Monday’s Run: 6.2 miles on the TM at .5% incline. Pushed through and got it done in 46:xx.

Yesterday was hard. Mentally I was ready to knock out my planned speed workout. My legs immediately said not a chance sister.  So I went with my legs and gutted out a tempo run. It was neither easy nor fun. The reality is every one of my runs is not glorious (like my SATURDAY was!) and I am thankful for that. If they were it would be too easy and I would look for something new to challenge me. I love to run because it challenges me every day.

With that let’s reflect back on Twenty-11 and talk about my plans for Twenty-12.



Went to Texas for a week to visit the fam to celebrate a late Christmas and ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon to kick off 2011.


Ran my highest mileage month and realized that PF was back but this time in my right foot 😦


My baby girlie turned 2!

And I gutted out the Safari Park Half Marathon. Probably  made my foot worse.


Turned 32 and had my first DNS at the Carlsbad 5000. Foot hurt too bad to walk so racing was out of the question.

A few weeks later I ran the La Jolla Half Marathon and didn’t lose a limb. Win.


My big boy turned 4!

And I ran a PW at the OC Marathon.


Instead of allowing my injury to heal I toed the line at SD RNR Marathonand wisely turned off with the halfers. I was grateful just to finish!


Made a comeback at the Coronado 15k and met my now IRL friend CHACHA!


Ran the AFC Half Marathon and battled Achilles Tendonitis.


Became a warrior and ran the Maui Half Marathon Warrior Challenge. A 5k, 1 miler and a Half Marathon in 2 days in hot, humid, beautiful HAWAII!

I  ended up on a Ragnar Team with 18 other amazing gals! Team “So Much Cooler Online” was born and awesome meet ups ensued.


I finally gave my body a chance to rest and heal. And it worked. I was able to start getting in quality runs by the end of the month! I enjoyed time with the fam and ate way to much candy at Halloween.


Ran the Iron Girl 10k and the Oceanside Turkey Trot 5 miler. Great month to be running a lot since it’s all about eating good food and family in the fall!


Ran my 4th marathon in Vegas , had an awesome Christmas with the fam and had the best training run EVER!

And now 2012 is here! So what’s in store?



*Work less and vacation more. I have 5 full weeks this year! I will use every single day of vacation- even if it’s just a day to lay around and DO NOTHING.

*Spend more one-on-one time with each of my kids. When we do things we do them as a family and that means the attention is divided. We need more mother/son, mother/daughter days.

*Date nights.We finally found a great babysitter and that means more than just a few nights off in 2012. Who knew it would be so hard (and expensive) to find a reliable person?!

*Read more. Bible, junk books, magazines, etc. I love to read and need to set aside time to feed my brain with things not related to my job.

*Spend less time on the computer when away from the office. Yes, this may mean fewer blogs (but not the end of my blog, I promise). I have already cut back on Facebook by about 50% in the past several months (thanks to so many annoying updates that was EASY). It just becomes another distraction that takes away from time with my family/friends.


*Run SMART. This means focusing on quality runs and listen to my body.

*I set a goal with fellow blogger (and soon to be IRL friends, k?) MF Dre to run 2000 miles. I think she mentioned on her blog  running 2012 in 2012?! This is going to be a good challenge for BOTH of us!

*Major marathon goal– we will discuss this later. I do not want to jinx myself.

So there you have it. We shall see what this year has in store!


Do you have goals for 2012? I think GOALS are important year round. If you have a big one I say now is the time to write it down and make your plan to achieve it!