What Motivates You?

For just one moment, if you close your eyes and think about what motivates you, what comes to mind? Is it family? Your health? Self worth? Doubt? The challenge of a hard workout? What is that one thing deep down in your core that pushes you to do work? What is holding you back?

Whether or not you watch the Biggest Loser, you likely know who Dolvett is

He is the founder of Body Sculptor Inc., trains celebs and joined BL for season 12 as a coach.

He is quickly becoming known by us average peeps for his ability to motivate. One moment he is kind, the next he is like a coach on the football field. It doesn’t hurt that he is easy on the eyes. Love this guy.

On tonight’s episode he challenged contestants to remember their purpose and stay focused. Something that is easier said than done both in the gym and in life, right? Do we always remember our purpose in life and stay focused on the end goal? Food for thought!

Now back to Dolvett 🙂 How do we bring out our inner soldier and push ourselves to go harder to meet our fitness goals? I’m thinking life size cut out might do it for me. Orrrr if that can’t happen I will keep depending on my running/blog friends (you know who you are) to keep pushing me. Your race peer pressure does wonders tweeps!

So tell me…

What Motivates You?

– Today’s 6 mile run was motivated by breakfast. Not kidding.

Are you holding yourself back?

– I admit that I often do. Doubt can be my worst enemy!

The winner of the giveaway will be chosen by random.org tomorrow morning! Yipppeee!