According to plan

Look at what came in the mail this week:

Wheeeeeee! Bib number and corral have been assigned. Let the party begin ūüôā

Less than 3 weeks to go until the Chicago marathon. I am so freaking excited. This will be my first long weekend away¬†without the¬†kids since Hawaii.¬†¬†That was more than a year ago. I love¬†my two mini-me’s¬†more than words can describe but sometimes a break from being “mommy” is needed.¬†I GET TO BE ME!! WOOHOOOO!¬†Plans are to fit in a lot of good eats, run 26.2 and have a whole lot of¬†fun.

So since my last post I have had several good runs (including fast tempos,  another 20+ miler and an 18 miler) and now..

I’ve decided to approach taper a little differently this time so that I still get recovery but I don’t go into complete chill mode. I want to rest enough so that¬†my legs and mind ready to run strong, but I also don’t want to forget how to do it. With that being said I will still go decently long this weekend followed by my usual weekly mix of easy and tempo runs and then a good step back the weekend before the race. This is the first really good training cycle I have had in a long time. So good that I¬†realllllllllly¬†wanted to run a local 5k on September 29th just to test pace/fitness but decided against it. It’s just too close to marathon time and there are lots of little short races around here in Oct/November that I can go run til I puke at. For now I ease up, foam roll, eat and sleeeeeeep. I am just hoping that this pays off!


Totally off topic I would like to share an update on my beautiful Mother in Law. Man, she is one tough woman. I am so inspired by her and have decided to once again share her latest journal entry. I hope you all don’t mind but it has a much stronger effect coming from her!

P/S She has decided to forgo wearing wigs as she said it gives her more of an opportunity to talk about Pancreatic Cancer with others. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?!

God’s unfolding plan!

JEREMIAH 29:11-13

¬†‚ÄúFor I know the plans I have for you‚ÄĚ, declares the Lord. ‚Äúplans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.¬† Then you will call on me and come and pray to me and I will listen‚ÄĚ

Our plans have changed as they have often been changed in the past few months. We prepare for what we think is the next step and suddenly we have our course changed completely. Dan and I visited with a radiation specialist today. We went into the consultation with the mind set that this was not a road we wanted to travel. After listening to the Dr give every detail and squelch any rumors we may have heard from others (especially our oncologist). He said radiation has advanced so much even in the past few years that the side effects that previously existed, no longer were the case. He said the tumor would be precisely targeted and the radiation delivered at 9 different angles instead of delivering the entire¬† amount to one spot on the tumor. He had an acronym for it but I can’t remember it.¬†

I will discontinue chemo (Ha-le-lu-jah!!!) for the 6 weeks + and receive the radiation 5 days per week for 33 treatments. He convinced us that this was definitely the way to treat this inoperable tumor. He gave us the hope that was never given about the chemo. He believes it can eradicate the tumor.

Dan & I are excited about this option and are trusting in the Lord who,¬† ‚Äúplans to prosper¬†me and not to harm me, plans to give¬†me hope and a future.”

So we ask for your prayers in this new direction that has been presented to us. As always, I know “EVERYTHING UNFOLDS ACCORDING TO GOD’S PLAN!” I’m so thankful that I do not have to make my own plans about this matter or lean on my own understanding. I would really have a mess.

God is good, all the time!

Love to all, Kay


I have read this at least¬†20 times and it still makes me cry. Her positivity is contagious isn’t it? Please continue to pray for her (and the fam).¬†The road is long and will not be easy but as you can see she is a¬†FIGHTER!¬†She will be attending the purple strides 5k in Tulsa the same weekend I am running Chicago so I will be wearing purple in her honor. I can’t wait to see her be pushed across that finish line. Knowing that she can do it makes me want to work that much harder to gut out all 26.2 with every last ounce that I have in me.

Before I head out to grab a cup of coffee (it’s in the high 80s yet it seems appropriate because it’s “fall”)¬†and make my way home¬†I want to apologize for my lack of blog posts lately. I am still getting adjusted to my commute and crazy end of the year type stuff in the office. I will do my best to resurface in the next few weeks!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Keep training hard and I hope to see a lot of you soon!

Up All Night

My neighbor should consider himself a lucky man this morning. Why? Because I didn’t walk over to his house at 1:45 this morning and put a boot in his hiney for being so loud. Apparently he has the week off, girl problems, needed another cocktail, was hungry, etc. I heard it all. Dude, after 10 p.m. on a Monday move it inside buddy. Next time you get the wrath of me. Trust me when I say you don’t want a mad Italian mom (or her ticked off kid) in jammies on your porch in the wee hours of the morning. The vein that runs down the middle of my forehead is BOSS (thanks Ma). No joke. Pipe down ladd. I don’t like being up all night.

After all that craziness I still managed to drag myself out of bed at 4:30 and hit the gym. ¬†It wasn’t pretty but I did it. Hey COACH, I am dedicated ūüôā

Today’s Workout: 3 miles with 3 strides, strength/core


I had to switch up my training this week since I am running the Coronado Independence Day 15k. I love this run. It starts and ends at Tidelands Park and is nice and flat. Bonus that there is an awesome parade afterwards and Coronado beaches pretty much rule. Not a bad way to celebrate the 4th!

As I was saying, I rearranged my schedule and should end this week somewhere between 43-44 miles if all goes as planned. Here is what’s on the agenda:

Monday: 8.35 miles hills w/ 4 hill repeats: Done

Tuesday: 3.15 easy miles w/ 3 strides: Done

Wednesday: 15k race (9.3 miles), hoping to run it as a tempo.

Thursday: 5 miles easy

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 miles easy

Sunday: 14 miles 

I want to finish this week feeling healthy and strong. The hill repeats on Monday were tough but I felt so good afterward. I love that feeling. I need to keep reminding myself that staying injury free is key this training cycle. I am so ready to have a good, strong race!


Now let’s rewind to where we last left off…

I started marathon training and filled you in on a few runs. It ended up being¬†an easy, low mileage week as I traveled to San Francisco for my cousin’s wedding. We drove up early Friday morning and met up with the fam at the Giants game that night. If you didn’t know I was born and raised in NorCal. That’s home baby.

On Saturday we were up early and took a nice walk down by the bay 

We then hopped on the Muni and headed down to the Ferry Building to meet up with family to visit before the wedding.

My great aunt and great uncle with all of the kidlets!

While waiting for our train to head back to the hotel we decided that doing yoga would be a great way to pass the time. In San Fran you can stand around naked and no one would say a peep. Our yoga was mild compared to some things we saw!

My sis
My Ma

We were laughing at ourselves trying to get a cool “urban” shot when H-man said “Look mom, dancers pose…”

Freaking love that kid. 

After panicking about how long it was taking out train to arrive we ended our sweat sesh and finally made it back to the hotel. I don’t know how but we managed to all shower and be ready to go in 1 hour. Benefit of being a low-key family I guess. Ii probably helped that I forgot makeup brushes so a little mascara and lipstick and off we went.

Me and my handsome hubby
My handsome boy
Me and my pretty girl

It was a really pretty wedding and we had an absolute blast spending time with family.

My cousin Jon and his beautiful bride!

After dancing the night away we got up Sunday morning and drove back to SoCal. Sad to leave but happy to know that we go back in August for another family wedding! The best part of being the oldest cousin is all of the young ones are starting to get married. Weddings, weddings and more weddings.


I peaced out of work early and am going to chill for a bit before getting things ready for tomorrow. Can’t believe it’s the 4th!

What are your plans for tomorrow?

Anyone else racing? Will I see any of you in Coronado?!?!

And So It Begins

If you follow me on Twitter you saw me mention yesterday that Marathon Training has officially started

Being the smarty pants that I am I remembered that cartooning photos makes the messy room magically disappear. Too bad I can’t make that type of thing happen in real life. Then again that might be freaky.

I kicked off Monday with a 4 mile run. 3 @ an easy pace, the last at 7:35-7:40. Yes I should have stayed at an easy pace for all 4 miles but mentally I was getting bored and my legs felt like running. Or maybe it was my Pro Compression socks that made me feel like picking up the pace. Whatever it was it felt good.  

Day 1: 4 miles, avg pace 8:21

Real quick: Did I tell you all about when I ran in my compression socks while in Texas? Good golly you would have thought people saw Brittany Spears running their neighborhood. Guess the pan handle doesn’t see a lot of blonde¬†lady runners in knee highs. Hilar.

Why did I just say hilar? Ahem.

Tuesday Morning (today): Hills. A little more than 5 miles of what felt kind of like torture. In an awesome way. I kept my pace nice and easy and just focused on getting up hill and then recovering. I was so tempted to pick up the pace during recovery but I held back. Guess I am finally figuring this training thing out, huh? Took long enough. Slow and steady = injury free.

Day 2: 5.35 miles, avg pace 8:27

Tuesday Night (Tuesdays are my two-a-days): KOR Strengthening and Conditioning. Per the usual I met up with this awesome lady and her extremely cool boyfriend.

We got are arses handed to us while staring at the ocean. Not a bad gig.

Bring on tomorrow. Easy run. Way easy. Walkers might pass me up. If that happens I’ll high-five them and then slow down ūüôā


As I mentioned above I wore Pro Compression socks on Day 1 during my run. I usually wear them for recovery but lately I have been digging the compression while running. Especially on long runs. The tighter the better. 

I have several different pairs of compression socks however Pro Compression are my faves. I was lucky enough to receive a few pairs during Ragnar (they were one of our sponsors) and ran¬†2 of my 3 Ultra Legs in them.¬†Beings that I could walk the days following that crazy race I¬†have to¬†give credit to compression. Since¬†our race I¬†have picked up a few additional pairs¬†in sweet colors and thought I was set for life¬†until I saw June’s new color. Marathon Orange.

How rad will these be for ¬†a Halloween race? Or Thanksgiving 5 miler. Or during Texas Football (That’s right SR, tell Jaymo I said his Red Raiders are lame sauce). Hook Em.

How do I keep getting so side tracked? Blame it on the double day.

Right now the awesome peeps at Pro Compression are offering 40% off (Say what?!) on these new colorful babies through July 10th. All you have to do is go shopping HERE and enter coupon code SOM610.

You can also get socks for $30 plus FREE shipping with code SOM612 at checkout.

So many deals, so little time.

Go get you some.

Decisions Decisions

I took today as a full rest day. I need a serious attitude adjustment and my legs/feet just need a day off. I am freaking out a little (or maybe a lot for no reason) at my slow come back. I am 20 weeks out (or so) from Vegas and am nowhere near close to being in marathon shape. Anyone have any pixie dust to spare?

Ok fine, I’ll¬†do it on my own.

Speaking of marathons I can’t believe that Big Sur is already 51% full!!



COME ON! It’s 9 months away! I don’t want to have to make¬†that decision yet. Who knows what I will be doing 9 months from now. Maybe I will have sworn off running completely. Ok, that’s just silly. I am already registered for races next year.¬†I know I really want to run this race but not sure if 2012 is the year for it. I think I am still hesitant since I haven’t had a run longer than 13 miles since the beginning of May. See how ridiculous I am? I would have 9 months to get ready! COMMITMENTPHOBIA!!!

Do you register for races early to avoid sell out?

~ I did with the Tinkerbell Half and the RNR Pasadena Half! These are inaugural races in Jan and Feb of 2012!