22 miler done! And some other stuff!

Today’s Run: 22 miles, 3:14. I did not bring the camera w/me today. FAIL.


We once again met down at Hospitality Point at 6:30 am. IT WAS FREEZING. Cold enough to wear long sleeves- for all 22 miles.

The route was an 8 mile out and back and then a 14 mile out and back. Both courses ran along the water and were relatively flat. The fact that it was split as 2 out and backs made it an easier run mentally, but physically my bod was done. Around mile 17 a light rain started to come down. Thank goodness I wore white. Yaaaay me! Wet t-shirt contest baby. That is how I roll.

On a totally irritating note my Nike Sport GPS was .76 behind today. That is a lot. I was running with 2 other girls the entire time, same path, no weaving, one watch read 22 even, the other 22.05. All other finishers (around 40 people this morning) all clocked between 22 and 22.10. Dear Nike and Tom Tom, what the deuce? NOT COOL.


Let’s get caught up on some happenings from the past few days!

On Thursday I headed to RRS for the Adventure Run!

Setting the clock

There was more than 300 people this time so the competition was fierce

Mappin' it out

No we are not triplets. We get extra raffle tickets for sporting our shirts. Wouldn’t you do the same for a new Garmin 610? Yeah, I thought so.

Leah is currently nursing a knee injury so we walked and still managed to hit up 4 spots! Either we are fast walkers or RRS made that run easy. Majorly appreciated!

No big prizes this time but did come home with a Nutrition Zone shirt, a pair of Wrightsocks, and an accelgel!


Last night we did the usual try out a new restaurant Friday. We chose URBN Coal Fired Pizza:

It’s located at the corner of University and 31st in the heart of North Park.

It’s got that urban (hence the name) feel and is really big inside. The menu has apps, salads, pizza and an extensive beer list. It’s moderately priced and worth every cent. THIS PIZZA IS GOOD!

We went with a Caprezenella Salad and a Spinach and Chicken Pizza. You know it’s legit when the little people eat every last bite

Sorry about this. We took slices out and then hubs reminded me to take a pic. He is rad. I am not.

If you are ever in town I recommend you hit this place up. I heard the mashed potato pizza rocks. Family friendly, good food, good times.

We're busy mom, beat it.


Don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY. You still have the rest of the weekend to enter!


Thursday Adventure Run!

Today’s workout: 40 min spin bike, 25 min strength training.

Do you ever have a morning when you wake up and don’t know what day it is? That was me today. What made it even more confusing was that the weather girl on Fox 5 kept showing the extended day forecast with today in it. She never does that. Why would she do that? It was as if she was in on the joke. So after going back and forth with myself about what day it is my 40 minutes was up on the spin bike. Yikes, that’s frightening. BLONDE IS ONLY A BOTTLE AWAY


I have a follow up with the good doc at 12:30 and then after work I am off to…

I have been looking forward to this all week!! This is the run where we meet up at RoadRunner Sports, get a map and then run around town collecting raffle tickets. There may be obstacles this time and if so I am hoping we get to hula hoop!!! How fun would that be? Run, shake it, get a raffle ticket or two, off to the next stop!

RRS does this event right. Sponsors set up in the parking lot around 5 pm. Runners check in and then get to try out new gear (and even get to test products while out on the run). Close to 6 pm they bring out a map so that runners know where to head to get raffle tickets. They then give everyone 1 hour to run, get the goods and then be back for the after party. There is approximately $3000 in prizes raffled off along with a beer garden, music and FUN!

If you are a local please come join us tonight. If you can’t make it this month plan on joining us in May! It’s the second Thursday of each month. Your chances of winning a sweet prize are pretty high plus the weather will only get nicer as we get closer to summer!

Dumb Dumb Dumb

Today’s Workout:  5 mi TM run (w/u, 2 x 1600, c/d); 20 min core

Is it legal to have a zapper put into my arm like a microchip? It would be awesome if I could have something that could identify when I have a BAD idea and then it would send a little shock. You know, a perma-reminder that says “Hey, dumb a#$, don’t even think about it.” Genius.

Example: I say out loud to myself  “I should run 20 miles today even though my longest run in the past few weeks was only 15”  ZAP

It could be some sort of self torture- but it would help in times like today.

I decided to give speedwork a go today. Now you understand why I question the zapper. My brain is ready for speed work, my legs are ready for speed work, my foot is not. It’s not bad, it’s not killing me, but it’s not happy. DUMB DUMB DUMB I know. Let me justify why I did it. I wanted work on endurance before Sunday in knowing I haven’t been getting as many miles again. Did that work? No, not for me either. I have a follow up with the good doc manana so I’ll let him work his Mr.Miyagi magic and keep speed workouts in my back pocket for a later date.


Has anyone ever used the Runners World Smart Coach? I have a friend prepping for her first 10k so we went online to check it out today. It asks you to input a bunch of info and then comes up with a plan. Because I couldn’t help myself I put in my info to prep for the OC Marathon which is 2 weeks from Sunday. Here is what it gave me:

WEEK 1: 30 Mi
Wed Apr 13 Tempo Run Dist: 8 Mi, inc Warm; 6 Mi @ 8:16; Cool
Thu Apr 14 Easy Run Dist: 8 Mi @9:34
Sat Apr 16 Long Run Dist: 14 Mi @9:34
WEEK 2: 47 Mi
Mon Apr 18 Easy Run Dist: 8 Mi @9:33
Tue Apr 19 Easy Run Dist: 8 Mi @9:33
Wed Apr 20 Speedwork Dist: 7 Mi, inc Warm; 4×1600 in 7:35 w/800 jogs; Cool
Thu Apr 21 Easy Run Dist: 8 Mi @9:33
Sat Apr 23 Long Run Dist: 16 Mi @9:33
WEEK 3: 38 Mi
Tue Apr 26 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @9:32
Wed Apr 27 Speedwork Dist: 4 Mi, inc Warm; 2×1600 in 7:33 w/800 jogs; Cool
Fri Apr 29 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @9:32
Sun May 1 Marathon Race Day 26.2 Mi @8:29 Time: 3:42:23

Hmmmmmm. Interesting. It would be hard for me to run at a 9:30 pace because it’s not natural. That would be forcing myself to run slower which I think would be detrimental to my training. With my luck I’d hurt myself!

 I have never stuck to a “Training Plan” but I do like the idea of this Smart Coach. I think this would be great for a new runner that needs guidance on building mileage. If you want to try it out click HERE. I think it makes you set up a Runners World account that takes a whopping 2 seconds and is free.


I have another giveaway that I will announce on Friday. For those of you in the greater SD area, don’t forget that tomorrow is the RRS Thursday Adventure Run. Good times will be had by all!