BFTY (Big Fat Thank You)

Good morning friends! I want to start the morning off by saying…


You kind words and support mean the world to me. Seriously, if I could hug each one of you I would. And not in a weird way. In a nice, loving, thanks for being my friend forever way 🙂

My hip/butt is a little sore this morning. You know, the kind of sore that says “Yea, I’m still here. Get me better because I am literally a pain in you hiney.” Roger that. I totally plan on stretching and strengthening in the office today so it’s a good thing my VP is travelling. He gets weirded out when I go into rehab mode. Not sure why. It;s completely normal to have a foam roller and stretch my bootie in public. Just ask SR ,ChachaHeather and Julie. They watched me stand up in the middle of restaurant yesterday to show them where my hip/butt hurt. Totally normal.

Let’s talk about yesterday. Now that I have adjusted my attitude it’s time to regroup and look back at what I did right and where I need to adjust.

Positive Numero Uno: I took on the beautiful hills of Carlsbad. I actually loved this course and would run this race again in a heartbeat. It was a good challenge and it was so so so pretty!

Positive Numero Dos: I stuck to my pacing plan. Stay in the 8:20’s through 13 and then speed up. The first part happened!  This is a big deal for me. I usually go out way too fast.  It was dark at the start and I went out with Chacha (who had a major PR yesterday).  

Mile 9 was a heck of a climb and I paced it right beings that I was not ready for that monster jam. Pretty sure the Rocky theme song was playing in my head when I got to the top. I should have yelled “Yo Adrian.” That would have been sweet.

Numero Tres: Fueling. Carried my handheld with Nuun in it and took a block every 5 miles. This worked. No tummy ache, no full feeling. Nada. I finally learned what works after 2 years of tummy madness. Hooray! Took long enough.

Lastly: I stopped when I could have kept going. Could I have gutted out another 13.55? Maybe- but it would have been a really bad idea. Who knows what kind of injury I would have ended up with. Me 2 years ago would have tried to push through. Look at me. All growed up.

Overall summary before my pain in the butt:

So happy with this. Especially given the elevation gain. Yeeeehhhaaaawww!

OK, not lets discuss what I didn’t do right:

* My hip/butt started to bug me last weekend on my taper run. I just figured it was irritated and stretched it. When I look back at my journal it bugged me all week. HELLO ME. If it bugged me then why would I think it would last 26.2?

*Hill training. Although I got some decent training in before hand I need to do it more often. I like running hills. Call me crazy. It’s hard and I like that challenge. I also like to reap the reward of the downhill after. So awesome.

* I need to get back to doing more squats. After my soreness goes away of course.

I know I told y’all I started keeping a run journal and it has a spot for me to review my races and what went right and what needs to be changed. I love that I will be able to look back on this and make sure I have made the adjustments I need to so that I can run strong.

It took me a good 24 hours to realize that I am thankful for yesterday. Sometimes a big fat slice of humble pie needs to be ordered up and served. My friend SR said something yesterday during our brunch that stuck with me and I am so glad she did. Friends do that without realizing it sometimes. And that, alone, is awesome.

Hoping you all have a great Monday! Tell me about your weekend! What did ya do? Any race reports? Family stuff? Let’s chat!