The Crazies Are Out

Hi Friends! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Monday. It’s sunny and nice here today and it just feels like a positive day. Let’s hope it stays that way- it’s a full moon and in my industry the crazies tend to come out. So bizarre. If anyone knows why a full moon turns normal people nutty let me know.


With 2 weeks until the Carlsbad Marathon taper is leading to the usual aches and pains. I have been diligently sticking to the Run Less Run Faster plan and I do feel better than I did before the Vegas Marathon. Remember when I could barely muster a 16 mile run during that taper? This time around I feel much better on the reduced distance long runs. I sure hope it’s a good thing!

So on tap this week we have:

  • Tempo  Run: 2 mi @ easy, 3 mi @ 7:23, 1 mi @ easy
  • Speed: 20 min w/u, 5×1000 @ 4:09 (1:30RI), 10 min C/D
  • Long Run: 10 mi @ 8:12
  • Optional 4th run @ easy pace

I did my tempo run this morning at it went better than planned. You can check it out HERE on the Daily Mile. Or if you are like me and are too lazy to go to another website here it is:  2 mi @ easy, mi 3 7:24, mi 4 7:24, mi 5 7:19, 1 mi @ easy. Total time was 47:25. BOOM, tempo run done.

I am up in the air about the optional 4th run. I am going to do rowing/spinning on my off days so I may just stick with 3 runs this week. Plus one week after Carlsbad I have the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. I better get my costume together stat!

Is anyone running Carlsbad or Tink?

~ I know Chacha and SR will be running the full at Carlsbad and I am pretty sure Heather is running Tink!


Day 3: It’s gettin’ crazy up in here.

Today is Day #3 of sticking to RLRF. It is amazing how good my legs/feet feel. I have intermittently used the plan as a guide for speedwork and tempo runs, but have now committed sticking to this training through the month of January. I just feel like it is the only option for me at this point given my super crazy schedule and back to back races quickly approaching! Eeeeeeee!!!!!

For those of you interested here is what this week looks like:

Mon: Rest

Tues: Mile repeats. 20 min warm @ easy, 3×1600 @ 6:51 w/400m active recovery between sets, 10 min cool

Weds: Crosstrain (I did spin followed by core/strength training)

Thurs: 11 miles. 1 mile @ easy, 10 miles @ 8:12 avg pace

Fri: Crosstrain

Sat: 15 miles @ 8:12 avg pace

Sun: Rest

Just reading that makes me smile. No stress, no “fast” long runs, no running a zillion miles a day. Legs are happy. Now let’s just hope it doesn’t result in total failure come January. A few weeks ago Josh Cox tweeted saying something along the lines of  if you want to be a better runner than you need to run more. That is great for people who have time to run. I, unfortunately only have the option of 5 am running so not to disrupt my commitment to my family. Oh yeah, and my job. I am so busy during the day that I often can’t remember what I had for breakfast. Or I remember  what I ate but I don’t really remember what it tasted like because I was scarfing while doing 73 other things. Sound familiar?

Ladies- you feel me, right?


Do you stick to a training plan or are you a super woman/man like OUAL and don’t train and still bust out sub-2 hour half marathons?

Are you travelling for Christmas/New Years? What are your plaaannnnzzzzzzz?