The Day Before The Race

Before we get into the Tink recap/review let’s discuss events leading up to the race. I could have easily not run at all and you will know why momentarily. Well, maybe not momentarily- this post is kinda long.


Saturday we rounded up the troops and headed to the OC. I figured it would be easier to stop by the expo before checking into the hotel. It was held at the Disneyland Hotel and was super organized. We got there around 11:30ish and had no problem parking and walking right in.

We walked around and checked out the vendors. Luna Bar had a lot of little bite sized bars they were handing out and we got a cup of yogurt from Oikos. There was the usual booths (iFitness, insoles, gels, the stick, etc) and some cute Disney themed ones. The kids got “pixie dusted” and we ended up with 48 hours worth of glitter. They loved it.

After doing the once around we headed to our hotel to get checked in before driving to Irvine for a Ragnar meeting!

I used trusty old Priceline and we ended up at Hotel Menage.

For $90 for the night the place is pretty nice. Room slept the 4 of us, good restaurant on site, a really nice pool/spa with an outdoor bar/lounge and it’s only .25 walk to the front gate of Disney. It is $10 to park overnight, but that is still cheaper than at the park itself. Bonus: there was a shuttle stop there that took me to the start of the race.

We literally threw our stuff into the room and headed out to Mason Park in Irvine to meet up with Team “So Much Cooler Online” to start getting organized for our Race in April.

OUAL is our head honcho and is very organized. If I was in charge we would be “Team Disaster.” Fact.

We talked serious business. Like how to battle a coyote on a dirt trail and how totally smelly we will be after 24 hours of awesomeness. Oh, and little things like vans, food, volunteers. No biggie.

I am so excited for this race. We have a great group (we missed those of you that couldn’t make it) and I know we are going to have a blast this April!

After hanging out with these cool chicas we headed back to the hotel to hang poolside and get some R&R before an early call on Sunday morning. What was supposed to be an awesome afternoon of sun and swim turned into a scare.

My 4-year-old ended up in the deep end, under water, not able to get to the surface. I had turned my back for literally 10 seconds to make sure my daughter was ok when he jumped in the pool to play with kids. He didn’t realize that it was the deepest part of the pool when he did it. I didn’t know he jumped in. I turned around and saw towel on the ground and no little boy. I literally ran to the side of the pool, saw him underwater and jumped in to get him. It was horrifying to see him underwater struggling the way he was. Thank the lord it was only for 10 seconds or so but it felt like a lifetime. My husband came running but by then I had him up out of the pool and we got him taken care of.

We had a very long talk about not going into the pool without a parent and the importance of learning to be a strong swimmer. I felt horrible as if I did something wrong and it made for a very long night. It’s one of those things as a parent that you replay over and over again in your head. Water safety is no joke- so glad everything turned out to be a-ok.

I think I finally fell asleep right before midnight…that 3:35 am alarm came way to soon.

Swimming + Sushi = A Fabulous Wednesday in Hawaii!

2 Days

This is the time we have left in Maui. Most people feel like their vacations fly by. This one felt long and that is pretty AWESOME! We packed in a lot in one week and I still feel like I got to relax. But…we (or maybe just I) am ready to go home and hug the kids, sleep in my bed and cook in my own kitchen. I love Hawaii and will definitely come back but it’s time to head back to the casa. Plus I am ready to run in 60 degree weather. YES!


We started off our day at Betty’s Beach Cafe on Front Street. This restaurant is a sister to the Boat House in San Diego so we figured we couldn’t go wrong. 

This place is right on the water and the menu offers a good variety. I went with a chicken and pineapple salad

The top of it was really good. Unfortunately I didn’t ask for dressing on the side so the lettuce was soggy and drenched in a sesame vinaigrette. Such a bummer! Everyone else said their food was good.

This place is worth the killer view so maybe a good breakfast joint.

From there we headed back to Dru and Julie’s to hang poolside 

The hotel they are staying at is gorgeous. There is a zillion pools and hot tubs. My favorite? The slide!

Unfortunately the tree is blocking my fabulous expression. Butttttt we didn’t miss Cam’s awesomeness

Going down a water slide is so dang fun. It brings out the big kid in all of us. 

Since we didn’t eat enough prior to pool time we decided to get cleaned up and head to dinner at Sansei.

This place has the BEST sushi I have ever had. Hands down. So.freaking.good.


The first hour offers 25% of all food so the line to get in can get long. We didn’t mess around. We got in line 45 minutes before it opened. As soon as the doors opened we got our sashimi grub on and moved along.

Tomorrow is Cam and Ricky’s 10-year anniversary on the beach!!















An Early Call

LD and I got up at 5:00 this morning and made our way to the SD airport to get the heck out of dodge

Lets Go


Hello Waaaay Too Tan Girl

We boarded the plane and somehow scored an empty seat in our row…score! I turned 2 seats into a cot and got a solid nap in. Before we knew it we were landing in Maui!

How awesome are those clouds? These pictures don’t do the beauty justice.

Once we landed we got our rental car, stopped at Costco and made our way to Kahana! We are staying at a time share and it is perfect for the two of us. We have a little kitchen, a decent closet, a big bathroom and are steps from the beach. For $250 for the week we are STOKED!

After we got settled we headed down to the Westin to pick up my race bib and 8 zillion t-shirts. When you run the Warrior Challenge they hook you up with a shirt for each race. Pretty cool! 


From the expo we headed to a late lunch at Leilani’s. The food was good (we were starving) and the service was great! We could get used to this…


Now we are headed to the pool. Chill time!