Your Questions Answered…including that one about PF.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

You asked, I will answer. To the best of my ability anyway! Oh, and be warned, I had a little too much fun with the cartoon option on my photo editor. I feel all comic-booky and awesome. Like Wonder Woman awesome. 


Laura asked: ” am 4 weeks into dealing with plantar fasciitis and was sad to read you were out for 3 months! I have had two cortisone injections already and am now in a boot. Any secrets to speed recovery? What finally worked?”

Shmidte asked : “I ran a long run in new shoes and had a great run until the last mile where it hurt my right foot at every step. Did you take a complete break from running for 3 months? After about 3 months I have been running, but I am still having some PF. How do you kill the PF beast?


It makes me so very sad that PF affects so many runners. It is an AWFUL injury. It likes to linger on and on and can be very very painful. I’m talking hurts so bad that you wonder if a foot transplant is possible. That’s pain baby.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor and this is not medical advice. If you are suffering from PF I strongly recommend you see a doctor. Preferably one that is a runner/athlete that understands the injury.

So how did I deal with and get rid of PF?!

I initially saw my primary care doc who told me to stop running, ice my foot, stretch and if the pain doesn’t go away we can do injections. Como say what? I did this for 2 weeks with no results. My pain was BAD. I could barely walk. I had to reassess.

Per the advice of a friend I ended up finding a doc that specialized in running injuries. Super bonus? He is a runner and understands how mentally tough it is to deal with an injury that doesn’t allow you to do what you love. He was very patient and kept me on track. No injections. No surgery. No-nonsense. That was huge for me.

In addition to in office treatment (ultrasound, etc) I dedicated myself to home treatment plan. It included stretching, rolling out my legs, using a foot roller and compression. Oh and rest! I could ride the bike but no running. For at least a few weeks.

One night at home I was using the stick to roll out my legs when bam! The idea of rolling out my foot with the stick was born.



Within 72 hours of including the stick instead of a foot roller the “crunchies” in my foot were almost gone. I was walking with NO PAIN and could run with NO PAIN. This is what I had been waiting for!!

With my doc’s permission I started to go on short 3-4 mile runs, stretch, roll out my legs and feet and then take 2 days rest. As long as I was pain-free on day 3 I was allowed run again. I did this until I built my mileage back up and was walking/running with zero pain. I still saw the doc once a week until I was back to my old self.

I had my gait analyzed (for a third time!) to make sure I was in the right shoes. To this day I still do calf stretches before and after running and roll out my legs and feet. The key is to prevent it!

This is what worked for me and I cannot promise it will work for others. I do feel that the use of the stick played a BIG role in breaking up the scar tissue that was causing me so much pain.


On Stretching

Amy asked: “How long do you stretch after you run? I always wonder if there’s a magic number for that.”

Before I run I do dynamic stretching so it’s quick and gets me ready to run. I also stretch my calves given my history with foot injuries (tight calves can lead to PF, Achilles tendonitis, etc).

After I run I stretch but not for a set amount of time. I do just enough to feel like I am not over stretching and that’s it. I DO stretch before bed at night. Runners stretch, a couple of simple yoga poses, etc. It just feels good and I cannot say whether or not it benefits me in running. 

Melissa said:Super tight psoas, abductors and hip flexors after my long runs. Long = 7 miles. The morning after I can barely put weight on my left leg. Suggestions?

FOAM ROLLER! Trigger Point Performance Therapy makes an awesome roller. It works wonders! Stretch and roll sister, stretch and roll.

The Cookies

Amy asked about the cookie recipe. And you know JANAE wanted this one too. She is the queen of desert. A girl after my own heart!

I got the recipe from Food Network! You can get it HERE.

I substituted with whole wheat flour, an entire can of pumpkin and mini chocolate chips. They were so good! Make them. Tonight.

The Shirt

Laura asked: ” I really like the blue running shirt you’re wearing in the pic, what brand is it?”

You mean this one?

It’s a Nike  Women’s Legend DriFit. I got it at Sports Authority. I love this shirt. It’s one of three burnout colors and is really light. Almost paper thin. Did I say I love it? Enough to buy it in every color. It’s not cotton so it does run a little big. I like my shirts to fit longer with running tights (to cover my booty) and I ended up with an extra small in this shirt. I usually prefer running in tanks but this T is awesome!


Annnnnd that’s all she wrote. For tonight.

Go check out OUAL’s new-found fame. She will be doing an autograph session in Vegas. 

A 5k Giveaway In The Works!

Haute Mess

One day I will figure out how to not look like I got hit by a Mack truck after a race. I’m sure the Brightroom photos will bring us all a good laugh in the next day or so.

Since Sunday…

Monday: Chillaxed. The day is a total blur courtesy of the time change.

Tuesday: 8 miles @ easy pace

Weds: 3 miles @ easy, 8×400 @ 1:31 (200m RI), .50 cool down, core workout.

Plan is to XT tomorrow, easy run on Friday, long run on Saturday and then…let the TAPER MADNESS begin!! I have been hitting between 50-60 miles the past 2 weeks I am looking forward to a little downtime.

So You Want A Free Entry Into A Race

Who doesn’t?

If you are in So Cal and are looking for a festive 5k to run in December look no further!

TheJingle Bell 5k Run/Walk for Arthritis will be held on December 10th (a Saturday!) in San Diego and one lucky reader is going to win an entry and some sweet schwag! Have you been thinking about your first 5k but have been too nervous to sign up? Or maybe you are looking to PR and just haven’t found the right race? Or maybe you want to dress up like an elf and run with moi. Now THAT sounds like a good time. Your opportunity to run (or walk it) FO FREE is coming so start thinking of some really good reasons why YOU (yes, I’m talking to you) should win!

One Last Thing Before I Get Back To Work

I have received several emails/comments/questions on how I dealt with and got rid of the beast known as Plantar Fasciitis . I am going to do a Q&A post in the next few days and will discuss! If there is anything else you would like to know (like the recipe for the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies) let me know and we will get all kinds of random.

Happy Hump Day!



The alarm went off at 4:15 this morning and I hit snooze-and then again-and then threw in the towel. Rest day! After a hard-core spin/strength workout yesterday morning and the adventure run last night I figured chillaxin is in order. Man it felt so good to sleep until 5:15! Sleeping in + Friday = AWESOME.

To add to the radness of today I woke up with no pain in my foot. AMAZING. With PF you still get little twinges here and there until you are totally recovered. I think I cried happy tears when I completely recovered from PF in my left foot last year. My right foot still has a way to go but waking up pain free is HUGE! It just gives me hope for Sunday!

Is anyone else racing this weekend?


P/S A giveaway is coming this afternoon 🙂 Stay tuned…

Funny Ish

Dear Dr. Allen,

You deserve a million bucks for being the most rad doctor on the planet.

That’s it. You’re rad.



I honestly would not talk about my doc so freakin’ much if I didn’t think he was THE MAN. Most people with PF deal with it for YEARS.   This dude got me all squared away within, what, 3 weeks?! I cannot express how important it is to go with your gut. When I suffered a PF injury in my left foot last year my regular doc told me to ice and stretch it and go on total rest. He also talked about injections and surgery. Those two things ARE NOT an option for me. Thank heavens I decided to get a second opinion and found Dr. Allen!  

Let’s see- I ran the Safari Park half with my foot taped and then got into see him…that was on March 17th. It’s April 12th and I am 80% better. 80% is HUGE. We talked about the OC Marathon and I expressed my fear of not being ready. My longest run since the Safari Half was 15 miles. Since then I was reduced down to very low mileage. I just got in 12.25 on Saturday. YIKES. We’ll see how that pans out on May 1st!


In total randomocity I came across on google today. This website had me belly laughing!!!

I am certain that my brother and I have had this argument before! That’s just how we roll.

If there was a boxer in this picture that would be my dog. Seriously, animals are HILARIOUS. Have I told you that my dog can talk?!?!?!