OC Expo!

After getting our rears in gear, we made our way to Orange County and arrived at the expo around 1:30

The expo was held at the OC Fairgrounds, which is also the finish line! We were impressed with the organization. When we walked in the 5k check in was on the left, the half marathon check in was on the right and the marathon check in was just past the half check in.

I was the only woman in line for the marathon check in. What up with that?

Got my bib, my goods and my shirt.

Ready to run marathon #3! Why does my middle finger look so long?


They had men’s and women’s tech shirts! SCORE. Each shirt was different depending on the distance (5k, Half, Full).

We walked around the expo just to check out the action and see if there were any good deals on race entries. Most of them were offering $10 off which is decent. That’s pretty much the processing fee on active.com right?

After heading out we decided to eat an early dinner. We landed at the yard house where I ordered the most expensive item on the menu without knowing it. WAY TO GO ME. I know what you’re thinking…”How could you possibly order the most expensive item on the menu without knowing it. The prices are on the menu.” You would be right, however, I ordered the special without asking the price. My bad. I know better. So what did I have?

Mahi Mahi with Brown Rice and Bok Choy. It was GOOD. I have no idea what the sauces are because I didn’t eat them. I did taste the mango salsa but didn’t use it on my dinner. How much was this seemingly simple dinner? $26.95. I think we got charged first for the Mahi and then second for the Mahi (haha Mahi Mahi, get it? Da dum dum). Maybe the server was confused? I can name several restaurants in San Diego that has this same dinner on the menu for half the price. Shoot, I can make this at home for the whole fam for $27!!! Totally RIDICULOUS.

We are now back at the hotel chillin. I have an early call! Besides, after my pricy dinner I have been banned from spending anymore money this evening…