Ruunnnnerrrsssss High!

Today’s Run

10.3 pain free miles (although my watch said 10.53- slightly off there) 1:15, around 7:17  average pace? Hashtag Awesome. Hashtag I freaking Rocked!


Runners high, runners high, runners high!! Yeah, it wasn’t a super long run. But friends, it was double digits and more importantly: pain free.


Decided to give my old Asics a whirl. The first .25 I felt like I was clunking along. I was a little stiff and had to get used to a bulkier shoe. About a mile in I started to feel good and progressively got faster. When I hit 60 minutes and still felt good I just kept going.

Post run I headed to stretch and the achilles was a little stiff and achy. Buttttttt here I am 5 hours later with NO PAIN. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.Yeeeaaaahhhhhh baby! If this run isn’t confirmation that my Kinvara’s need to be retired I don’t know what is. Time to order some new kicks.


Have You Voted Yet?

Just in case you missed it, please head over to OUAL’s blog to vote on a name for our Ragnar team. It would be totally embarrassing if we had to go nameless so your help is super appreciated!

Help A Runner Out

Fellow blogger, runner and Ragnarer (is that a word?) Elisabeth is taking on the Goofy Challenge in Florida this January. She will be running a half marathon on Saturday the 7th and a full marathon on Sunday the 8th! That’s 39.3 miles in 48 hours people!!! I am envious!

She is training for this madness through TNT and while doing so is raising money to kick blood cancer’s hiney! This cause is super important to me since I lost a friend to AML this year. If you have an extra dollar or two it would be awesome if you could donate to her team. I just did!

To check out her awesomeness and get the deets go visit ELISABETH’S BLOG!

Happy Hump Day

What is on your workout agenda today? Anyone want to run, say, 20 miles with me on Saturday? Ok…maybe not 20, that wouldn’t be too smart while on the mend…maybe 18.