It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy. Chhheeeeeessseeeeeee

It ain’t easy being cheesy. Especially when it’s windy and the run sweat factor brings down the temp by at least 10 degrees. Yes there is such a thing as run sweat factor. It’s like wind chill but worse. OK, probably not worse but it felt like it yesterday.

Saturday’s Run

Met Stacey and Sharon at 6:30 at The Rock to get some early miles in before the rest of the crew got there. It was windy and chilly and it looked like it was going to rain. We got going and for whatever reason this run felt fast. Much faster than it was.

We finished 6.15 in 50 min. Average pace 8:07. 

That pace felt like a 6:30 to me. And I still had more miles to do. Ruh-roh Rorge.

We had a really big group show up yesterday! At least 30 people!! SO AWESOME. If you are in SD and ever want to run with us please let me know. We would love to have you. Oh, it’s free. No strings attached. Friends, running, prayer, food, fun.

We took off for the last leg of our run. 

6.05 miles in 53 min. 8:45 pace into a very mean headwind. Big boo. But good training right? I’ll keep telling myself that.

Total Saturday miles: 12.20 in 1:43. Overall average pace 8:26.

Sounds like a taper to me.

This weeks miles:

Sunday: 16 miles

Monday: Cross Train

Tuesday: 5.75

Wednesday: Cross train

Thursday: 6 miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 12.20

Total Miles: 39.95

This Week:

I am going to focus on getting this old body of mine back on track. Lately every run has felt much more difficult than usual. Not sure why but we all go through these phases. Every run is not easy. Every run it not fast.

So…Today rest, Monday easy, Tuesday speed work, Weds cross train, Thursday 5 mile race (am going to run it as a tempo run), Friday rest, Saturday 10ish miles.

I am so very happy that I have a short week at work, get to wear jeans (say what?) and get to have a big, awesome feast with my family on Thursday (after we all run). Woooohoooo!

What are your plans this week? Do you have time off? Running? Eating? Hibernating?



A RNR Yipppeeeeee!

So a little birdie told me that these two chicas:

Signed up to run the Rock N Roll San Diego 1/2 Marathon! I am over the moon excited! This means when I am done with the full I will get to meet up with these hotties at the finish!!!! We have been friends for a loooooong time and this will be the first race that we are all doing together!!!

Cam and Gretch, I am so proud of you both! Maybe next year you will both run the full with me????

If anyone else is interested in this race, sign up soon! There is a full, half and a relay. It’s a great race. Oh and if you sign up let me know!!