ready for Chicago. 

This week will still include some pretty darn easy runs. I am out of town next weekend and don’t want a crazy long run on the books in the hills of San Francisco. But the week after that will be go time. I am running a 15k race on the 4th of July and then it’s time to build endurance. 

Hills, speed work, long slow runs and yoga will be key. And strengthening and conditioning (that hurts!). All that followed with sushi and a whole lotta sleep. Yup, that will be happening. You guys ready?


I am coming for you Chi-town. With guns (or should it be running shoes?) a blazin’…