Keepin’ it real

Today’s workout: 40 min spin, some weights. Had to squeeze in my workout at lunch. Best part? Ran into my hubs at the gym. Awesome!


On a sad note today has been a true whirlwind friends. My heart is heavy as my friend Christy went home to heaven.

We met 5 years ago when I lost my first pregnancy. She was part of a support group that I joined and she was so very positive. She always knew the right thing to say. She was witty that girl! We both ended up pregnant again in the fall of 2006 and got to experience 9 months (Well, really 10) of madness. Our babies were born just 2 weeks apart.

We kept in touch via email and blogs as our babies grew. She was there when I had yet another pregnancy loss in 2008 and again when I was blessed with my sweet girl. In December of 2009 she fell ill with AML. When I decided to run the RNR Marathon I signed up for Make Cures Happen to raise money for the LLS. She battled and went into remission on June 3, 2010. Imagine the joy! She could go home to her family. She beat cancer!

Exactly 1 year later (last month) she learned that she had relapsed and a bone marrow transplant was necessary. She was ready to battle again. She had a port put in and was fighting, fighting, fighting…until she couldn’t fight anymore.

Today the lord decided it was time for our dear friend to go home. She was 35 years old. I worry about her husband and sweet girl. I know that God will take care of them, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Please pray for the Hood family in Georgia. We know the power of prayer goes a long way.


Thank you all for dealing with the sadness of my day. This is real life. I wish it could always be a laughing, family, friends, running, reality show par-tay but the truth is we all face a lot of challenges. It stinks but it grounds us. It reminds us that life is a blessing and that tomorrow is not a guarantee. With that go home and hug your family and tell them you love them. It’s never too late!