Gettin’ Yo Eat On: Nutrition Stuff

Typically after Saturday group runs we have fellowship at Panera or Con Pane and get our grub on. Last weekend Glenn joined us and hosted an informal nutrition clinic.

This man is incredible. He is a husband, a father of two, a nutrition coach, he trains multi-sport athletes and is as humble as humble can be. He spent an hour talking about food, hydration, racing and making smart decisions about our choices in food as athletes.

On Breakfast

There are a lot of  general things we know about nutrition, but when it’s put into perspective we see it differently. For instance, we all know that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It gets our metabolism going. It gives us energy. Etc, etc, etc.  However, when Glenn talked about breakfast he didn’t talk about the importance of it as a meal. He focused on why we need breakfast as athletes. When we are sleeping we are fasting. No food, no water. That’s fasting. So if an athlete just fasted for xx hours and doesn’t eat  how can that person expect to perform at 100%? If a race was at night would an athlete not eat all day and then expect a PR race? No. True that Glenn. We need to fuel ourselves so that we can perform. We have to take care of our body if we want it to work.

On Carb Loading

There were a lot of people asking questions about carbo loading so this is what I got from it.

* Eating carbs w/a balance of protein and fat should be happening all the time. Not just leading up to the race. Stay balanced to maintain energy and repair muscles.

* A balanced meal the night before rich in complex carbs is sufficient. You do not need to eat 3 bowls of mashed potatoes or pasta (unless you want to) the night before a race. 

*Complex carbs are absorbed more slowly thus giving you sustained energy for a longer period of time. Glycogen stores are a runners BF!

* Trained muscles store more glycogen than untrained muscles. The more you run ( and eat a balance of complex carbs, protein, fat) the more likely that your body will learn to store energy. This is super awesome when it comes to race day!

On Gels

* Check the labels! Some gels contain lactose or gluten which many people are intolerant. 

* You don’t need to down the whole pack. It takes just a little bit to restore energy. If you can’t handle it all do not force it down.

On Hydration

* Electrolytes are IMPORTANT. Yes we know this but I can’t tell you how often I have neglected during cooler races when I don’t feel thirsty. I have eliminated this issue by carrying drink with me.

* Hydrating leading up to the race is key. The better hydrated you are the better your performance will be. Many runners do not hydrate well up to a race and then overhydrate during causing fatigue, that “full” feeling or  even worse”hyponatremia”

* Poor water down the back of your neck if you are hot. Take a cup to drink and a cup to poor. Cooling down your neck cools down your body! 

He answered questions specific to my body which would not help you all, but one question I had that may help some of you:

“Why do I run faster in training than I do in a race at the marathon distance?”

He advised for the marathon distance it would be smart for me to slow at each water station after 13 miles to give myself recovery time. This would be consistent with getting stopped at red lights during training. Genius. Why haven’t I done this before? This doesn’t mean coming to a complete stop or walking but I can if needed. Only at the aid stations. That 5-10 sec slow down will not kill my race time because the recovery will allow me to run faster. He told me to try it and get back to him.

Have any of you tried this? Did it improve your race time?

So did I register for a super secret marathon to see if it works? Maaayyybbbeeeee.


Since March is National Nutrition Month lets stay on the topic, m-kay? This is my little (big) brother Joe:

Quality pic eh? He turned 31 yesterday (we had a super awesome sushi party) and has started a blog called Joe’s Kitchen.

I watched the 2 greatest cooks in my life – my Mom and Dad – growing up, and started dabbling in cooking when I was in college after getting sick of fast food and top ramen all the time.  I’m constantly reading, watching, and asking about food in order to learn more about it (a really good friend of mine has to get annoyed by my constant texting asking him about cooking). In an effort to be healthier, eat cleaner, become a better cook (no, I’m nowhere near professional) and get my kids to enjoy good food, I’ve decided to blog about meals I prepare for them, meals I prepare for myself, and my love for food

Um, the boy can cook. The meals he makes are simple, clean and…wait for it…right around 500 cals each. Boom. Me likey.

This salmon dish rocks, and will literally take you 10 mins to prep and about 20 mins to cook.  

  • 5 oz salmon filet – 300 cals
  • 1/2 cup Quinoa/Brown Rice – 135 cals
  • 2 cups baby spinach – 9 cals

Just in case you are bad at math that there dinner is 444 calories. It’s balanced, delicious and the perfect meal for a runner like this girl. And you.

If nothing else he is very entertaining so go check out Joe’s Kitchen and get your cook on.


I’m off to try to squeeze in one more run today. This will be my second double day this week! Don’t worry, I was released from the doc today and given the green light. Just going to take this run at a nice easy pace 🙂

Anyone have exciting plans this weekend?

~ We’re off to Disney tomorrow to celebrate my little princess’ 3rd Birthday!

Scattered yet organized at the same time. Go figure.

I have so much to share with you all and it’s so scattered that I don’t know where to start. I think I’ll do bullet points and then do another post later on Nutrition. Welcome to my Monday! HA!

* Doc appointment on Friday went really well. Went through the usual treatment and then had an xray done to rule out arthritis, stress fracture and DJD. The good news is that I ran pain-free on Saturday and again today! I think that means I am heading in the right direction. If I had a hip stress fracture I would think that the pain would be getting worse, not better. To top it off I have had no pain post run this morning which is huge!

*I finally got to get back to my group run! I ran with Stacey and Sharon on Saturday for 5.10 miles and then did another 2 on my own. It is so much fun running with friends. We kept the pace easy and chatted the entire time. You know it’s an easy pace when you are having full on conversation that includes belly laughing. There is nothing like good girl time and catching up while running.

*Post run on Saturday, Glenn Matanza, a 4-time Iron Man, sports nutritionist and fitness/performance coach did an informal nutrition clinic! I tweeted about this and wish that more of you could have been there. I am organizing my notes (that I took in my head) to share with you all. He had such a different outlook on nutrition and racing and I loved it. I am hoping to feel and see the results from making minor changes at my half in less than 2 weeks!

* My hubby started a new job today! He has been home with the kids since his last company closed their doors so today is his first day back in the office. Let’s all wish him good luck as he starts down a new path!

*With my hubby going back to work meant the kids went back to school full-time. The princess turns 3 this weekend so she is in the Dolphin class. H-man is in pre-k! I think they are the “Sharks” so he is feeling pretty darn cool. I can’t wait to pick them up today and hear all about what they learned. They said they were both looking forward to arts and crafts. I am sure I will have plenty of new pics to hang in my office!

Today has been a little crazy with getting an 8 mile run in, taking the kids to school and making it into the office by 7:55 a.m. We shall see how long this lasts. I foresee 2-a-days in the schedule so that I am not pushing my pace and end up injuring myself.

Happy Monday my friends!


How was your weekend?

Any races?