4th of July action and race results!

Happy 4th of July!!! This weekend has been filled with all kinds of awesome action. Prepare for some picture overload!

On Saturday afternoon we drove up to my parent’s house to hang with the fam. My brother, SIL and 2 nephews are living with them so its super fun for us to all hang out! 

Let freedom ring!
Red, white and blue baby!

My mom loves having all of the grandkids over. She is the grandma that gives them whatever they want. Seriously, if they wanted starbursts for breakfast she might consider…

Grandma and her babies

After a slumber party on Saturday night we got ready for the annual 4th of July (on the 3rd this year) gold tournament and BBQ. My SIL and I stayed at the house to watch the kids while everyone else headed back. We were genius. We fed them lunch, put them down for naps and sunbathed until everyone got back. SMARTEST MOMS EVER!

Once everyone got back it was time for fun!

LD (the hubs) and moi
My brother, mom and a friend Chris
My sister and SIL in serious convo with Bri. Wish I knew what they were chatting about!
Cookin' Out!
cousins killing it at pinball in the garcade

After eating waaaaay to much guac, quinoa salad and fruit we headed home. I knew we had an early call for the 4th of July festivities. Plus if we stayed any later I was sure to stuff myself with as much desert as possible.


This morning we left the casa around 5:45 and headed to Coronado. It was a warm morning with a slight breeze. I kept praying that a single cloud would roll in and cover the sun but it didn’t happen.

Parking was an absolute nightmare. By the time we got there the lot at Tidelands park was full so we had to find street parking. Um, that is not an easy task on a holiday. The beach was bumpin’. Hubs dropped me off so I didn’t miss the start. I met up with my RPIC, our friend Leah and the Rock Runners. We prayed (that the sun would go away. kidding. am I?) and then had to haul butt to the start.

Literally running to the start.

We sang the national anthem, the director counted down from 10 and said go! That’s how you know it’s a small race.

I have no idea where I am in this mess! Ask my photog 🙂

You guys know I get all wussy about the heat. I don’t care what anyone says it was HOT this morning. Heat coming off the pavement mixed + the sun beating on me = HOT. Every now and again I would feel a slight breeze and celebrate. I was wishing a tree would sprout out of the ground and provide me with some shade. Is that too much to ask?

My goal for this race was 1:15. I started with my friend Paul and tried to pace with him. I went out too fast but figured it was too late to go back. I was able to keep up with him until mile 7 and I could feel myself getting winded. We were rolling at a 7:25 pace and I knew I couldn’t hold it the entire time.

I allowed myself to slow down and kept saying to myself “My race my pace, almost there, don’t lose sight of Paul.” I am certain people around me thought I was nuts!

Around mile 8 I allowed myself 15 seconds for water and got back into a groove. I knew I was almost there. My goal WAS attainable!

Heading toward the finish!

I crossed the finish line and I CRUSHED MY GOAL! !

Chip time: 1:12:28. Pace: 7:47

The results website is currently down so I do not know all of my stats. I am so super happy with this finish. This is my first pain-free race of 2011 and it gives me so much hope. I will get stronger and I will continue to work hard to meet and exceed my goals. I pushed myself and it was so worth it! Ahhhhhhhhh I am so happy!

In addition to a great race I got to meet the oh-so-awesome CHACHA who kicked some serious pavement today. (We are bad bloggers. No photo. Boo on us!) IT WAS AWESOME TO MEET YOU GIRL! LET’S RUN TOGETHER SOON!

I also got to hang out with the people who mean so much to me! My family, my friend Maureen (RPIC we forgot to take a photo! DANG IT!) and The Rock Runners. Thanks for an awesome day!

Why am I the only one smiling?

Coronado is a great place to spend the 4th! We watched the town parade and had a blast.

Now it’s time to fire up the grill and then head out for fireworks!

P/S We now have a sweet breeze! Where was this earlier?!?!



Baby you’re a firework

Good Morning Party People! It’s Wednesday which means 4th of July weekend is almost here!

I heart her!

4th of July was so fun as a kid. My family used to have big parties on our ranch and my Dad would put on an awesome firework show at sundown. Playing with sparklers was the best! I loved writing my name in the sky. It’s crazy how things have changed since then. Fireworks are no longer available for purchase at a neighborhood store (something about wildfires: weird! ha). Many of our beach communities have cancelled firework shows over the ocean due to cost and arguments about their effect on the environment. I am sure they will get things figured out but it’s such a bummer!

Since my kids are still young and the 4th is on a Monday they will not be able to stay up for fireworks (shows start at 9pm here). Instead I am participating in an event that rhymes with “ace” and then we will be hanging out on Coronado island for all of the festivities! A big parade and fun times at the beach! It’s going to be a beautiful day!


I am working on the giveaway post and will have it up tonight before SYTYCD!!

What are your plans for the 4th?

Do you have any traditions?